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So it was at 

Kofmehl - Switzerland

Paradise Lost/November-7






November-7: interview with Annamaria Cozza


>review Season 3 NOVEMBER-7

>live reportage NOVEMBER-7

 at Kofmehl in Solothurn - Switzerland - May 23rd 2012 with Paradise Lost

Interview by Salvo Russo_ March 2013




Totally fascinated by Rammstein.

Hy!!! November-7…I know you very well, and it’s a pleasure  to have this interview! Let’s talk about the band…3 years are gone since the last masterpiece called “Season 3”…what has happened in these years?

Actually we released “Season 3” in February 2011 so it’s been 2 years since then... Don’t go too fast! ;-) Well, after the album we focused on the promotion and of course on touring. In 2011 we focused on Switzerland and in 2012 we hit the road for Europe. We also open for big stars like Within Temptation, Marilyn Manson, Paradise Lost, Sabaton. The international media showed a lot of appreciation for “Season 3”: we received a lot of great feedback from different countries and we were even nominated in the category “best Album of the Year” by Metalstorm in the USA. 

Annamaria, November-7 are a very awesome project that begun in 2005…Can you tell us about the evolution of the band?

We did not have a specific plan when we first got together in 2005. We only knew that we wanted to find a stage where to perform our first songs and we also wanted to produce a record. We recorded two EPs. Little by little we realized that the band had a good potential so we decided to release a live CD+DVD set. So when we finally recorded our album some years later, we had much clearer ideas about what we wanted and how we wanted it. So we knocked on Stefan Gluamann’s door (Rammstein, Within Temptation, Zeromancer, etc.) and he accepted to mix songs. We called the album “Season 3” and we released it in  2011 through Daily Rock Records. That’s really when it all started… the big stages, the crazy crowd, the supporting acts for important artists... 

Your music is a mixture in the twist and turns of modern metal…How could you define it?

Let’s see… What about November metal? Dark and still hopeful, merciless and straight to the point, always focused on the future, on what can be done next. 

Modern metal has become very diversified …I can affirm that your latest album represent a classic example of what modern metal is nowdays; your musical approach is different from the  most famous goth alternative female …isn’t it?
(Sirenia, Tristania, Delain)

Well, I’m glad that it sounds different but it’s just the logical result of us loving different types of music. So probably when we compose all these different influences show up. Personally I like goth, I like electro-metal, I also like some pop stuff... And my favorite singers are Chris Cornell and Frank Sinatra so I guess this is quite schizophrenic not to sound different J 

Looking forward to the next album….I really appreciate the idea to give to all fans and not… a free dvd…downloadable from your site…who had this awesome idea?....Moreover I notice the possibility (for the fans) to donate a token price…..It represent something innovative! Moreover..what can you tell us about MFV 2012 experience?

We knew that our performance at the MFVF 2012 would be filmed and when we saw the images we decided we HAD to do something with them because they were simply too beautiful! And as that was the last gig of our European Tour we decided we would keep its memory alive in a live CD + DVD. And as all these incredible things happened to us thanks to our fans, we also decided to make the video available for free on our website. It’s our thank you to the fans, for the support and love they’ve showed us until now.

Can you talk about the main influences of the band?

I already mentioned mine… I can add that Stephane is an ultimate fan of Kiss, Sieg is so eclectic that it would be impossible for me to put a name on what he likes, Matt is a rocker and Machine Man is a hard core and grindcore fan.

How much is important to elaborate interesting lyrics? In my opinion new generation really appreciate inspiring lyrics…

I like to write a lot and every time I listen to a song I’m very focused on the lyrics. Sometimes it’s interesting just to listen to a story and some other times I like lyrics that are more mysterious, full of images and weird suggestions. I think you can find both in November-7

Who’s the main composer of the band?

 What we do is Stephane composes the music and I compose the lyrics. Then we bring the track to the band and we adapt as needed. 

What are the most interesting modern metal  bands in the actual musical scene?

One band, that I have not mentioned yet and that we all adore, comes to my mind: Rammstein. I’m totally fascinated by their show, their sarcasm, their sense of humor and of course their riffs, their style. It’s like watching a theatre performance, except that you stand and headband for 2 hours…

What about your favorite  singers?...Your vocal style is incredibly original!

Thank you! I mentioned my two idols, Chris and Frankie. As to female singers, I love Cristina Scabbia and even if it’s a completely different style, Adele’s voice gives me the goose bumps.  

Let’s talk about production & arrangements….This is a very aspect to be considered for all the bands…Can you talk about the “Behind the scenes” of the band….?

Mainly Stephane does all this work. He’s very patient and has a strong attention to details so he can spend hours, days looking for a particular sound… But of course we all bring in our ideas which is very healthy and enriching because sometimes if you’ve worked too hard on something you end you losing focus and someone else might in a coupe of minutes come up with a great idea.

Let’s talk about the future…a new album is scheduled at the end of the year…what can you tell us about it?

Oh! I’m very excited about this new record… I think the tracks are more mature in terms of arrangements, lyrics and vocals. We have already played some of the new songs at the MFVF 2012 so people can discover them already looking at the video or getting the live CD. We will release 2 songs before the album, just to tease a bit the curiosity of our fans and the media. We have already received the first 2 mixes and they are really amazing… We are working with Stefan Glaumann again and I really think that we have found our perfect match in terms of mixing… When he touches our songs there’s always a very special chemical reaction going on… it’s like magic! Anyway, we still have some work to do and we plan to finish the recordings in the next months. We’ll keep everyone posted via our websites and facebook. 

What about imminent or scheduled live shows?

We’re working on different dates and venues and as soon as things will get clearer we’ll inform everyone. But I can already say that we’ve just been confirmed for a big festival in 2014… We’ll be able to announce it soon! So keep checking our facebook posts and the news on our web page J 

Now the last question is about the game of the tower…you’re on a very high tower…three bands are with you…you have to push down two of them…saving the third one…with you there are:


That’s a very mean question!! I love the three of them and they are so different from one another that it’s really not fair what you’re asking me to do! But ok, I’ll play the game and I’ll save Lacuna Coil because we’ve played with them and they are Italian like me J


Thank you!!!!

interview  by Salvo Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001.

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address  More in Team


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