ROTTING CHRIST:  Interview with Sakis

face-to-face interview by 

dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo ___             

18/01/2003      Pratteln (CH) at Z 7 -  


OUR LIVE REPORTAGE       Genesis           Sanctus Diavolos

  Sakis and dalia                     pic taken by Stefan  



D : First of all i would like to speak about the album Genesis, because i'm simply enthusiast about this album. Which was the inspiration for the songs ?

S : Well, i cant say what exactly is the inspiration, it is just that if i have to record an album i close myself in my house and try to find out the darkest parts of my soul and put it in music. Thats why i cant say which are the most influenced parts. Thats it.

D : In my opinion the guitar riffs and the vocals are simply brilliant for example the spoken intro of the song Quintessence. But there is only just a little space for lead  solos..

S : Yeah, thats true, we have now out 7 album and in this album we liked to give a little bit more space to the keyboards and the samples and less to the guitar. This album, we liked to do more psycadelic, but with keeping the Rotting Crist style.

D : I have noticed, there are more, ... you say psychedelic, ..almost mystical atmospheres with the chorus ... some kind of chirch-like sounds...

S : ..yeah, exactly, we liked to create an atmosphere, you know, we like that fans doesnt only say "good song ,good riffs, ok forget it" , we like to have a kind of trip through our music.

D : In my opinion , this album is very dark and also very heavy, but it is very enjoyable too and one doesnt need to be a Black metal fan in order to listen to and appreciate it. So i think it is directed to a wide audience.

S : It is our soul with Rotting Christ as we were never established as a true Black metal band. We dont put labels on our music, we just call our music metal and the listener can call it as he likes . We dont categorize our music.

D : What is true Black metal for you?

S : Nothing any more. For example, we have toured with too many bands they called themselves true Black metal. for me Black metal is not really a style of music, for me it is a revolution, it is a punch to the society, it's a punch  to everything, but lots of bands call themselves Black metal just to sell records. There is no true Black metal any more for me. I mean look at Immortal, they are Black metal and they do a really fucking great job and they are real black metal, but then there are bands they just call them Black metal, but with that they have nothing really to do.

D : Which are your impressions about this tour with Enthroned and Primordial?

S : Well, at the beginning we were some kind of "what would we face", specially with Enthroned, because we know that these guys are rather extreme, but we didnt had any problems. We are listening metal the whole day on the bus,they are drinking beer and i smoke marijuana, ...thats some different things, but we came along very well.

D : How many Greek feelings and Greek passion are there in the album Genesis? 

S: I think there is always, because we have this Mediterranian feeling and thats maybe the reason why we are not that true black metal band. we come from the South of europe, and the music much more emotional, still Black or Death metal, but more emotional than the Black from the North.

D : Is your music followed more by Italian people or maybe more by Scandinavian people?

S : I dont know, but concerning the sellings it's the same, but we got good respect in Northern europe, so Nothern europe is really good for us. I think Rotting Christ fits good to Scandinavia.

D : One of the songs on the Genesis album is called In Domine Satana, is Satan really your Lord?

S : Well, we face satanism more as a way of life ,  not doing a religion out of that. we are more mature, you know, it is an evolutionary wave nowadays, especially in Greece: the breaking news told to keep the kids away from the band Rotting Christ, they tried to provoke us, but satanism is a modern way of life.

D : Has, in your opinion, this society any problems which could be dangerous?

S : Problems,.... i think this society is fucked up anyway, so i cant say if this is dangerous, but the most dangerous thing i think is, that the people are getting more and more close- minded.

D : Have you ever thought about  composing a sound track for a film or being included in the sound track of a movie? 

S : Yes! I have already done something for an advertisement, but a sound track for a film is something what i would like to do.

D : What is more important for you, to be fascinating or mysterious?

S : I think mysterious. I dont like to be an easy person.

D : How much of Heavy metal is in your music?

S : I cant say, but in Genesis there are some elements.

D : Which is the biggest satisfaction you've ever had on stage?

S : It's, when you play for the people and they like it and give a feedback, ... the crowd is going crazy ... it's a feeling you cant express with words.

D : If you could enter in a fairy tale, which character would you prefer to be?

S : ...maybe the wolf!

D : This is our last question we drop to every band we are interviewing the first time, and its called the game of the tower. There is a very high tower and on top of this tower are three bands waiting for you and you have to push down two of them saving just one, so for you on the top of the tower are waiting : Septic Flesh, On Thorns I Lay and Limp Bizkit.

S : Ahhhh ok! that's not very easy... Limp Bizkit down for sure, but both other bands are friends of mine, so why should i throw them from the tower, but ... ok lets keep Septic Flesh! 

D : thank you so much Sakis!

dalia di giacomo    

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