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Pro Patria Finlandia





(by the way my name is MIKA, not Mikka)




Hails Mikka! First of all, horns up for „Pro Patria Finlandia“and thank you very much for the interview! Let’s start the audience…

-         At first, how content are you with the new album with some distance? Would you say that it’s the best one in Impaled Nazarene’s discography so far?

-         Of course it is the best album we have ever made. If your new material is not the best you have done, then you will not release it, right.  By the way, my name is MIKA, not Mikka, this is very common and very irritating mistake everybody makes.



-         The atmosphere of “Pro Patria Finlandia” is very venomous, very hateful and very destructive. Where do you take your inspirations from to create such an extreme atmosphere?

-         You just have to open tv and watch news or go to supermarket to buy toilet paper. You see stupidity and blindness of so-called “normal” people everyday and that makes me wanna vomit. Instead of getting a gun and shooting 100 people dead, we channel our hatred for humanity through music.



-         Which are the most important differences between “All That You Fear” and “Pro Patria Finlandia”?

-         Better production, especially guitar sound kicks ass. Better songs, faster, more brutal, more aggressive than ATYF was. I sound much better, now there is dynamics on my voice, I sounded very clinical on ATYF. Tuomio does some really killer leads on this album.



-         Could the songtitle “Hate – Despise – Arrogance” be interpreted as the essence of Impaled Nazarene?

-         No, the lyric line from Hate-Despise-Arrogance has the essence on it: I AM GOING TO SUMMARIZE THIS ALBUM MESSAGES FOR YOU, I HOPE LORD SATANAS GIVES YOU ALL ASS CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-         How important is it four you and Impaled Nazarene to provoke, with the image, with the songtitles, with the cover-artwork…

-         We don´t sit down and say, hey let us provocate now some people. Some people are just so easily provocated. Besides, on these modern, politically correct times, people get offended even from the slightest shit. It seems to me that whole Europe is in state of paranoia at the moment and that is just fucking sad.


-         Your music consists of various elements of Metal. Who are the most important influences for you and your songwriting?

-         Bands like Venom, Sodom, Kreator, Whiplash, Motörhead, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Ripcord, Extreme Noise Terror, The Exploited...



-         Let’s have a look at the live-recording “Death Comes In 26 carefully selected pieces”. You weren’t really lucky and had to start again and again… how did it come to this?

-         It was fucking weird, to read the whole story please visit www.impnaz.com à bio. Things just seemed to fall apart all the time, no matter where we tried to record it. When we did that show in Tavastia (Helsinki), it was now or never situation. It was clear either we do this now or try never again. I am happy everything went perfectly and the album turned out to be really killer one.



-         A live-album is always a retrospective, a way to look back. When you think of the beginning of Impaled Nazarene, what makes you most proud of your band?

-         The fact that even if we are not the biggest band on this stinking planet, we have managed to achieve lots of things, we have toured the world, seen and done shit that your average Joe can only dream about. It has not always been easy but no regrets about anything, we are stronger than ever.



-         One of the hardest moments was surely the death of Somnium (R.I.P.) How do you push up yourself when something like this happens? Was this a moment when you thought to quit with Impaled Nazarene?

-         You just don´t give up fighting. We had been together 13 years when that shit happened and it would have been just sad to throw in the towel. We mourned and still miss him but at the same time, life goes on. You must be able to get your shit together. These things either make you stronger or then you just mourn for the rest of your life and become a very sad individual.



-         You have been now a part of the Finnish Extreme Metal-scene since the beginning of it. In your opinion, what have been the biggest changes, the biggest evolutions in the scene, and do you consider these changes positive or negative?

-         Our extreme scene has never been that big or successful, and besides I don´t follow it at all. I don´t care. Nobody helped or supported us when we started so why should we?? Metal is huge in Finland but more mainstream metal than extreme. And when it gets huge, all kinds of side-effects pop up. We have fucking heavy-karaoke (I mean WTF!!), we have “heavy metal bands” singing on their own dialect ( that is like the worst), we have comedy metal bands. It is just fucking pathetic.



-         Some slogans, what are your first thougts when you hear them?

o       The Finnish nature of people Shy and that is why we drink!

o       The Goat –our father and master

o       Religion – fuck all religions !!!

o       Alcohol - RULES

o       Nu Metal - SUCKS


-         What can we expect from Impaled Nazarene in the future?

-         We will have a HUGE 10 week European tour starting 1st of April from Finland. We will do 62 shows in 22 different countries. We will play fucking everywhere. Come and see the onslaught. We have resurrected some songs we have not played for years. It will be interesting setlist for people, that´s for sure.



-         Now to the last question: The Game. It’s the last question for everyone we interview for the first time.  There’s a very high tower, and at the top of it, three bands are standing. You have to push down two of them and save only one. Your you, Mika, the bands are In Flames, Horna and Motörhead.

-         Sorry Horna and In Flames but Motörhead stays!!!!!

Thank you again very much Mika, and see you on tour! Hails!


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