SODOM :  Mini - interview with Tom Angelripper 

  interview  by Dimitris  "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos__ 

   28/02/2004    outside of the hotel after the show in Thessaloniki.




Dimitris : Hey Tom!I am Dimitris from Gryphonmetal webzine.

Tom : Hi Dimitris!

D : How are you feeling ?

T : It's great!I love Greece, it's wonderful here.

D : That's why you're here again?

T : I try to be here as often as i can, it's one of the best places ever.

D : And you liked us so much that you filmed tonight's show for your live DVD?

T : Yes, we recorded yesterday in Bulgaria a little bit stuff but the Greek fans are the craziest in the world so you will be a strong part of the dvd, definitely, i promise!

D : We'll be waiting for it!

T : It's coming out in April or end of April.

D : Are you preparing songs for a new studio album?

T : Yes, at this time we're rehearsing some new songs that we're going to record in June this year and then go out for a tour. The new album will be the best Sodom album ever.

D : Is it going to be stronger than M16?

T : Yes, it's going to be a mixture between Code Red,M16, you know... We tried to concentrate on each song and make it a classic. It's definitely going to be the best Sodom album ever!

D : Thanks a lot Tom for the conversation.

T : My pleasure.


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