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Nightmares made Flesh







BLOODBATH is a band that unites some of the most important personalities of the death metal scene. After an ep and the first longplay that sealed in the sea of rather traditional oldschool Swedish death, their second fulltime and actual output suprises very positively because of its freshness and songwriting stile that finally give BLOODBATH a more individual touch. So, time to scratch a little bit under the surface and ask Dan Swanö to lift the curtain and show us some things behind the scene of this band.


Gianrichy - Hello Dan, at first my best compliments for "Nightmares made Flesh" Could you explain us how this bunch of such busy people, as I suppose every member of BLOODBATH is, can find the time and the energy to come together and create such good music?

Dan - We plan almost a year in advance, and since we´ve always been busy people, we know no other reality. I get the creeps from people who waste their life hanging out watching TV or haev coffee for hours talking about "stuff". It freaks me out!!!



How does the songwriting process function? Does everyone put his own ideas in, or is the creative process bound to one single person?

Bloodbath is like three soloproject melted into one. We all write separated and just blend out visions in the playlist. I find it hard to co-write genres that I burn for. I couldn´t write jazz or techno alone to save my life, but metal, prog and hardrock is best to write alone...



As I suppose BLOODBATH consists in rather strong characters, are you a democratic band, or is there a single member holding everything in his hand?

We are not really a democracy when it comes to the music. But Anders are often in charge of things like dealing with labels, homepage and merchandise and such. He´s not having a dayjob like me or a little son to take care about like Jonas, so I guess he´s a happy volounteer.



Tell us a little bit about the differences between the former outputs and "Nightmares made Flesh".

This is not a tribute album to any specific brand of Death. It´s just three songwriters writing the songs they want to hear!! I love writing without the limitations of a specific "style" and sometimes I hate having to come up with a new original vision for every songs...This time around I loved the freedom...I think we all did!!



Do some other bands influence your music or have you tried to do something on your own without leaning on any group of the past or the present?

I found all the inspiration I needed 10 years ago. I find very little inspiring music soming out of the scene today. The last band to really inspire me to the limits of theft is Opeth (The "Orchid" era) I like the first three Death albums, Hobbs´Angel of Death is great. Bits and pieces of bands like Entombed, Dark Angel, Morbid Angel (I do like a lot of Angels and Death!!!!) I think Edge of Sanity is great as well!!! ;)



The only thing that I miss a little bit is the clean vocals of You and Peter Tägtgren. Is the music too hard to put this element in, or was it a rather spontaneous decision?

If you say "clean vocals" to Blakkheim he would punch your teeth out!!! I once tried to add some more melodic elements to the sound but oh no...and I am happy he refused to see my "popify" Bloodbath. It´s cool to be in a "die hard Death Metal project"



As a fan of EDGE OF SANITY, my heart is still bleeding, because I never had the possibility to see this band live. What will be with BLOODBATH, is it only a rumor that you intend to do some live performance or will my hope become reality?

I think we will give it a go in 2005. I just spoke to Peter and he will most likely NOT be a touring member. He´s soon entering he studio with Hypocrisy and then they will tour the spring/summer of that album...So we will have to find a new singer and that´s never easy..But if we do, there might be some shows, yes.



At last a more general question. As everyone of you has a lot of experience concerning the business around a band, are there doors that are opened more easily and if yes, how will you try to use this advantage?

The budgets are more generous, enabling us to work professionally and pay the people that do the hard work..



We come to our "Tower question". The Game
that we ask to every band we interview for the first time. Let's go: on a
very high tower you find Entombed, Death and Obituary, who will you kick
down, letting just one alive?)




Thank You for Your time Dan, as usual in a lot of interviews the last words belong to You…

Support the scene!!! (Haven´t written that in 15 years!!!)

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