ATRITAS :  interview with Gier, Hysteria, Baal, Swart 




face to face  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo ____ 

06.2005    Niederrohrdorf - GM headquarter (CH) 


organized by Atritas  and dalia di giacomo




photos by Stefan W. Vogelaar


Where Witches burnt Release Party
Where Witches burnt
Atritas live in Freiburg 2004
In Regressu Diaboli




first part : speaking  about  

bassist, friendship, nicknames and Malphas, the Swiss Black Metal scene, full length's





Hails Atritas, nice to have you here in GM headquarter! Could you introduce yourselves as single members and as band in general?

We are Atritas from Basel (CH),we were formed in 1997 and since then we have recorded five demo CD's.

I am Baal (growling) and i am one of the two guitarists of the band..
I am Swart, the other guitar player....
I'm Gier , the vocalist....
And i'm Hysteria, the Keyboard-player....

Are you still looking for a Bass Player?

Yes of course, it is very difficult to find somebody who is able to play. We have people who come to play for us during the live gigs, but at the moment nobody who can play stable with us,.... it is hard to find someone.

I imagine, that you are looking for a person who fits really well in your band in general.....

.....Yes it's very important that he fit into the band, and not only concerning the music, but how he is, how his character is as well. He should fit with the whole band.

Are you very good friends beyond playing in the same band?

Sometimes we are (all are laughing), sometimes not.... , but if you play together 3 days per week, you have to be good friends.

I'd like to know, why you have chosen your nicknames: so  why Baal, why Swart, why Gier ...or should i say ...Malphas....;)?

Gier: Malphas is an old one..., but i think, that we have chosen the nicknames because they match with the Character. At the beginning i was a bit unsure about, and for that reason i had 3 or 4 different nicknames, but now i think, that Gear is matching best to my character and after all, it was my first, but, .... well....., we don't like to talk that much about, because it is a very personal dedication to select a nickname, with all what is behind about why. By the way, everyone of us has selected his own nick, and every nickname has some kind of background and reason, but i think, such things are kind very personal. But our nicknames are selected for some kind of reason and not only because they sound good.

In demonology Malphas is a President. Do you have ever evocated or tried any contact with this kind of Entities?

No, tha'ts the reason why i have changed it back to my old one. Because it didn't match. I took it for one CD.

You are a Black Metal Band and you are quite known in the Swiss underground, what do you think about the Swiss Black Metal Scene? ... i was a bit polemic about the Scene in my report of the Belphegor concert at C4, because there wasn't that much people...

Yes, that's true, there are not that much people. When we play in Basel or Zürich, we see the same people, and we have a group of fans who move something in the crowd, but if we play where nobody knows us, it is rather quiet..

.... i think the the Black Metal Scene in Switzerland should be more open, more active..

Yeah, but that's not possible....


because there are the "true" Black Metallers, and they think, because we use with Keyboard, it's shit and they don't support bands like us . I think there is a little war in the Swiss scene about who is true Black and who is not, and everybody is convinced to be real true, but we think that there is not a big Black Scene here in Switzerland.... Dimmu Borgir fills the Z7, but if you look who is there, well, when i see 12 - 13 years old guys with a Dimmu shirt....., btw, most of the people are standing there enjoying passive the music, but if they really enjoy, just the people themselves know. It is a scene, in which some things get excluded, like keyboards for example, the people come to a gig and stand there in a corner just listening to the music, but keys.. noooooo!..... that doesn't mach with that kind of music, and at the end of the gig they may think "shit, that was good", but the never will tell it, because most of they are influenced by friends who think the same way, but as they believe in the same cliché, there is no way out. 

I think, the biggest problem here in Switzerland in the scene is, that you have a lot of groups of friends, one with 15 people, another one with 7-8 people another one with 5 people, but as  Swiss in general, then it is very shy, rarely they will find together and for that reason, there is no real and active scene here, and that's why nothing innovative can find ground.

Are you satisfied with the new album "Where Bitches burnt"?  this your  first full length!

Actually it is not the first full length in absolute, we had one that was longer than this one .... it was a demo ....yes but it was full length and not just a promo.... 
from the time we have started, we had one with 7 songs, one with 8 songs and one with 6 songs.  This new one now has 9 songs.


guitarist Baal

guitarist Swart

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