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 Atritas - Bloody Blasphemy




at MERKKER in Baden  - 17.05.2010





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Live reportage by dalia di giacomo_ (photos and review)



"Why don't you look like the devil?" asked me a young man at the end of the concert at Merkker in Baden. He was quite different from the rest of the crowd, and was impressed about the fact that  we were dressed all in black. " Why ? - i  answered amused- how should the devil look like, in your opinion?". But the conversation that followed was quite interesting. He told me he is s  kind of an alternative rock , and even a metal  fan, although he dislikes conformity. "Why don't you use your brains, instead to be all  the same and to dress the same..." "it is the way we feel - i answered no longer  amused as before- it is the way we like to express ourselves and a way we recognize each is simply so, but not because we are sheep...on the contrary..." At the end we agreed on one point : that Kurt Cobain was pure genius.....We walked together till the very near railway station :maybe he took then a train, i don't know, i took my car and quickly i was at home. Ah Baden and Merkker. Finally! While driving home in all relax i was thinking again about this beautiful underground event in this beautiful thermal location in a so intimate venue that looks like a decadent lounge with  grill and merchandise possibility. Welcome to all metal concerts in Baden! And this time it's Black Metal. A classic underground concert enthralled by the  presence of the Austrian Hellsaw. And it's Black Metal that still has a the determination to be identified as such. Merkker becomes tonight a small nice temple of this misanthropic extreme subgenre. It was an evening to enjoy because Bloody Blasphemy and Atritas, one of the best if not the best underground Swiss BM band, opened well for Hellsaw. The he classic schemes of the genre, among which corpse paints,  were  well incorporated . The bands were iconoclastic but also elegant, in particular Atritas and Hellsaw. Merkker is also the location where drummers play behind a plexiglas wall. Good for Atritas because their drummer , at the very beginning of the show, due to technical problems,  got very disappointed and angry and launched around sticks and i don't know what else, and the band had to stop for a bit just in order to go on magnifically. I swear that this comprehensible nervous discharge of Atritas drummer  B.W. was the most interesting thing i saw on a stage since long: this is just live. But before adding more details about Atritas show, let's begin with Bloody Blasphemy from Solothurn. Bloody Blasphemy did a decent show, the music is classic, old-school  BM . very essential with a good  drumming , raw guitars, nihilistic  hatred vocals.  More action, more stage acting  would have been better, but the songs were ok and vocals too.  Among the tracks, Eternal Fields, From the Blood Of The Christ, God Dethroned, Des Feindes Tod. The  band tried to let the atmosphere plunge into insane darkness and in the second part of the concert the warm up took shape.

Atritas from Basel were great! The new cd Celestial Decay is out, and it is a cd that cannot be missed by listeners of underground BM. The live line up presents Gear as exquisite vocalist and frontman , now with the name Aeon K. ; the two guitarists are simply fantastic::  Swart and Baal, absolutely unmistakable and fortunately a stable part of this group. Live bassist is Antichris and (relatively) new drummer B.W. , who is a passionate fan of the band.  I hope that Gier/Aeon K. remains the vocalist of the band although he would perform as bassist. Honestly i couldn't imagine another one for this band even because he is a cool BM singer with a style of his own, also concerning the stage acting, he is a trade mark of the band since ever as well as the two handsome guitarists. The "hymn" of the band , Where Witches burnt, was of course in the setlist with devil Worship, His Presence, Mongrel , Endless, Wasteland . Atritas music is quality, it can be  harmonious, melodic and  scary.

Hellsaw from Austria and from Napalm Records have put on the stage  self -confidence and all that experience that comes from having hit important stages. Bassist Desderoth with his pale paint and his absent mood looks a bit supernatural, all others just look badass. The music takes influences from Heavy Metal too and some hooklines are memorables. The show presented many anticlerical moments, above all during the song Psychopastor. In the setlist there were also A suicide journey, Cold Aeon, Silent Landscape (which i appreciated much). The end of the gig was abrupt, i expected more enthusiasm from Hellsaw for playing in CH, but , after all, it was a good involving performance.

And now, dear readers, please allow me to send many personal infernal greetings to B.W. of Atritas. Why? Simply so....




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