ENTOMBED :  Mini - interview with Alex 

  interview  by Dimitris  "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos__ 

   28/02/2004    outside of the hotel after the show in Thessaloniki.





Dimitris : Hello Alex!I am Dimitris from Gryphonmetal webzine and if you're not tired i'd like to have an interview.

Alex : No problem at all!

D : How are you feeling tonight?

A : I feel quite alright, a little bit hungry though!

D : How was the show?

A : It was a good show. It was the second time we played here and had a great time.

D : Was it better than the last time?

A : I think so. There was more people this time so it was good. We had a new bass player so we didn't play many old songs that most people like to hear.

D : Are you preparing a new studio album?

A : We're going to start working on it pretty soon and then hopefully we're going to record in the summer or the fall and then release something in early 2005.

D : Are you planning to do a dvd?

A : This fall we're going to put out a dvd but it will be that thing that we did with the Swedish ballet thing,we play the music and lots of people dance (?!) and it will come out in October. We might do a live dvd later but that wouldn't be before next year.

D : Would you like to say something more,not for the dvd but in general?

A : Can't think of something right now but we love Greece and we'll hopefully come back this year. I know Dismember and Hypocrisy is coming here, first we were talking about coming with Dismember but then this guy offered us to come with Sodom.

D : Do you have any plans for the summer?

A : We know there are some festivals here in Greece and we'd love to do one of those. We're doing some festivals in Australia and South Africa and then we'll see what other offers we have, we hope to come back here.

D : You come from a cold country isn't it?

A : Yeah, we have like ten degrees below this time in Sweden and this here is like a Swedish summer night. We thought it was going to be cold because we heard there was snow a couple of weeks ago here so we thought it was going to be really cold but it's not.

D : Have you ever visited Abyss studios in Stockholm?

A : Well, it's not exactly in Stockholm, it's somewhere outside, an isolated place by a lake. I've never been there but i heard it's really nice.

D : Do you know any members from Hypocrisy?

A : No, not at all but i say hi to Peter when i see him. But i don't really know him.

D : Tonight you played with Sodom, are you fans of them?

A : Definitely, it was an honor to come and play with them here.

D : Ok Alex,thanks a lot!

A : Cheers man.


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