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Contaminations are always a good thing





Hy! Can you present the band to our readers?

Hi, the band was formerly known as "Fragment". We released two demos “Fragment” ( 2004) and "Way Down To Hell" ( 2006). On 2008, after a few line-up changes, we adopted the new moniker “Resonance Room”. In the same year we realised our first full-length “Unspoken”.

In early 2009 we signed a deal with My Kingdom Music for the official release of “Unspoken”.


This album show me a great attitude to play sad music…there’s a touch of originality.. but the original influence is evident, can you explain your preferences?

There are many influences in the band, but I think that gothic, progressive and death are the best ones.


Are you satisfied of the whole work made concerning arrangements and production?

Yes, we are satisfied, but our best target is to improve more and more our      work.


What do you think of modern metal.., and the usual mix used between electronic and metal?

Contaminations are always a good thing, there are several bands like “Ministry” that combine the right amount of electronic with classic metal riff.


You come from Sicily like me…it’s very difficult to be appreciated playing this kind of music, considering that the rock preferences is oriented to alternative or indie ( in particular at Catania) …is it true ?...and what can you tell us about live-show?

You’re right, Catania is alternative-indie oriented (taking into account that metal movement has never been a mass phenomenon), but fortunately we have found our public and the right pub to play our music.


Have you replaced the guitarist Fabio Monaco? Is there an audition to become a new member?

Yes, we have already found a substitute and we’ll play with him in the next live.


How did you get in touch with Francesco Palumbo (My Kingdom music)

During 2008 we sent our promo package to many labels. Francesco was one of the firsts to replay us.


In your songs I notice an evident search for melodies into atmospheric structures…is there a particular study in order to compose the songs?

We start to work with a guide line, a structure proposed by a member of the band (often by Alfio), if the track convinces all the other members, we start to work.


Give me 3 adjectives to describe your music….

Dark, melancholic, emotional


You begun to play some years ago, and the first promo is dated 2004, what’s changed now...can you tell us the evolution of your band?

From 2004 there has been many line-up changes. Surely 2006 was our golden year, because early 2006 signed the official entry of the guitarist Riccardo Failla, and in the latest months of the same year the official entry of the drummer Sandro Galati.


Last question is the game of the’re on a high tower and with you there are 3 have to push down two of them...saving the third one...with you there are :



We should save Novembre, so we should talk without a translater..  ahahahahaha


interview  by  Salvo  Russo   

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