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Cities and Faces







  1. Hi Nicola!! First of all, it’s a pleasure to make this interview with you!!! Till now Nude are the only Italian band able to realize an original and excellent album thanks to the good creativity shown. What’s happening now? It’s gone a very long time I don’t hear about you…Why? And about the new album?

Thanks to you!! It’s a great pleasure to hear these words about our first work and even if we have had many compliments , most of people compared us to bands very far from us concerning the style. Nude is a band that gets many influences considering that is formed by 5 people that have different influences and Nude is the result of it, and for this reason Nude are a band with its own personality.
About the question:
We renounced to make the second cd with Scarlet (even if the contract was for two cd's) because Scarlet manages a completely different style, for this reason there were difficulties to propose us in a certain way, moreover I add our personal work . In a certain period I  had some  problems and I left the group , therefore the band had to  substitute me , in the meanwhile the video of “Cities and Faces”was recorded  but it wasn't aired on tv in a good way, but , above all, the band needed new inputs and here we are  again! ready to surprise you all with new songs that ..you can bet they are a bomb!
entered the studio  at the end of November, only wehn we will be very satisfied with the stuff  we’ll look for a label interested to buy our master and especially interested to our music and able to believe in us as much as we believe in our music.


  1. Cities and Faces is a great cd in which pop-wave meets electronic dark and the Paradise Lost gothic elements...this new work is similar  to the precedent or there will be a change?

Thanks again...I agree with you but I ‘d add something more!!!:))))) The new songs are different, less electronic parts (unless that Sergio  - keyboard - provides us some surprises) , more instinct but in particular there are new elements…
It’s difficult to describe what you want to say when you make music, by words every song is the result of sensations of five people ….moreover I add that after these years many things are changed and you’ll find it in our music. Anyway I assure you that you’ll find a lot of energy in this new album.


  1. Are there new elements in the line-up?

    No, it’s the same line-up with some years more of experience.

  2. What do you think about Gothic? Don’t you think that after the boom of recent years , at the moment there are only few bands…

This is unavoidable if you make music in according with actual trend and you do that without a particular inspiration…it’s bound to end. Now there are only the bands who begun to do this style but they’re also ceasing to have inspirations.
Nude are not part of this style …Of course we have some inspirations from
it but not only …we also feel near to the  bands we listen to: Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, modern rock, pop, punk….



  1. The old album gets some great and deep lyrics , are you still looking for this important aspect?

Lyrics are like music and are the result of the experiences made. The main lyric composer is our singer Tommaso.


  1. Will you make a tournèe after the album?

As I said before, our intention is to make a good work and let it be examinated by labels; If one of them believes in us, it will be a future decision to take together with the label.
Otherwise we’ll entrust our work to a manger or an a
gency...but everything is still uncertain  by now  .


  1. Are there others projects in which you’re working?

Yes!!! Me and my brother have re-formed our old band “From Dephts”...this is a thing to which i give much care, i have this idea, the idea to reunite the group, since years. Now,  this has come true , so i'm very enthusiast!!. . We have found the same joy..and it seems like if these years wouldn’t have gone, we have the same determination t o destroy! Listen, i am very glad  how things are going : We’ve already written two songs that are true dynamite, in which the sound of keyboard makes them more evil, giving a gloomy atmosphere (as if the power of  Death-Thrash would meet the majesty and depth of an evil horror- soundtrack). It has been realized in only two sessions!!!
Moreover I
would like to add that when F.D. released the first cd...there was nothing similarl in that particular musical branch,  because it mixed Black metal,  English Dark , Heavy metal with Symphonic keyboards, female vocals , growls, clear vocals, a bit of Folk , and  lyrics in Latin... and, till now, still I have never  listened to something similar.
.we got a good response from the press, but only  few underlined  those innovations( because it was not the right period , the label was practically absent  and ...also our inexperience ... )but I remember a great review on Metal Shock written  by a good reviewer that underlined all our characteristics giving us the top rating!


  1. In your opinion how much care does Fabio give to Nude, considering his work with Heimdall?

Fabio gives 100% to Nude , and also to F.D and Heimdall! This is a characteristic of his way of life always present  in everything he does.


  1. By the way, i would like to speak  a bit with him! ....Fabio, i would like to ask  you something  that has nothing to  do with  Nude: among your works I remember that you were making something with a guy from my land Gandolfo Ferro…One who is considered a teacher ….even  Roberto Tiranti  praised his qualities saying  he’s a great vocalist…What happened?

It’s still in preparation. Just in these days I’m working again on those songs which i had to put aside due  to the lack of time I’m just making the mixing of these songs in my studio…and I must  say that things are going  very well.


  1. Can you explain us what kind of album will it be? And what’s your opinion about Gandolfo’s approach to these songs?

It’s simply Metal:  Symphonic and straight to the point. There are speed songs, mid-tempos, and also a ballad for only piano and voice. The melodies are great and Gandolfo did a great job with a great interpretation . The album is scheduled for release in the begin of 2006.


  1. Ok..let’s speak about Heimdall..one of the most important band in the Italian metal scene..Which is (in your opinion) the best album?

It’s very hard to choose only one album. Every album is the mirror of a certain period for the band. “Lord of the Sky” is that one that is summoning the greatest remembrances as it’s the debùt album. We got the contract  only one week after the demo-recording, then we recorded it, then the contract with Japan, where it got a great success, and finally the Italian tour.

A great and exciting time. About “The Temple of Theil” and “Hard as Iron” I say that they contain our best songs, but they are affected by a particular tension that was of that time.

“The Almighty” represents a change and a new  beginning,  after a difficult time rich in transformation.


  1. Listening to your albums I notice that since the “The Almighty” you’ve written songs Judas Priest-  oriented, is it true?

I don’t think it’s true…”The Almighty” is the most melodic album we‘ve recorded, where guitar riffs are sacrificed to melodic parts. “Hard as Iron” is more  guitar riffs oriented, and it’s Judas Priest oriented, but that is normal , considering they’re my favorite band! However I think that since our first album we’ve mixed our influences to create a personal style.


  1. Listening to “Hard As Iron” I notice even if Giacomo gets a great voice, he doesn’t have all the characteristics for this music…

Honestly i think he  made a great work! He was very good to adapt his timbre to the different atmospheres of the album , although, he feels more comfortable in the epic and melodic parts.


  1. How would you describe with only one adjective the new Nude songs?

They’re great songs with great melodies…only and adjective?...BEAUTIFUL!


  1. The last question is for you, Nicola! The famous “Game of the Tower”..Nicola..you’re on a big high tower, and with you there are 3 bands, you have to push down two of them, saving the third one…


This is the most difficult question you could propose!!!!! You’ve mentioned three fundamental bands for me and for Rock and Metal in general. ”Black Sabbath” were the point of begin for many things( I adore them) I think that all the metal dark bands are influenced by them.

“Judas Priest” are the example of heavy metal!( if you exclude my bands, Nude, From Depths and before Heimadall, they’re my favourite band together with Ozzy)
”Metallica” ..not only the
y began to make a new way for heavy-metal, they’ve created the most incredible songs and they’re an icon for a lot of bands!!!

Ok…I push down myself telling them to squeeze themselves together!!! I Thank you for this interview and a great greeting for all gryphonmetal readers! Thank for the support, and I hope to come to play  in Sicily….the Sicilian audience is fantastic!!!


Thanx a lot guys !!!!!

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