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MY SPACE MESSENGER interview  by dalia di giacomo ___ 



organized by Mr. Fullmoon and dalia di giacomo

Cannibal Surgery (When The Medical Care Come To Clear)




You always  look to the same sun

....I am tired not to have new shock with nowadays metal... 

some excerptions: was hard to find a right solution. then i putted a cigarette in his lips and everything went all right. now he no longer smokes, so i am worried for the future.....

...You know, a drummer is not the best bending person. It's difficult to find a drummer that listens and not replies, just plays... the real underground bands that invest money, and play in serious way and boycott the rest...




Good evening Dr. Fullmoon, thank you so much for this interview through myspace IM!  A bit a different kind to make an interview!

First of all, thank you for getting in touch with me and for the friendship. By my side this is the first time i have a this kind of interview. Always through mail or phone, but never in this way, and let me say it is pretty funny. Technology helps us all with all kind of activity, so music too, and allows to get in touch in a while, people that are far from us. Even if i prefer an old face to face style, drinking a good beer and laughing together. irony and good humor never less here...

I too prefer face-to-face interviews, although with Dr. Fullmoon of the mysterious clinic of Cannibal Surgery i would feel some goose bumps. never know ... ;)

...jokes aside, Cannibal Surgery is a sick and insane release, full of inspirations and musical ability. how did the concept for this album take shape?

ohhhhh strange question.....
It's really hard for a musician to explain what's behind an opera created under the honest following of burning ideas. 

I have always run behind the wheels (citation!) of bizarre music and always i have tried to write music, and lyrics above all, that ride my experimental vein. It's natural to me.....but, maybe i have unfocused your question. do you mean lyrics theme or music itself?

Both...and indeed you are not only the vocalist of the band but also the lyricist and the bass player, moreover you are responsible for programming

Yes, everything you can listen is my fault. So, if you have become a serial cannibalkiller, please don't crucify me! Doublesion is my insane baby, my sickest expression, my purest bass fingerbanging, my strange synthideals..... 
....oh someone knocking on my office a patient
Go away, fucking patient!....


this is the therapy preparin' time

do "patients" survive?

Obviously not....but their recollection yes ...(i) not(y) least, as metal listener, i have survived and even enjoyed the cd!!

I'm happy for you, everyone should try this kind of listening and stop following normal and wherever heard bands. I am tired not to have new shock with nowadays metal. Everything is flat and equal. turn to north, east or south and you always look to the same sun. STOP madness, start with the real music. 
 i got a poisonous tooth

ahhh i like this poisonous tooth!!! I can give you even one of mines if you like ... Dr Frank J.P. (lead guitars) is guitarist Francesco Perticone, a well known "name" in the Italian scene. how is the alchemy between you and him in Doublesion?

First of all we are friends. we have been playing together since 1999 at Circumventor's time. I recruited him after Klanta demo because of his kind of touch along the guitar board. his fingers simply fly. i like his way to play solos. I looked for this strange mixture between my music and his guitar. At the start of recording session it was hard to find a right solution. then i putted a cigarette in his lips and everything went all right. now he no longer smokes, so i am worried for the future..... almost predicted my next question, Dr Fullmoon, indeed i wanted to ask where was Cannibal Surgery recorded? which were the more difficult moments (if any) in the studio? .. nice this story of the cigarette!

Is nice and true! Cannibal Surgery "when medical care comes to clear" is the right title. You can find all your answers among these words. I had this idea to create an album that naturally could follows the previous one. But, this time i should have been needing of ventures company. So Doublesion starts this new walks as band and not just a personal project. This have taken me to an hard period. Composing this pizza was not hard but put on a pentagram was a unriding wave. My medical (the music itself) care let comes to clear the music so we could start to record. We have recorded it in different sessions, first guitars and bass in the personal studio of Viktor Blank, then, after 3 months of silence and thinking we have moved to Free Time studios to record voices, solos and synths. 
The hardest thing was not to record but to gather my colleagues. We are ghosts at different times. I mean, when i am visible, the other doctors disappear...

do you all have other jobs besides being musicians?

Unfortunately music is an hobby. We have to work to eat goose. This is the main reason why we are not so prolific...but...we have the clinic to gather patient worldwide...

Absolutely! oh the way worldwide.....Where did Cannibal Surgery receive the best impact, in Italy or abroad?

Cannibal Surgery didn't receive that good impact. Most of reviewer showed feared by our music...

Ehh? this cannot be true...

Yes, we have got good reviews but creepy ones at the same times. And let me say, i am pretty angry with the metal scene. In several cases it was very deaf and uncultured.
FUCK you all eyeclosed

You mean that metal listeners too run the risk to lose an education to the listening?

Yes, i mean so, even if i think, in a matter, it's always been so.

