director: Pete Hewitt

Garfield is Garfield :D

voice of Bill Murray / Thomas Gottschalk


Breckin Meyer is Jon Arbuckle

Jennifer Love Hewitt is dr Liz Wilson

Stephen Tobolowsky is Happy Chapman

Eve Brent  is Mrs. Baker


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preview-review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

in theatres in Switzerland on 19th August 2004

synopsis - Humorous, ironic movie with action, much laugh and amusement. Even better than Roger Rabbit. 

review - It's all about me-ow or not? A relationship of love /hate between a cat and a dog can exists and it becomes even more interesting when the cat in question is the mythical , ironic, humorous Garfield (a human in a cat-suit, like its daddy- creator Jim Davis says) and when the dog is a sweet cute, but very naive one, like Odie. Garfield, the emblem of felines, lives like a king at Jon Arbuckle's home (his owner portrayed by Breckin Meyer) , eats Jon's lasagna's, pretends to hunt his friend mouse, and hates Dr veterinary Liz Wilson's surgery. On the contrary Jon is really very interested in Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt). The comfortable world of the orange lazy but clever cat is running the risk to collapse when the presence of dog Odie, beloved by both Liz and Jon, bursts into his life. The communion between Odie and Garfield appears immediately problematic,  Garfield is also able to put the doggy out of his kingdom's door. But when  Odie is kidnapped by the sinister,  frustrated, unsuccessful journalist Happy Chapman and gets in big danger, Garfield is touched and feels guilty, starting off a spectacular rescue- action, between television station's and dogcatchers. Garfield , who expresses himself through "spoken thoughts" (the voice in the German version is given by Thomas Gottschalk) not only tries to communicate with Jon in a humorous way, but also gathers many friends on 4 paws: cats, dogs, mice and rats. He launches himself in an adventure that requires bravery and strength: it happens exactly to him who doesn't like diets and feels a deep aversion to physical fitness. But he will follow Odie through air-condition tubes, will escape, together a lot of fellows, from the dog's (and cat's) house, will put his paws here and there in the railway station creating a big chaotic situation, will make us laugh a lot, cause his comments and the situations in themselves are so funny. Will Garfield save Odie? Oh yes, of course: the amusing thing is to see how! Will then Garfield remain the master of the remote control? And Liz and Jon? Will it be love? 
I must say that this movie is really well done. Lazy Garfield is the only character to be animated through excellent digital effects, while all other characters are in blood and flesh, animals included. Better than Roger Rabbit. Animals express their feelings like human beings and Garfield gets life and gets lively so much that you forget he 's a cartoon. It is the classic movie that makes you to get rid of your worries through laugh and smile instead than through gratuitously violence, but without missing the concept of action. The ironic - sarcastic Garfield's way of thinking is source of unstoppable entertainment , matching well some metalheads'vision of the world.

dalia di giacomo    


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