The Will To Kill

Pillage And Burn

All That Remains

With Murderous Precision


Assasin Squad

Rebirth Of Terror

Superior Firepower

Divide And Conquer

The Cardinal`s Law

Burnt Beyond Recognition

 Kyle Symons - vocals
  Phil Fasciana - guitar
  Rob Barret - guitar
  Gordon Simms - bass
  Justin Dipinto - drums
MALEVOLENT CREATION: "The Will to kill "   malevolent creation      NBR

Recorded and mixed at Mana Recording Studio in Tampa. The first release for Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. The album will be released on Arctic Music in North America and everywhere else. Guitar legend James Murphy also laid down a few solos for the song "Assassin Squad". produced by Jean-François Dagenais of Kataklysm.

Invidious Dominion
MC live at Those Still Loyal Tour in Wil (CH) 2006
Doomsday X
MC live in Zürich  2004
Interview with Phil Fasciana - 2003
MC live at NO MERCY FESTIVAL 2003 
review  by dalia di giacomo____   


A masterpiece for  few selected ones only -  it needs absolutely a second listening for being appreciated
This is grinding Death Metal pure, so all fanatical Death Metal fans shouldn't absolutely miss this event, in fact this is  a MUST-to-have album for them, without doubt. But all who like exclusively  melodic music, or all who are too superficial,  should better keep their fingers away or listen to this album with  much attention. Cause it's not true that there is not melody at all in The will to kill, but it's well  hidden, and one doesn't perceive it after a first listening only. Malevolent Creation showcase the new singer Kyle Symons (Hate Plow) , whose grind voice is really outstanding and a new drummer. The technique is optimal and the band provides us with an implacable Death metal music characterized by being without compromises  , by Trash and even Black flavours (The will to kill- title track and All that remains ) and some old school feel too, and by tempos which range from  slower midtempos till imposing blastbeating uptempos with furious solos. Many  tracks  are   monumental  and propose aggressive midtempo riffs too and they are  "Pillage and Burn", "With murderous Precision" which is gifting us with killing mega heavy riffs, solemn and implacable proceeding mixed also with some melodic chords, and in the same way we could describe "Superior Firepower", "Assasin Squad"  and "Divide and Conquer" . Lifeblood is in the wake , but faster.   And the track  The Cardinal's Law is a class of its own with cool outro vocals, presenting all the characteristics of this albums. The will to Kill closes with a fast divine punishment called "Burnt beyond Recognition" and  really don't know how many bands would be able to play it .  

Minus point: all tracks are powered by  incredible and tireless  double bass, blast beats and aggressive tremolo-like soundscapes, good solos,  yes it's true, but the one track is more or less the mirror  of the other, and if all this gives a coherent  image to the album, it could be  taken  in case of superficial and  inexperienced listening, like lack of originality. And who is not very used to Death Metal hardly will distinguish one track from another the very first time. Anyway  already after a second listening the lights of the discernment push their way  through what at a first impact could seem a superhuman  pandemonium, which suddenly appears   as a  superb and brilliant musical expression . In few words Malevolent Creation are simply great but you have to love Death Metal and to be very introduced into Metal in general for appreciating it: it's not an easy album or  music for masses. It's  music for only few but valuable paladins of the purest and uncontaminated Death.  This album presents surely brutal tones though i would define it more violent and overpowering and absolutely heavy, heavy like few ones , cause speed should never be put on a pedestal and Malevolent Creation have well understood this. The Will to kill is not only speed but pounding mid tempo too. The rather American Bay Area - oriented taste could however cause some problems in the European audience.

I would underline the great production (Kataklysm have a hand in this) and again the fantastic superb technique, the countless tremolo pickings,  the great drum work, the general thunderous work of all instruments (congrats Fasciana!), the brilliant vocals which can have a really big extent going easily from bass to higher notes, sounding sometimes even clear though grinding ( it's talent!!). But please, don't approach to Death  through this album cause The will to kill represents the "finishing line" and not the  starting  point  for beginners. Posers of every shape and ages can only die listening to it, while the die hard fans simply deserve it. So , you know who and how  you are....so you can take your choice:  "buy or die" or "bye and die"! At least we are speaking of Death here! Written (and composed)  in capital letters!

rating: 9.5/10     
dalia di giacomo    
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