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07.10.2004  -  organized by  and gryphonmetal.ch

Aren't you dead yet?




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Marc - Hi Jari, tell me about the new record "Aren't you dead yet?“  I totally enjoyed it. Did you ever consider recording other than studio underground? Are you satisfied with the way the record turned out?

Jari - We are really pleased on how the album turned out. I think that it is more brutal than the previous one, but in the same time we added a lot of leads to every song and that make it feel more balanced and melodic.

We will probably change studio for next album, and the reason for that is that we need to try something new. So far we have been satisfied with Studio Underground so that’s not the reason for changing. 


daliaHi Jari, in particular i would know something more about the track Inhuman, in my opinion so outstanding!

Well that is one of those songs that were done in 20 min. The melodies just popped up in my mind so I just grabbed the guitar and out came Inhuman. I don’t know what else to tell you about it.


Marc - Are Carnal Forge worried that the media would pigeonhole you as another AT THE GATES clone?

No. I guess that in the beginning people was saying that, but now days people see CF for what we are. I think that every band gets compared to other bands some time in their carrier. 


Marc - Why do you think the "Stockholm" death metal sound became less

popular than it was in the 90's? It seems nowadays when you refer to Swedish

death/ thrash the Gothenburg scene quickly comes to mind...

Well I guess that many bands wasn’t evolving, so people wanted something new. Bands like At The Gates and In Flames provided the audience with a new kind of metal, and both bands was from Gothenburg.

Many bands followed their way and the Gothenburg sound was here.



Marc - What do you think CARNAL FORGE has to offer in the next future? Do you ever feel that

The metal scene is getting kinda stale?

Not really. We can only offer the fans what we like. We do our music they way we would like other bands to sound. CF has plenty of good ideas left so I guess that as long as we feel that we do something new on each album we will continue. 


daliaWell the cover art lets’ me a bit perplexed, and the titles of the tracks…. aren’t they a bit of sacral making contrast with your very aggressive  neo thrash/metalcore? Then, the way  the album is called is also “original” enough. Let’s try an absurd exercise: aren’t you dead yet? = Aren’t you dad yet? = aren’t you Father yet? = aren’t you god yet? (a god cannot be “dead” yet!)

Next one will be titled “still breathing” Just kidding.


daliaheheheh :D back to music now! could you please tell us something more about the technique with which you execute the double guitar leads with Petri? Do you think the Kuusisto-duo is one of the most reliable guitarist-duo at the moment?

Well, I must say that Petri is the best guitarist I ever played with. His guitar technique is so similar to mine so not even I can hear the difference.

Petri is now days the lead guitarist in the band and the reason for that is that he is much better than me on the lead parts.  


dalia - Is it true that an Ibanez RG is easy to play and well balanced between neck and body?

In my opinion, yes. But a good guitar doesn’t make a good guitarist, it only helps.


dalia - Are there changes now in the technical trim and attitude of the band, due to the presence of the new vocalist Jens C Mortensen?

Not really. CF will always be CF. Of course something’s might change a bit now when Jens is in the band, but I guess that he will pretty much do what Jonas did but in his own way.


Marc - Are you still as motivated and passionate (about this music) as you were back

when you first started?

Even more now. I believe in CF more now than I did in the beginning. The reason for that is that our fans has proven to us that they need what we can provide.


Marc - What other metal bands do you listen to? Do you like non-metal acts as well?

No. I pretty much only listen to metal. Bands that I like is Hatesphere, Slayer, Testament and so on, to many good bands to list them all.


dalia - Please comment this quotation by Swift:  "We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another"

I don’t care about religion at all so its hard for me to comment on that.


dalia - Have you ever done something you were extremely afraid to do?

No!!! Nothing scares me. J


Marc - Any memorable moments while on tour you would like to share?

On the last tour we did with Pro-Pain we took over a bar and drank all the alcohol there. So when the owner came back in the morning there were only a few non alcoholic sodas left.


Marc - Here's a traditional question in this webzine: it's called "The game of the


There's three bands on a tower and you have the choice of brutally pushing two

off the edge.

Tell us why you picked what you picked.

The bands are:


1. new SLAYER



Entombed and Slipknot. Slayer will always be my favourite band, new or old. 



Marc and dalia- Thank you in behalf of the whole GRYPHON METAL WEBZINE for granting us this

interview. Any final thoughts?

Sorry for the delay J

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