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Mr. Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation) and dalia - videointerview soon online


On the wings of Bolt thrower's latest release "Those Once Loyal", an Hell of a tour is crossing Europe. One of those Tours that are a true Event, event written in  capital letters and that lets us understand that 2006 is the year in which the extreme metal will harvest what was sown, 2006  call the authentic metalheads for an orgy of fucking ravenous pleasure. This tour, together with many others of first caliber already announced and planned for start already in January or in the near couple of months, vivifies our blood and roars our flesh. Beware, January 2006 is just the begin!

After a kick off  in  Holland on 4th January, the "Those  still loyal Europe 2006"  is conquering the continent, having already had many shows totally sold out. After having pulverized Holland, part of Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary , Croatia  and Italy, it will  thunder over the Swiss frozen earth. Unfortunately also the ill-fated and cancelled gig in Italy at Anomalia in Prato was destiny of this tour, that however,  after another and not problematic stage in Italy at La Gabbia in Bassano del Grappa, lands in Switzerland,  at Remise in Wil. Here we see the same success: the Remise is sold out and packed, soon moshed and shaken and fisted by 4 bands who represent one of the most vivid uncompromising faces of Death Metal.With headliner  Bolt Thrower, we have Malevolent Creation with a sensational  line up due to the coming back of previous members above all Brett Hoffman behind the microphone, then Nightrage and the lethal razor- sharp venomous German sensation Necrophagist. My personal targets are, in particular, the mythical US Florida Death metallers Malevolent Creation and these aggressive,  sick  Necrophagist, already admired as one of the protagonists of the IX  Metal Forces in Lörrach. Ok let's see now how Necrophagist behave in the middle of this big tour....


NECROPHAGIST                necrophagist    


Necrophagist live at IX Metal Forces in Lörrach , 2005

Ah Necrophagist, so hated and so loved. Necrophagist are able to divide the spirits, to make the metal  world write torrents of useless, pointless words, in their defense or accuse.  At the Metal Forces Festival they appeared simply lethal to me. Lethal they are.  In my opinion, "lethal" is still  the only word to use if you really are in  urgent need to describe them. Vocalist/guitarist Muhammed Suiçmez is an uncompromising guy that is hard and dry  on the stage too. He proposes his shit and if you like it, ok,   good, but if you don't like, well you have only to go , i think  this is his philosophy. Necrophagist are a technical band, therefore it is not easy to headbang on their music , you have to taste their intent and facettes. Are they talented? of course, and straight to the point, corroborated by a great  bass playing and an extraordinary  lead guitar. Punctual  the drumming, great effect and impact. People's mind is forced to work and to give  high attention, alternating thinking  with banging, maybe. Don't expect from them pathetic rituals and/or crowd aiming, don't expect  from them brainless entertainment. They are the right opener for a tour  made by bands whose primary goal is to play and play evilly and mercilessly. As if they were following Cesar's statement" veni, vidi, vici", Necrophagist take the stage, play evilly and mercilessly, and stop. Ciao, bye,  is almost what  you get, do we need more? No. Not,  when we are involved  in  the technical ability of guitars, in the big force of the rhythmic session, and , above all, in  the richness of ideas that put you on the limit of a mortal combat. Half an hour  (from 19:45 to 20:15) of  a sharp sour yet virtuous Death metal that goes  beyond many boundaries, nonetheless fortunately being still not really progressive. A discharge of sinister music that impresses me as it did in November, in Germany.  Stabwound, Fermented Offal Discharge, Epitaph, Extreme Unction are among the songs proposed and of course the LETHAL Seven!  And Christian Muenzner is a fucking great guitarist. 



those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist07.jpg (62015 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist02.jpg (49299 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist08.jpg (58988 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist09.jpg (79437 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist10.jpg (96709 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist15.jpg (64348 Byte)
those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist04.jpg (42678 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_necrophagist05.jpg (41991 Byte)




