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11.09.2009 - 12.09.2009 at Hüttikon - Switzerland





















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This time everything was quite perfect. The usual good and generous organization and the agreeable location have got the deserved success: nice late-summer weather a formidable headliner and a rich bill. Started as a festival which aimed to support the Swiss underground, the Meh Suff 2009 edition has outrun any expectation by taking here, in this charming woody hill, placed near Zürich, Wettingen and Baden, not only Swiss bands but also big international names, mainly belonging to the Black and Death metal scene. Belphegor (headlining) Sinister, Dark Fortress, Varg, Endstille, Hour Of Penance, Debauchery have imperilled the stage in a 2 days event that nothing has lost in intimacy and enchanting natural atmosphere . This edition took place in the same location of the last year: Quite good isolated from the near houses yet extremely easy to be reached and absolutely not far from all urban services, this little great festival, embedded in a nice wood, was again surrounded by a druidical aura. Moreover everything was again at your fingertips: food, tasteful mead, a little bonfire as well as the unholiness of Belphegor. 

Among the highlights of the second day, Debauchery were impressive with their paintings simulating the traces of profused blood baths. The German wolves of "Varg" ("In Norse mythology, wargs are in particular the wolf Fenrir and his sons Skoll and Hati"), whom i already recently attended at the Z7 Metal Dayz 09, have spread pagan, blackened Viking oriented, and aggressive mood. And now that i have seen them live twice, i have some doubts to attach the onnipotent label viking to this band. The performance is balanced to obtain a measured sense of obscure savagery, of a more widely Germanic inspiration, actually. Moreover (and thanks to all nordic gods) Varg are not Amon Amarth. The articulation of styles and the way to play and to act on the stage brings energy followed by a kind of trance feelings, there where melody and will to destroy meet one another.

Fantastic were the guys of Dark Fortress. Their show awesome. German Black Metal from Landshut of higher quality, gloomy, precise, supported by great drums and fronted by energetic yet persuasive vocals. Not free from a shadow of dramatics (and better so), The band of "Eidolon" has mixed dark evilness with lively aggressiveness. 

Reassembled and veteran Sinister (notoriously without Rachel Heyzer but with Adrie Kloosterwaard since 2005) was technically precise, too precise and less spontaneous, quite monotone in the stage acting, while determined in well playing, thing that however has not involved so much the audience. The show was not completely flawless, anyway sounded almost impeccable from the technical side. The band was very determined and delivered a solid death metal. Nonetheless all in all everything sounded a bit too forced, lacking ease. Sincere was that determination. The concentration seemed also sincere. They are known as a brutal band, their song truly do brutalize from a cd, pity that this kind of stage acting appears everything but brutal. The audience appreciated Sinister's show but didn't feel the need to burst out in big acclamation.

What can i say about Belphegor? They did everything right. This time Belphegor has the whole audience not only literally but also ideally at their feet. Belphegor really deserved to get a further satisfaction from the Helvetic Land. The whole band and frontman Helmuth in particular were much awaited, called: their names many times spoken loud. The night descended and watched the Austrian Blackened Death metallers in search of the SUPREME DEATH/ BLACK METAL ART . Belphegor's show, opened by the majestic, gloomy , occult intro "Masked Ball", has immediately developed into such a brilliant performance rich in repertoire, praised and admired. Belphegor has truly crowned the festival showing to the audience the same respect you would give to the crowd of a bigger open air. The guys of Belphegor were powerful, animated, "heretical" but above all they were WARRIORS.





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