DIMMU BORGIR :  Interview with Mustis 

 face to face  interview  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo__    

at Z-7 - Pratteln - CH  - 15.10.2003  -  tour with Hypocrisy and NortheR

                                                                                LIVE REPORTAGE    Death Cult Armageddon review

Mustis  and Dalia  at Z-7                pic taken by Stefan 


First question is, have you ever heard about the expression "Dimmu Metal"? 

 Never, i can imagine what it means, but i never heard it directly until now.

It's an expression used for example also by the Italian press in order to describe your kind of Black Metal which has his own style. Do you consider   Dimmu Borgir  as the most important symbol for  Black Metal music?

 It is difficult to say that, i mean, we are doing our thing and we are proud about, but to consider us as a symbol goes a bit to far i think. I mean, we are prod about what we do and we believe in what we do, thats the bigger element in question for me.

What do you think about people that say that your music is Black Metal for the masses?

Well, we have a big crowd, even tonight come a lot of people to listen to us, so why i should deny that.

What would you say to a person who tells, "the album is good , but the tracks 8 and 10 are the best on it!".

It's about taste, some people like more the more orchestral stuff, some others  the more Metal stuff. What can do as to respect it. .....Thats maybe the songs that i prefer, but all songs are good i think.

If it's a question of taste, what would you understand from a person who like specially that two tracks?

That person likes more Metal than Symphonic, it's simple like that.

How much "Metalhead" are you in private?

To be honest, almost i dont listen to music at all. Basically i believe,that if you are a real musician and so much involved with what i do, if i listen to music, i will loose myself. The less music i listen to, the more i create mine.

 I personally dont think it is correct to describe your music as Symphonic Black metal...


The Symphonic part is just like a frame. 

What i'm saying to that is, that we are the same people as before, and for me is important how it sounds and not if it's more Symphonic or less. I think there are too many people they discuss about what is Blackmetal and what isn't Black metal and they  need put music in boxes. I dont like that because it is music, built with different elements, but, at the end, important is that it sounds good.

giving to him a  printed paper - What do you think about this review, i would like to read you just the intro of it...
"....Monumental, majestic, fascinating, varied, intense, dynamic: all this and much more is Death Cult Armageddon. And above all, yes above all considerations, praises or criticism, above all discussions and volumes written, one thing is outstanding and clear: the excellent good taste in everything that concerns this release...."

Well why disagree,...that are all tough words, so........

your picture in the booklet: it  gives a Gothic sensation to me. 

Dont know what you can see gothic in there, it was just an inspiration, a kind of symbol, psychedelic.

Is this your piano?

No, it's not mine, this is an old one

What do you think about the collaboration with Lütke as artist for the coverart, and above all, which is the meaning of this cover art..

That you should ask him, not me <laughing> .... it's a pleasure to look at it, it's raelly nice with lot's of small details.

Do you agree with this words, " escape death and desease and behold youth and vitality"

Yeah, i guess so, at least i agree with escape .. for sure.

What do you fear the most, ignorance or morality

Wow, deep question, how i can answer this..... you have to find the golden middle.

 what do you think about Power Metal?

What do you mean by Power Metal?

Though there cannot be a perfect definition , let's say stuff  around Hammerfall, Helloween....

Ah!...Thats not really my cup of tea, thats not the music i find myself,.... lets say it that way.

How comes in your mind the inspiration for new music, for a new song?

Suddenly. Sometimes is like a flash in your head for complete setup, and sometimes it is just a single thing i like to work on.

Do you consider the song Mourning Palace a nice song? Because i have seen Dimmu Borgir 2 years ago here at  Z7, and during the encore, Shagrath asked the crowd "do you want to hear something nice?"  the crowd acclaimed,  so  Morning Palace was played...

Well, that was before i started, but i consider Mourning Palace as a good song, it is still nice, you have a little major chords... its a mix and it sounds good.

Your impressions about this tour together with Hypocrisy?

It's great, they are cool people and we have a cool time together.

Is there a strong connection or collaboration between Dimmu Borgir and Hypocrisy?

Oh yeah. We can say so.

hehehe...Abyss Studios versus (against) the Finnvox Studios. What is your opinion about them two?

I've never heard about the Finnvox Studios.

eh??  anyway... would you comment this sentence please "... In their field Dimmu Borgir are the best ones, nevertheless they remain without meaning concerning the evolution of Black Metal because they dont belong to this genre....." 

Well, people say whatever they want,.. if we belong to Black Metal or not, i dont care, simply like that!

This is our typical last question we propose  to every band we are interviewing for the very first time and it is called the Game of the Tower. There is a very high tower and on top of this tower there are three bands waiting for you and you have to kick down two of them saving only one. For you, the bands are : Hammerfall, Samael, Satyrican...

Not to forget the reason why, but i will kick down Hammerfall and Samael and i will save Satyricon, becaause i have some good connection with Satyricon.

Thanks a lot Mustis!

You are welcome!


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