October 30th  2003 - The Rave Ballroom -  Milwaukee Wisconsin


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INTRO and  Lazy American Workers
Good ol' Jagermeister tour. I went to this last year when Coal
Chamber and Drowning Pool tore shit up at the Quest a few months before DP's
singer died. This time, it was Slayer in Milwaukee.

It was in the "Ballroom" this time. The Rave is composed of three
parts: 1. "The Ballroom", which can hold up to 5-10,000 people, 2. "Eagles
Club", which is about the size of your normal club it can hold up to 2500
people, and 3. "The Rave Bar" which could hold up to 200 or so people. I
have personally been to the Ballroom one other time and it was about half
full, no big deal. But for Slayer, near over capacity. It was jam packed
from the Stage to the soundboard. I had never seen so many people in a venue
that size.

The first band normally wouldn't even be worth writing about because
they sucked so bad. But I have to because of one minor detail. "The Lazy
American Workers", catchy name eh? I'll give them some leeway due to lack of
sound checking and the fact I had never even heard of them. They opened up
with noise, they sounded like noise, and they ended sounding like noise. I
managed to catch their attempt to cover Judas Priests' "Electric Eye", of which
no one in the audience could catch on that this was a cover song for two reasons: 1. It sounded
really bad and 2. The average concert goer was 15-18 and wouldn't know Judas
Priest from Eddie Van Halen. Granted they were a three piece outfit but so is Tiamat and a shit load of other bands. I am a little astonished on how they managed to land a great tour when other bands could
have taken their spot easily.
I pretty much drove 6 hours just to see Arch Enemy otherwise I could
have seen Slayer in Saint Paul weeks ago. The wait was worth it! Arch Enemy,
from the first note they played to the last, the ticket price was well worth
it. AE played songs mainly off their last two CD's which would include
"Burning Angel", "Heart Of Darkness", "Ravenous" "We Will Rise" "Dead Eyes
See No Future", amongst others, those are the ones I can remember. The
Amotts (guitar players) played every note flawlessly. I haven't heard that
in a long time since a band like AE is more prone to mistake due to the
amount of solos the reproduce in their songs. Angela Gosscow sounds and
looks a lot better in person. I could have sworn her vocals sounded lower
live than on the CD. The drumming could not have been better. The only
complaint that I have is that they did not play "Enemy Within". Other than
that, I could not tell you how many fans praised them after they were done
and how nobody wanted them to leave. Even after Hatebreed fans were saying
Arch Enemy was better. MUCH better. I would have to concur with them.
Hatebreed came on in their usual fashion. Just basically jumping on
stage which is admirable. The one thing I noticed was the singer, in a
specific manner reminded me of Fred Durst. He came out wearing, what looked
like a red baseball hat. I couldn't help but notice. Hatebreed was almost
too aggressive if there is such a thing. They had a huge crowd response
though. In-between sets, I swear, the crowd doubled in size. It became real
crowded real quick. Hatebreed's singing style wasn't all that appealing to
me. It sounded like a very monotOnous growl with no peaks or dips. In a way
it's admirable he can do that. But it lacks depth. I felt the band lacked
depth in terms of it's music. Hatebreed used the vast amount of stage to
their advantage by moving around and jumping on stage. All in all, I thought
Hatebreed was a bit boring. If you like Hard-core, Hatebreed is your band,
just not my cup of tea, but they were still a lot better than the first act.
Slayer. What can I say? They were the band everyone came to see.
There really isn't too much I can say about them. They played the exact same
show they have for years. IT was great hearing them. It was really cool
hearing them play the entire "Rein In Blood" album performed. The crowd of
course was at it's wildest it had been all night. Slayer put it's average
show besides playing the entire "Rein In Blood" album.

All in all Arch Enemy was the highlight of the evening. I thought
they were the best band of the night. Many people were saying they should
have been co-headlining instead of Hatebreed. I thought it was a great show.
It would have been better if a couple hundred people weren't there so it
wouldn't be so crowded. If Arch Enemy or Slayer comes through town GO SEE

Matthew Haumschild 

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