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01. Her Name 
02. In My Mind 
03. Angel 2011 
04. Parasite 
05. Nowhere 
06. Amber Light 
07. Untie Your Hands 
08. In Love With hate 
09. Falling Down 2011 
10. World In Agony 


Annamaria Cozza

Stephane Geiser

Guitars, Keyboard, Programming
Yann Siegenthaler

Emmi Lichtenbahn


NOVEMBER-7: "Season 3    Foto von november-7      Daily Rock Records / Musikvertrieb 



Recorded by Stephane Geiser at Dark-S Studio exept bass and drums recorded by David Grillon & Carryl Montini at Artsonik studio and voices by David Grillon at Dark-S studio
Mixed by Stefan Glaumann at Toytown Studio Stockholm exept Nowhere Mixed by Stephane Geiser at Dark-S studio
Produced by Stephane Geiser
Mastered by Erik Broheden at Masters of Audio Studio Stockholm

review  by Salvo Russo____   

For the future….and for the present!!!

The evolution of metal is here!!! November-7 comes from Switzerland and in my opinion they represent what melodic metal is now!!!
A perfect mixture between electro, metal, and various influences: from gothic to alternative and rock!!!
This band gets an amazing originality, thanks to the essentiality of a good use of electronic parts that make the arrangements about perfect!!!

To understand what I say it’s sufficient to listen to the new single “Parasite” and you can understand what I say…how to define their music?....ok this is absolute modern metal …or modern future metal!!!...where the electronic parts become essential to give groove into songs that keeps predominantly a metal arrangement.

The secret is to take the essence of their influences and re-elaborate them in a very own personal way .
The sound can remind of  L’Âme Immortelle, Oomph, Within Temptation, UnSun, Rammstein (guitars), Evanescence, Lacuna Coil….and the list could grow more and more!

Since the opener “Her Name” I notice the intelligent use of electronic loops mixed to metal and the involving by AnnaMaria that gets a perfect timbre for this music…..
“In My Mnd” is still pure modern metal full of heavy guitars full of modernism….the band doesn’t disdain melancholic approaches in the refrain , even if, comparing to other bands, they like to find different melodic solutions that can be nearer to alternative modern metal than to melodic gothic metal.
“Angel” reminds of L’Âme Immortelle yet  the band doesn’t renounce to use power guitar distortions  full of lows!!!

The pearl is the single “Parasite”...a song that never get you bored!!! Power & melody together into a fantastic song with a very inspired refrain that can’t but remain in your head!!!!
The aching arpeggio of “Nowhere” sung by an inspired Anna Maria…comes before the experimental “Amber Light” that show the ability of the band to search for different solutions to create an album full of tones by the intelligent use of  arrangements.
“Untie Your Hands” gets influences  from Lacuna Coil in particular the use of chorus in which Anna Maria  shows amazing capabilities both for interpretation and skills.
It’s time for “In Love with Hate” that is made by the usual perfect  arrangement …acoustic…electro…rock!!!!
“Falling Down” is a metal song in which alternative & goth are perfectly mixed and it seems to remind of many bands…but no one in particular….this is the secret of this band!!!
“World In Agony” is still more influenced by Lacuna Coil …even if the band personalizes the sound through those  arrangements that put in evidence the use of electronic….this song gets another involving refrain.
The two bonus tracks are the radio version of  “Parasite “ and the soft version of “In Love With Hate”.

A band for the future….and for the present!!! Great band, great project…great music!!!!!



Salvo  Russo   28.03.2011

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001

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