In Cannibal Surgery, as mentioned before, there are many hybridizations and influences well merged in order to build an original timbre, but surely there is a commanding clear trace of Black Metal...could it be attractive for you to transform Doublesion in a BM group? or would you prefer to stress Rock or Electro? In few words, which could be the evolution of Doublesion?

I am composing new songs, and they are carrying a different path. More Black and Rock'n'roll at Elvis style, merged with the heaviest Electro-trance music. It's so unusual. You'll see.

But, backing to your question, i love BM, but the old one. Very few BM bands talk new words at nowadays, but i keep on loving this kind of music. And, yes, i think my music is soaked with BM. i played this genre only, some times ago, so, maybe, something is remained in my mind.....regarding some songs' style at least. 

....ah uncontaminated BM! one of my passions!...and you played in Superbia too, right?

Of Course

...just...of course? hhehehhe
my bio talks clear, hihihi
ok ...about drummer now...would you like to add a stable drummer to the line-up?
Let me continue, just a joke, i am proud to have played in Superbia. I was a fan of them, and when i have been called by them to play with, i was happy.

I have always had a mind-maincomposer-leader position in my bands. With Superbia it was not so, and it carries me in a state that i have found for several times. Just a good band to play good music with, and have fun together. Unfortunately it's an old story. I wish all the best to my friends, they are recording now.....
...about's really hard to play this kind of music live. A drummer could have to play behind a click 'cause we use sequencer. You know, a drummer is not the best bending person. It's difficult to find a drummer that listens and not replies, just plays. Anyway, we have a real drummer. We will use him for the next recording session, and hopefully for life.....

great news!!!
Dr. Fullmoon, please, can you tell us something about Fog Foundation?

Fog is a new delinquent association. They want to promote all that bands have no voice in the underground because of their unmassified style. They are music (not simply metal) lovers. ...they are currently search for new bands now. Call'em 

Oh this is a question i like to ask...Cannibal Surgery was mastered by Peter in de Betou at Tailor Maid studio (Dimmu Borgir, Dismember) , in Sweden...

 ...sure, i have become a good friend of Peter. Maybe you want me to say in which way i was in touch with him,  isn't it?


I have finished to record and mix the album, but something  was missed. I thought so much about.....

Bands dont use to perform the mastering, let me say, they are wrong 'cause the mastering is the right way to give a body to your mixing. let's back to the core, i listened different albums of Hypocrisy and Dismember and found the best wear to Doublesion there. So, i tried to write Mr. Peter to have a consult. He was so kind to answer and, after many words, i ask him to master the cd, no less no more.

Do you want to know what's on air in this moment at my office?
In your "clinic"? 
So... what's on air?

The prodigy, a good metal-way to play electronics, and all my patients dance and give us their recollections...
The Prodigy... good, good
They are really punk
Nine Inch Nails would not be so effective, i presume ? ;) yeah, so i was right when i wrote there was also an ounce of punk in a song of your MCD

I love punk. It is dirty and true as Doublesion. Regarding NIN, my preferred performance of them is the soundtrack of Quake, ambient music very sick.

Does Dr. Fullmoon like horror movies?
I love'em. something's remind you this?


Talk is silver, silence is gold, do you agree?

I shall tell you more. Try to climb a desert mountain, go in a desert area without trees at 3500 mt high and silence will suffocate you
the future sound of music is....SILENCE

You can now leave a message before the last question. The question of the game.

I don't want to be unkind and less funny. Metal people must use their head. I suggest to eliminate all that clones, and keep in life only those with something new to say. Market is saturated, everyone has a band and produces cds. The result is that none buys underground cds. Please, support the real underground bands that invest money, and play in serious way and boycott the rest. Doublesion is a serious band, we have invested so much in time, and money. Buy our cd to let us live and produce a new cd again. We play with heart, but we need money too, to cover the costs that are very high (assure you) for a band that doesn't joke. Support the underground!
...and the last question is?

the Game of the Tower...
anyway, i am totally with you: support the underground!!
Ok, 3 bands on the bloody tower, you should kick down 2 of them , saving only one: the 3 bands for you are Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, Ministry.

Shall you ask me why?


Ok, i'd save Ministry only.
Surprised ?

...i imagined it 
No, not at all: i'm not surprised!

Ok, let me explain. I really don't love Ministry, i prefer bands like Prodigy, NIN, although i don't go crazy for Industrial. Simply i don't appreciate the last albums of Dark Tranquillity and Children. I prefer the old ones, much more  original and heavier.

Allow me to agree with you concerning this too! Thank you Dr. Fullmoon for your time!

Thank you for your Support, it was a pleasure. Keep on giving space to the underground music. Cannibal embraces to all Cannibal maniacs.


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