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25/05/2004                                                                                                                                                review Unlimited




Dalia - New management, new label and (after all) new musical direction. Is this an evolution or a new beginning?

Memnock - This is definitely an evolution for us. We were stuck with a bad management and label, now we have the best of the best, we feel this is also a new start for us. But the previous albums are as much Susperia as the newest one. This is just progress


Anyway the line up is very stable...

Yeah we feel that it is very important to have the same line up all the time and not to change. I think the kids need to see we have stability in order to be able to relate to the band. If you change on each album it will just become another project or just another unstable band that no one wants to stay in. It doesnít give a good impression for the future of a band. If some one makes an album and the makers donít want to relate to it, why should any one want to buy it.


The introduction of so many Thrash elements in your music has surprised some Death/Black Metal fans here in "Middle Europe"...

That seems to be so but we just make the music we like and nothing else. Itís nothing more than that. If you got a surprise on this album maybe you will be even more surprised on the next one J


What do you think about the numerous comparisons with Pantera and Testament?

ZZZZ We are kind of tired of the comparisons but we do find that once people have listened to the album a few times, they forget about comparisons. They are discovering new things in there. This is an album that you have to explore, you need to go beyond the initial thoughts.


Could you accept any comparison with Metallica?

Sure I would like to sell as many records !!!


I really like the melodic passages in Unlimited, and, like our Boris Witta pointed out in his review at gryphonmetal.ch, Melodic Death is an ingredient of your music: could it be that you are actually very Melodic Death talented? In that case is it Thrash the new more suitable mainstream for Susperia?

Thanks - We are very fond of both thrash metal and death metal so this could very much be true. But we donít only play thrash or death metal. We try to keep everyone in Susperia happy, so we make a fusion of metal.


Related to this i find that Chemistry is one of the best tracks in Unlimited. Would you like to tell us something about the story of this opener?

Heheh well me and Cyrus just sat down and wanted to write something aggressive but with melody. Athera had some very cool lyrics so we just tried it and the song was born.


Unlimited was recorded at Subsonic Society Studios in Oslo and Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. Which are the characteristics you prefer concerning each studio?

Subsonic was real good for guitars, bass and vocals. And we love to work with Lars Klokkerhaug. He is a very cool guy, nothing seemed to bother him. He was very patient and helpful. Fredman is just so good for the drums and the mixing. The whole sound is awesome; we had a great time there.


I see that your new web site is structured in its functionality as the site of Dimmu Borgir. But, website apart, which are the still true remaining connection between Susperia and Dimmu Borgir?

We party together and thatís it !!!


How do you consider the relationship between Susperia and the English audience?

Hopefully it is very good. At least thatís the way we feel. Thereís no problems there. We did a short tour in the UK last year and we had a fantastic response.


Norway, the mythical land of (Black) Metal, is really so mythical concerning Metal, after all? If yes whyÖand if not, why?  And again, a question Mustis didn't like to answer to when i asked him, but maybe you do: what would you undertake in the name of Norway?

It is the main capital of Black metal Ė what else can you say.


If you could clone a famous personality, which one would you choose? Elvis? Newton? Wagner? Ö?

None of the above. I would like to clone Bruce Lee


It is told that in North America there is a growing approval towards extreme music. Have you the same impression?

I think if what you say is true then itís cool.


It is also told that Susperia is no Satanic band, but the Pentagram is proudly placed in the middle of your logo.

Hehe Yes this is true, but it was not a satanic symbol, until the Antonio guy made it one. It is originally a peace star from the old days.


I don't know why, but the first thought i got, watching Unlimited cover art from a far range, went back to the movie- trilogy "The Prophecy" with Cristopher Walken, but, at close range , one can see that Rune Tyvold has represented...

Sorry I havenít seen that movie. But yes we used Rune again, simply because he is one of the best cover art makers we know. And he is Norwegian, so it is much easier to communicate with him. We are very proud to have him in our stable.


Do you think that to forgive means also to forget?

NO - why should you forget ??  So that somebody just makes the same mistakes again !! We have to learn from history. Forgive but NEVER forget!!!!!!!!


And here we are with our last typical gryphonmetal question: The Game. The Game of the Tower is reserved for the bands we interview for the first time. There is a very high tower and, on the top of it, three bands are waiting for you. You have to push down two of them saving only one: for you the 3 bands are:  Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Sensa Anima  

Sorry I wonít answer that one.


Thank you so much

Thank you for the interest in Susperia. Take care    




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