31.01.2004, Lörrach, „SAK - Burghof“ - D




live report by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___


Well, I’m here for the first time and I have to say that the “Burghof” in Lörrach is a small, but kind location. Here, the Metal Maniacs organize the first Metal Meating, and I think most Metalheads already heard the name of the headliner, Blood. But also the two support bands are more than interesting, most of all Nordafrost. Good omens for a great evening! Another bonus: The beer is very cheap!


The first band is The Mortal Remains. They play a kind of Death-Thrash Metal with vocals changing between growling and high screams. The singer – Morgrim – is actually totally drunk and falls down on the stage during the second song. His upper part of the body is full of theatre blood, and he’s always headbanging when he’s not singing. Already at this point everyone can feel the good atmosphere, and The Mortal Remains get warm and enthusiastic applause, of course also from the Metal Maniacs, because the singer Morgrim is part of them. I would say that The Mortal Remains don’t play very revolutionary or original – but it’s great to headbang! Most of the time fast forward, good riffing and some Slayer-like solos, and after half an hour, they leave the small stage and get one more very good reactions from the crowd, about 100 people.   


Now it’s time for Nordafrost. After a short intro, they give all and it’s really good: Old-school Black Metal, freezing guitar riffs in the vain of old Immortal, high screams (both from main man Svartis), lots of blastbeats, a pumping bass, and this all together gives a deadly mixture. Hell yeah!! The audience has the same opinion and there’s the first moshpit of the evening. Once, there is silence after a song, and Svartis shakes up the crowd: “Hey, not so loud!” Reactions: Cheering and applause! I can’t say a lot more, because it’s absolutely great and I’m banging and moshing all the time. But during the gig, a very funny thing happens: One of the Metal Maniac – Zuffy – is so drunk, that he falls asleep – on stage. No idea how this is possible… As final song, Nordafrost play a grandiose cover version from Immortals “Blashyrk Mighty Raven”. Super concert, only one sad thing: They don’t play any extra songs. But this doesn’t really matter: It was absolutely great!


And then Blood: Ultra-brutal Death-Grind, totally goring vocals and an insane tempo. To the intro, there’s also some fire-spitting, and it gets very hot. Singer Clausi has a painted face, and the visages of the guitarist and the bass man are covered with blood. They play fast, tight and brutal – and the crowd thanks with a big moshpit, headbanging, noise and crowdsurfing! There’s a real aggressive fight right in front of the stage, and it gets hotter and hotter. Blood play 26 songs in about 80 minutes, and everyone has a great time. At the end, Band and audience are totally exhausted and Clausi thanks a lot and wishes everyone a good night. Actually, I can feel my neck, and that means that it was a really good concert!!   


After the show, I buy Nordafrost’s album “Dominus Frigoris”, I talk with Svartis and friends and suddenly, Schmier from Destruction appears and I can shake his hand! Compliments to the Metal Maniacs and see you again!!





Boris Witta  


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