27 September 2003 - Thessaloniki,Greece - Ydrogios Club


review by Dimitris  "Heartcollector " Theodoropoulos  - photos by Dimitris  Theodoropoulos

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Casting the Stones
Interview with Mark Briody

"What a show!". This is what i think when i recall the moments of this concert. This legendary band finally came to Greece and gave us a show to remember. Two Greek bands were support for this show, Crystal Tears and Bloodstained.
Bloodstained were the first band to hit the stage and with their very good power metal,they managed to warm the little crowd that was present. Unfortunately there were only 250-300 people to see such a big band. Shame to those who didn't come because there's not only iron maiden or iced earth bands to sell out venues. Jag Panzer deserves much more than 300 fans present to their concert. Anyway, back to Bloodstained who had some very interesting songs, their guitar player was very technical and their singer had a great voice which fitted perfectly the style they played. The band had a decent stage presense and the crowd supported this promising band. They also included in their set 2 covers, Rebellion from Grave Digger and Don't Fear The Night from Omen. Next on stage were Crystal Tears who seemed older than the previous guys and i thought they must have experience from concerts. They had a very good stage presense but their music didn't excite me as much as Bloodstained. Musically they didn't differ a lot but they just didn't have the songs that will make me pay attention to them. The crowd had a good time though and seemed to like them a lot.
After a short break Jag Panzer appeared on stage opening their set with Fate's Triumph and the crazy headbanging begun. We heard almost all of the classics of their career, a career which continues to provide us with excellent songs until their recent releases. I can't really describe what happened that night because this shocking band offered us an incredible show and each song was like being in heavy metal heaven. Conklin was in great form and let us all speechless, this guy has THE voice and his stage presense is excellent, he runs all the time over the stage and never gets tired, a true showman. Chris Broderick proved how excellent he is on guitar, his technique is unbelievable and it's no wonder why nevermore called him to fill the second guitar place in some of their shows. Briody was another great player on this band and although he didn't play anything really difficult his experience was visible while the bass player was another one who was playing technical stuff. I find some progressive elements in Jag Panzer's music where ever needed and they really work out great. The show consisted of the band's more recent songs in the beginning and older songs for the rest of the show. The songs we heard (in no particular order) were: Take To The Sky, Iron Eagle, King At A Price, Black, The Moors, The Silent, The Viper, Shadow Thief, Warfare, Frozen By Fear, Chain Of Command, Symphony Of Terror, Tyranny, Generally Hostile, Licensed To Kill, The Crucifix, Battlezone. An excellent set list which was almost a best-of of their career. I would really like to hear Harder Than Steel and Reign Of The Tyrants but in such a good concert i must not complain. I really feel sorry for those who ignored this amazing band and didn't come to this show. Maybe one day they'll have a chance to see Jag Panzer live and see what i mean when i say that this band is among the top 5 of the best American power metal bands.

Dimitris Theodoropoulos 


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