SHADOWS FALL :  interview with Matthew Bachand


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dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo and Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild ___     


15.10.2004  -  organized by Century Media  and gryphonmetal.ch





dalia - Firstly, can you tell us how is the atmosphere in the band now that the brand new album “The War within”  is released?

Matthew SF - we are relieved.  It is always quite stressful to get an album together with the writing, recording, artwork, etc.



d- Do you feel like taking part in a group of American bands  that are applying a revolution in Metal? And if yes, which are your goals? Which new level of heaviness would you reach?

We have already exceeded our expectations so we are just trying to make the best albums we can.



d- May I ask why The Light that blinds has been chosen as opener for your new cool album? In my opinion it is a bit extraneous to all the rest,  not so fluent, with  raw-shaped pace changes, and the sonorities of its very beginning are so high,  “per se” …

  We chose that track because it starts you off with a kick in the teeth.  It has elements of all the styles that shadows fall likes to do.



d- Well in my opinion 4 tracks are really outstanding: Inspiration on Demand , Eternity is within , Those who cannot speak , and finally Ghosts of past Failures, can you tell us which inspiration and work created these for songs? Is there any anecdote concerning these songs?

Rock and roll inspired them... The structures, and riffs are much more focused then we have done in the past and we are very satisfied with the result.



d- To have been identified by many media as the breakout band of the year 2003 is more an honour, a real proud  or a “heavy” responsibility?

Yes and no.  If there is 1 thing that we never pay attention to it’s the media and the press (no offence, hahaha).  Reviews and comments like that are based solely on 1 persons opinion so its hard to really take something like that to heart, although it is always nice to hear the compliments.



d- Have Shadows Fall reached now the perfect formula concerning the line-up?




d- Shadows Fall like to insert acoustic passages or acoustic intro’s here and there that contrast with the hyper heaviness and aggressiveness. This is one of the  things you have in common with All that Remains…

Well, we have always done that... It’s just part of our style.  Obviously all that remains has a similar style since Phil (vocalist and main songwriter for them), was shadows fall’s singer for a few years.



d- Which is in your opinion the more innovative way to promote music?

The internet has been the best thing to happen to underground music, EVER.  I remember the days of hand writing mailing lists and flyer trading.  Things are so much easier now, its great.



Matthew GM -  You guys have been using the same producer for all your major releases. 

What makes you go back to him every time?

We have known him since before we were a band and before he was recording.  He knows this band inside and out and knows exactly what we need to do.


M- Is there a sense of pride, being in band that’s a cross between melodic death metal and old school thrash and being from the north east?
We don’t really think about it that way.  It just always seemed like the thing to do since day one.



M- Seems like you guys are always working, do you all get vacations?

Very rarely.  If we stop working we wouldn’t be able to pay the bills!!!  Plus I would get bored, hehe.


M- Have you noticed more people showing up at your shows? And would you contribute that to being on last years (2003) Ozzfest bill? Would you like to do that again? Or would you like to try out some European summer Festivals?

Yes Ozzfest played a part in that for sure.  We did a few European fests this year and hopefully we can do some next year as well!



M- Which band would you all like to perform with on the same bill? And where?
with Metallica, ANYWHERE!!!!


M- Where is the best venue you guys have all played at?

The Norva in Norfolk, VA.  They have a hot tub, WOOHOO!


M- Do you all feel that you have come along way and why?
We had very little expectations for what was going to happen we just enjoy playing music.  The fact that this is what we do for work now is just amazing.

M- Are you guys excited to be touring with the Haunted and Damage plan?
Yes, very much so… But my liver is scared!  hahah


M- In regards to your album art, what are some of the considerations do you go through in picking out what should be on the cover on your albums? The last two have been very original and unique.

Brian usually comes up with a concept that reflects the title of the album.



d- do you agree with this quotation: “An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness” ?




d- is it better a good tattoo or a good song?

A song… I don’t have any tattoos.  I dont like anything enough to get it put on my body forever.



d- This space now ;) is for a message of yours only: would you like to tell something to your fans?

Thanks for the support, see you on the road, DRINK MORE BEER!



d- Ok, we are at the last question, our typical gryphonmetal last question we propose to all bands we’re interviewing for the first time.
There is that bloody  very high tower, and on this tower there are three bands waiting for you:  you have to push down two of them, making the earth free from their presence,  obviously one is saved. For you,  the three bands are
In Flames – Dimmu Borgir – Lamb of God

hmm... tough one.  In flames and Lamb of God are good friends of ours, don’t know the Dimmu guys personally but I’ve heard they are great.  SO, I think we would have to keep Lamb of God, ONLY for the reason that we have a drinking contest that is yet to be finished!!!!   It will end on top of the tower!!!!

hehehe :),  thank you  Matthew!

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