NIGHTRAGE            nightrage       

Descent into Chaos


Around 20:30 Greek/Swedish melodic Death metallers Nightrage hit the stage.  After their  second full-length album, "Descent Into Chaos", released through  Century Media Records in 2005, there is a true halo of expectation about them. Tonight one  can clearly feel it.  Even  people from Italy are actually discussing  about this band and his singer. Nonetheless, according to axeman and mastermind Marios Iliopoulos, the band too is eager to play for all friends in Europe, being this their first  European tour. And Marious Iliopoulous was totally right when he announced the new singer Jimmie Strimell as "a killer vocalist, really enthusiastic, energetic and experienced". Wow , no lies , fact  is that Nightrage's singer is delivering a great performance with tons of enthusiasm,  defining well  the message of the band and keeping the crowd so damned alive, shouting his lungs off. The rest of the band is doing a tight work, with guitarist Iliopoulos showing a sense of gratification, as least as much  as his austere face can do, and, however, revealing much thankfulness for the fans.  The crowd appreciates a lot Strimell 's energy; personally  i like his attitude  more than Björn Strid's one . Among  the highlights, The beautiful songs Reality vs Truth, one of the best tracks of their Descent into Chaos, and Release  are served. Remarkable is also  the big Rock disposition of this band, that fully  surfaces  during a live. Songs from the previous albums are played too, for example Elusive emotion, if i am not wrong.  Headbangings, applauses and  the first moshing shake the pit, heralding what it will come: one of the most earthshaking, thunderous, unforgettable  moments that Metal can offer: the concerts of Malevolent Creation and Bolt Thrower. May the force sustain us.



those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage03.jpg (56382 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage04.jpg (43508 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage07.jpg (76338 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage09.jpg (79250 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage12.jpg (66039 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage18.jpg (63052 Byte)



those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage08.jpg (55095 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage10.jpg (45084 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage28.jpg (66456 Byte)



those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage14.jpg (63712 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage19.jpg (52641 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage23.jpg (41947 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage25.jpg (57326 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage30.jpg (51591 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_nightrage26.jpg (55144 Byte)







MALEVOLENT CREATION        malevolent creation     

Malevolent Creation live in Zürich 2004
Interview with Phil Fasciana 2003
No Mercy Festival 2003
The Will to Kill


21:30 - "No one can destroy this Malevolent Creation!" These words summed up the announcement telling that Brett Hoffman would have joined the band for this tour, being then definitely back to the band. Absolutely! No one can destroy this Malevolent Creation, implacable, fresh and yes ...young. Malevolent Creation appears so young and full of motivation. I've seen excellent shows from them, the latest was during the 2004 Warkult tour in Zürich at Dynamo Werk 21,  an exceptional show. But fortunately there is no limit to the "best of" and tonight Malevolent are such a revelation due to the fact that the whole mood and attitude and even the look, as well as the stage approach are kicking ass. MC promised to let not down the fans , but they have done more for them than simply keeping their word: they are re-born, top notch and such a wild band with a frontman who  on the stage is  so mighty and  supported greatly by the rest of the musicianship. Less histrionic than Kyle, but more brutal and abrasive. I am not friend of covers and  i am not friend of line up changes. I will not forget Kyle , or Rob or Gordon, and i am glad to know that everyone still remains in good terms, nonetheless some line-up  changes turn out to be innovative and healthy, simply inject fresh blood and strength. This is the case. Please, Brett remain, stay together with MC, it is your place!  Jay Blachowicz is also back, back  to the bass again but unfortunately can not play the Bolt Thrower tour due to passport problems. Divine Empire guitarist Marco Martell is on the stage for Jay on this tour making synergy with Jon Rubin. Dave Kinkade also from Divine Empire is  playing drums on this tour. And Mr Phil Fasciana, the soul of the band? Fierce, stormy, unmerciful  as always, but with a new light in his eyes, i have never seen him so proud and satisfied. The show hold by him is outstanding. Sweat runs, while the great setlist runs too but  through time and  eras, the songs sum up the exceptional career and arrive finally to the shores of the latest two albums "The Will to Kill" and "Warkult". From tracks as "Coronation of our Domain", "Malevolent Creation" and "Blood Brothers" till "The will to Kill" (preceded by Brett's greetings to the crowd and to Bolt Thrower) and "Dead March" , it is... triumphal march. It may appear rhetoric to say so, but actually i don't find other way to explain the great reaction of the audience, the huge moshing of a fully crowded venue, and how much i have enjoyed this show.  Indeed the crowd response is nothing but amazing. The band's performance is nothing but amazing. 22:15 the show ends disruptive and violent as it begun. And now?And now i pick up and lick  all the sweat drops i can see on the stage in front of me, there, where guitar god Phil Fasciana has just played. Salty drops, i drip some of them on my notebook too. And now? Now let's attend Bolt Thrower and, in the next months, let's wait for Doomsday X, MC' s tenth album , let's wait for the next live shows after the release of the new full length.  If it's true that words have meaning but names have power, so Malevolent Creation is one the most powerful among the Names. 

