PRIMEsth:  Interview with bass player  Jspr
by Dalia FC "gryphon-spirit" Di Giacomo                              
19/10/2002 -  Sursee (CH) at Kulturwerk 118 - Southside Clubshow 2002 with KEN - PINKOSTAR - UNION YOUTH

  Jspr and Dalia  -                   pic taken by Stefan  


Dalia : Are you satisfied with your Debut album Underneath The Surface?

Jspr : Yeah, i'm very satisfied with it, but there are always things you want to change if you listen to it now, then i think its better to put this energy of this changes to the new stuff and i'm looking foreward to the new album, ... we are actually in the studio in Sweden at the same time we doing the tour, at the moment our producer is taking care about some drum stuff

This is very intresting indeed, and i want to ask also something about your next progects, and you told me that you are recording your next album already.

Yes, at the moment we finishing with the new songs and hopefully the recording will be finished at the end of January, but i dont know now, but thats my deepest wish right now.

Does this new album have already a titel?

No, we dont even have a title for every track, everything is still on the scatchboard, except some track for the drums we have already recorded.

Will there be any change in your musical direction?

Not really, we like to write songs with melodies and we like when the music grooves with rythm,... which is basically music, but actually i dont have a clue how the new album will sound, but i'm pretty convinced that it will be something that we like a lot.

In your official website the band is saying that the Prime STH music sounds more american than swedish and you are also saying that Sweden is more into Rap or Dancemusic and that Sweden is not a Rock country, but there is coming a lot of metal from Sweden...

....Do you realy think so?Its true that we have a lot of bands in Sweden, and the people are interested in whats going on about the rock'n roll or metal music, but on the radio or the clubs most of the music is dance or pop mainstream. I think it is like in every other country, but if you like to get rock'n roll music in Sweden you can find it and with good quality.

Is it different in the USA, you have moved to the USA now..

Actually we moved back to Sweden to take care for this release here in Europe and to be abel to work in Europe and do stuff here and record the next album.

Is it just for this particular moment, just to record the album and after you move back to the USA or do you stay?

I think it is inverse, because we moved to Los Angeles to promote and work with the album over there, that was more an occation, to stay in the USA was more occationaly than to stay in Sweden, and we are still swedish citizens even though there is one guy who has his girlfriend over there in Los Angeles.

How important is for you and for the rest of the band the town Stockholm, because STH means Stockholm?

yeah, it means Stockholm. Well we needed something to add to our name , because there was already a band in America called Prime as well. That we found out, because we couldnt use the name Prime.com, it was already taken, and so we had to make some kind of difference, but we liked to keep the name and thats why we add STH, because we are from Stockholm.

Among your songs i like so much I'm Stupid Dont Worry About Me and Let Me Bleed, which are your favourite songs?

I really like Underneath The Surface,t he title track, but i like all the songs, but Underneath The Surface is very special to me, and also the Twentyfour song..

They are a little bit different from the others...

Yeah, maybe they are, but for me they are realy Prime songs, specially Underneath The Surface, that one is like a signature of the band.

Your songs are not that much happy, there is so much melancholy inside.... what is darkness for you?

Hmm... it's when you turn off the lights...!

(everybody is laughing!)

Well, i really dont know ... darkness, melancholy, sadness.... i really dont know exactly how to express it, you know, darkness it necessarily dont have to be something bad, it can be something good too, if you feeling blue or if you're feeling empty or anything, i mean maybe darkness helps aswell as the light when you are tired of the darkness..... tough question

Listening to your songs, one can understand there are certain songs that are so near to the metal, so, which is the border line for you between Rock, Hard Rock and Metal, because there is in my opinion a little step between Rock and Metal.

That is a tough question, a tricky question too, for us, i think for us as a band it doesnt have to be Metal or Rock'n Roll or Punk, it's all a mix and i think most.... i think it is definitely not Rap Metal and i think we will not doing Rap Metal in that way, but then, if a song turn out more Funky or more Punk or maybe more Metal, i think there are four brains in this band and we all create the music together and everybody has his favourite style of music, and get some different inspiration,... there is always some mix, i mean, if you have a very angry and heavy guitar riff and on the other guitar a very intense melody, heavy rythm on the drums and a rough bassline, thats Prime, and ofcorse the lyrics are important too, so , i wont describe us as a metal band that way, more Rock'n Roll, like you sayed, touching Metal. Metal is one thing for one person and another thing for another person. personally for me, bands like Sepultura, Slayer, Anthrax are Metal.

What do you think about bands like Life of Agony, Vertical Horizon or Staind.

Staind, i dont know, we played with them a couple of times, they seem to be four very sad guys, specially the singer looks very sad, you know ,they got powerfull songs, but that is not my favourite kind of music. You have also mentioned Life of Agony and i played them all the time on my cd player about five years ago. 

which is your favourite element, fire, water, earth or air?

Everyone who got that question would maybe say fire, but i would say earth!


Fire sounds more cool to say, earth is.... earth is the reason to fire, earth is the reason to water and earth is the reason to air.

From the moment you like so much the USA,what would you do, if you could be the president of the USA?

Fisrt of all i would cut half or even more of the military and then care about my own country, make the standard for the people who is outside of the system, set the country up, make the people to go vote, ... in america there is only 40% that vote in the President election, and you have seen the last election what happened there, it is a president that nobody wants, and its a total mess up. Right now i think they got a puppet for president, but there is no way to get President, but i think i would make things better, but not bomb, why start a third world war, there is no reason for that!

Where would you fly if you could have wings?

Uhmmm.......... some warm place

(everybody is laughing)

Sweden and Switzerland has pretty cold winters, you know,....... jamaica maybe.

lets do a game, and this is not our last question ;),.... an evil witch is asking you to play in a Pop band, and you have to choose between Ace of Base and Roxette...

and i got to play.....


No question about that, Roxette!. In Ace of Base , what should i do there? Just hold the microphone?.....

(everybody is laughing)

...... if i like to get a lot of money without doing nothing maybe i would go to Ace of Base....

Stefan : ... well that you can do even in the metal scene, you just have to go to Sisters of Mercy........

(everybody is laughing)

Dalia : ...By the way, money and success, which compromises would you do for the success?

You got to do compromises all the time,... you have to do compromises with the band members, with the label, with the producer, but you should be very careful what compromises you really do, because at the end you dont want to have or get something you really dislike.

Do you prefer introspection or perfection?

Introspection! ... you know, nothing has to be perfect, it just must come from your heart and from your soul, and then you disguarded, if its there its there....., you can work with a painting to search the perfection for the rest of your life, but at the end it isnt perfect anyway, thats why i choose the introspection.

as last question , i propose you our last gryphonmetal question. The game of the tower. There is a very high tower and on this tower there are three bands who are waiting for you, and you should kick two of them and save just one, so for you on this tower there are Amon Amarth, Judas Priest and Manowar, which one do you save?

As a kid i loved Judas Priest and we have met very brevely Amon Amarth, we travelled from the airport to the hotel and had a party, well not a real party, we just hanged around at the Summer Breeze festival and they are realy nice guys, ..... i havent realy heared Amon Amarth but they are Swedish guys, and sorry to the other ones to go down, but Sweden stays up top

thank you Jasper!

Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum