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14.12.2004  -  organized by Century Media  and gryphonmetal.ch

official site www.bhcdiecast.com



 - people should always remember who Dime was and what he did  for metal music. I can tell that for myself he is one fourth the reason why I am on stage today -




dalia - Hi guys! How are you? Which are your impressions about the RadioTakeover tour across the USA?

Paul - Hey, this is Paul the singer. The bands were great and a bunch of cool shits. Not every show was packed but the kids who did show up came for a good time. The shows that were packed were crazy. Just the way we like it!!!


Well, actually after the tragedy happened in Columbus at the Alrosa Villa, i think it's more than right to ask you how you remind Dimebag Darrell (RIP.) and if you think that something will change in the general mood and atmosphere of metal concerts.

I hope nothing changes. But people should always remember who Dime was and what he did  for metal music. I can tell that for myself he is one fourth the reason why I am on stage today. PANTERA has always been a huge influence’ and its sad to realize its finally over. Everytime I was lucky run in to Dime he was a grade a person who treated everyone with nothing but utter respect. We lost a true Icon not only for how an artist should be and act but how a person should.


Early next year you will embark on the Heavyweights of Hardcore tour together with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Love Is Red and The Autumn Offering + Unity Tour with Agnostic Front and Terror. Which are your expectations and preparations?

I expect a lot of crazy fans. We are thrilled and honoured  to be on those tours, and the world better believe we are going to bring our A game.


Do you think that this great evolution of the wave of American hyperheaviness combined with melodious breakdowns, performed by many bands, each in its style, from The Dillinger Escape Plan till Shadows Fall and Lamb of God, can be the actual innovation in metal nowadays? Which borders of heaviness will you break through (if there are still any)?

Those are questions that only time can answer. Every band hopes what they are creating can hit people where it counts, but at the end of the day only the fans and friends can answer that.


Can we say that an important component of your music is based on a “metal-lized” American Rock, like in the song "These Days", for example?

To label any music is tough. I can tell you when we write music, we write what we feel sounds good to us. So I guess our biggest component is our own approval that it’s a great song.


By the way "These Days"...which are the days that are gone? How d you reconcile, both in your private and professional life, the past with the future?

You cant change yesterday, you can only learn to make a better tomorrow. I know it sounds corny (that’s why you re-word it). I ve made my share of mistakes in my private and pro life, but I turn them into lessons and it makes me a better artist and person.


Diecast is a band that plays in an amazing way, with enthusiasm but also with precision; guitars between assault and harmony supported by an excellent drumming. How much time do you spend in the rehearsal? What is the alchemy through which you are bonded one another?

Three days a week That’s key. I don’t think theirs magic, but your band becomes a second family. If your family is hard working honest and functional youll tough out the hardest times.If not, then its off to the jerry springer show.


Is it true that drummer Jason Costa plays barefoot? Always?

ALLWAYS!!! He also holds the sticks with traditional grip. Hes defiantly one to watch.


Among the influences shown by your music, some little details concerning the guitar technique are similar to Dew-Scented….

Im not sure what you mean?,but I can tell you that they always bring the balls come showtime.


Which are the nominations and awards gathered till now?

I think the list is a blank page . But its still early yet!!!


Moshing or Headbanging? In general which kind of response you like to induce in your audience?

We love it all!!! Be as crazy as possible! We thrive off it!!!


What is the "Diecast army", portrait on your official website?

Im not sure, my guitarist john  made it , but if any one has any cool pictures of crazy fans and people go to www.bhcdiecast.com and send them to us we love that shit.


Can you tell us something about Boston? Which are the characteristics of the town, which are more meaningful for you?

It’s a big sports city and its cold way too often. I think the cold leads to our angry metal and hardcore. That’s also why I think we have so many great bands.


Who (or what) is your “Savior”?

My family and friends are what get me through every day so I guess I would have to say its them. I do believe there is a god , but I believe in my own way.


Do you believe in astrology and/or horoscopes?

No. But they are fun to read.


Now Tower time! Here it is, our "religious" typical gryphonmetal last question: the Game. And The Game in question is the Game of the Tower, typical for the bands we interview for the first time: on the top of a high “bloody” tower 3 bands wait for you. You have to push down 2 of them, saving only one. The 3 bands for you are P.O.D., Anthrax, and Rammstein.

If I have to push, I think im going to have to say Anthrax stays on the tower. I do like Rammstein and POD is ok. But I have loved Anthrax for a long time. Sorry boys im gonna have to stick with my roots.


And here is the space fully free for you, in order to leave your message for readers and fans

Thanks to everyone whos given our album a chance, and we cant wait to cause mayhem in your area soon!!

Thanks a lot Paul for your time and Diecast all for your music! CongratZ for “Tearing down your blue Skies !!!”

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