those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation03.jpg (87602 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation01.jpg (51047 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation08.jpg (56309 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation14.jpg (45261 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation09.jpg (59782 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_malevolent_creation20.jpg (59556 Byte)  








Mr. Brett Hoffman (Malevolent Creation)  and dalia


BOLT THROWER        bolt thrower        Those Once Loyal

22:36 - Here we go! Smoke,  horns up and a crowd going nuts. It's excitement, it's fever pitch.  All discussions and polemics that the cancelled gig in Prato has brought in foreground can only fade away like snow under the sun if you are here and see such a tight and determined band. Moreover the British Bolt Thrower are really impressed by the incredible capacity of this audience (and i like to underline that it is an international one, due to the strategic location of Wil, able to be easily reached by Austrian, Italian and German people) to animate a mighty moshing, with episodes of  stage diving and crowdsurfing, to forge such a great energy yet without loosing  good taste and respect for the artists and for the fellow metalheads in the pit. Bolt Thrower , obviously, play hard, play heavy, play contrapuntal between  tempo changes and enthralling riffs,  enjoying the warmth of their fans. I must say that Bolt Thrower know how to appeal:  charisma, good loops, some epic touch mixed with grind, hammering  riffs and much experience create the killer. Sometimes their loops are repetitive but they simply know how to do it, transforming recurrence in hypnotism. The British legend also knows how to make subtle great embroideries and contrapuntal lines indeed, they know  when and how to place  the right  chord the makes the difference. Implacable but melodic too, their songs are well structured and catch immediately.  like modern crusaders , Bolt Thrower  arise the battle and command the carnage . The response is fabulous, even devoted. The latest CD of these metal pioneers, "Those Once Loyal",  follow-up to 2001's "Honour, Valour, Pride" , entered soon the German Media Control chart and is  represented tonight by tracks like At first light, Entrenched, The Killchain, the title track Those once loyal, When Cannons fade. Those once Loyal marks also  the return of original vocalist Karl Willetts. Karl Willets and his brave crusaders brutalize and cast a spell. So is the music. War imagery, rides to Inferno and epic , melodic moments.  Charismatic Karl Willets doesn't even need to perform anything spectacular if not expressing  brilliantly his battlevoice. Bolt Thrower , not very mobile but extremely dynamic concerning their instrumentation, are  imposing, aggressive, massive, compact. A line of fire and hammering turmoil.

At First Light

World Eater
The Killchain
Powder Burns
Those Once Loyal
No Guts, No Glory

IV Crusade
When Cannons Fade


dalia di giacomo




those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower05.jpg (36287 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower07.jpg (48079 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower09.jpg (41464 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower10.jpg (63552 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower11.jpg (67350 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower22.jpg (65894 Byte)







those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower15.jpg (80255 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower17.jpg (49776 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower18.jpg (45238 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower19.jpg (62366 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower25.jpg (56098 Byte)  those_still_loyal_tour_Wil_20_january_2006_bolt_thrower26.jpg (43260 Byte)








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