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                                                                                                                           review On Funeral Wings

On Funeral Wings is, imo, a superb album and a triumph of Doom. How do you see, in general, the future concerning this style? (Also in relation with the fact that Doom/Doom Death was one of the protagonists of the Metal innovations of the last 80's, first 90's).


- Thanks for your words on OFW! I feel that the music we play is quite much underground and obscure, and I believe that it will remain so in the future. I don’t believe that this style will be a trend in the metal scene or gain commercial success and that’s not the goal for us.




2 tracks from On funeral Wings are incredibly impressing me, above all other considerations: In a darkened Tomb and Black Star Abyss. Which is the inspiration and the work "behind the curtains" of these tracks?


- With the track “In a Darkened Tomb” we wanted to create a different feeling than the other songs on the album so I changed my voice a bit and we tried to create some trance riffs but still catchy and dark. “Black Star Abyss” is what the title says; the music fits the title in my vision of the song. I think it’s a nice ‘pause’ in the journey on funeral wings.




Other 2 tracks, which for me are amazing, are number Ocean Demon and Emperor of the Underworld: not too much slow, solid, heavy, melodic, atmospheric. Complete, imo. Do you think to perform them live?


- We have already performed “Emperor of the Underworld” live and it worked out quite well I believe. “Ocean Demon” is cool to play at the rehearsal place so we might try it out live in the future as well.



A listener can individuate in On Funeral Wings many distinctive marks that iterate throughout every song, for example i find hammering rhythmic, adhesive distorted effects, pounding but lively slowness, winning catchy melodies, some  Black technique...yes but you, if you should indicate the typical features of this new work, that pervade all songs, which one would you list? And which is the feature that most underlines the sensation of darkness in "cinemascope"?


- I think that the title and elements of our previous album “Darkness Death Doom” also fits as a description of “On Funeral Wings” both feeling and music wise. We like the heavy groove of death and doom metal and try to mix it with our own ideas and style.



Are you planning dates and tour?


- No dates or tours are planned at the moment but I hope that we will have some upcoming shows booked soon!



Would you have imagined on that far 1993 that you would have reached anno 2004 with a work like this new album? Which were the inputs and hopes that helped you to go on with Runemagick project?


- In 1993 I thought that Runemagick would be dead soon and forever but things changed… Dedication to the music is the most important input to go on with Runemagick.



In the career of your band there were  changes of line up and changes of labels. Sometimes concomitant. Is there more risk in changing a line up or a label? And for Runemagick in particular which was the most crucial change?


- In 1993 every thing was fucked up with line-up, rehearsal place and ripoff labels which made the band to be put on ice. So that’s probably the worst time. There is no indication on lineup changes or new label at the moment. The current situation is great and I hope it will be so forever…




Emma Karlsson is Runemagick bass player, who joined the band in 2000. How do you see the female presence in this genre? Do you think that women can have a natural talent concerning bass?


- I think it’s great to have a woman in the band, especially when I am engaged to her haha. I don’t have a problem to play with females in metal. I don’t think it depends on if it’s a female or male talent. It depends on personal talent, dedication and interest.



Are you really convinced that Runemagick will remain a 3-pieces band?


- Yes at the moment it feels so, and it’s great!



Do you think that nowadays there is too much hybridization in Metal music?


- I don’t care so much about it but I hear a lot of shit I don’t like… but that’s a matter of taste.




What does it mean a guitar for you? And which is your favourite one?


- My favourite ones are my Ibanez Artist from the 70’s and my black Gibson SG. They both mean a lot to me. A lot of Runemagick songs have been recorded and written on the Ibanez Artist.




When you record an album, which is the factor that for you must be absolutely perfect?


- The feeling.



Could you tell us something about the Magick Sound Studio? In comparison with other studios that you know, which are its positive sides? (And negative ones too if there are any)


- It’s a small home-studio that most of the time is located at my and Emma's home and sometimes at our rehearsal place. Some cheap microphones, effects, Digi001 and some other stuff… The positive thing is that we don’t have so much time pressure and it’s cheap and we have total control. The negative is hmm…. Probably nothing…



Your stuff along the years was always soaked with connections to magic, religion, and mythology with a special attention for the Nordic subjects. Do you believe in supernatural dimensions? 


- I believe in supernatural dimensions and magick in the music of Runemagick.



The pentagram that completes Runemagick's logo is one of the most original ones i  ever met: anyway it is  a pentagram coming from the North with an extrapolation of the two "horses"-runes, if i am not wrong.  Is there a concept of duality in your music too?


- Actually it’s 2 dragon heads in the pentagram. It’s an old symbol from the early days of Runemagick. I even got an ugly tattoo of it haha. It can symbolize duality if you think so.



Obviously i'm too interested in knowing more about the technical but also occult aspects of "Moon of the chaos Eclipse", recorded during 24 occult hours in summer 2002...


- The session was first made to try out new songs but we continued to record, jam and record again so it turned out in a lot of recorded material. It almost feelt like an occult ritual in the rehearsal room, hard to explain. Anyway Aftermath Music wanted to release the final result as a limited digipack CD and 10” pic vinyl.



This is our last typical question we drop to every band we are interviewing the first time; it’s called the Game of the Tower. There is a very high tower and, on top of it there are three bands waiting for you. You have to push down two of them saving just one:  for you on this "bloody" tower there are: CANDLEMASS, MY DYING BRIDE, CATHEDRAL ...


- Candlemass will stay!



Thank you so much Nicklas!


- Thank you!! Visit www.runemagick.se for the latest news!


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