If You Walk Away

Feel Alive

Always Remember You

Tell Me About It

Wasting My Time


The Castle Inside My Head

Time For Love

I Found A Way To Pray





michele luppi : vocals and songwriting - producer - sound engineer


special guests : 

Alex De Rosso (Dokken), Olaf Thorsen (Vision Divine)

Oleg Smirnoff (Vision Divine),  

Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi).


Michele Luppi's HEAVEN: "Strive"        michele luppi                     

debut album, produced and arranged by Michele Luppi, recorded at MiLu's RockLab -  A Japan edition, with 4 bonus tracks, will be released by King Records - Release date 11th July

Interview Michele Luppi

preview - review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Very far from V.D. style. Ten songs that remind of the best 80's aor/melodic rock!!! 

Michele Luppi is the new Vision Divine singer...his "divine" voice already known thanks to the latest V.D. album is here proposed in a solo-album very far from V.D. style. Ten songs that remind of the best 80's aor/melodic rock!!! His voice can remind of Michel Sweet or Joseph Williams, and also the songs are a mix of Toto, Stryper, Journey, Richard Marx.  Never  banal  melodic solutions, in which the vocal technique is joined to the good quality of the most songs that are perfectly studied and elaborated in every part.

Of course, not all melodic solutions gets involving moods, but I underline that this is not an album that can be appreciated at a  first listening; Its not that  classic melodic rock album full of romanticism with easy melodies. The songs are made by articulated structures and are ready to be appreciated from all those who like an adult rock sound with different influences. If you feel the lack of a good a.o.r. cd, this album is just for you, and I'm sure that the fans of the bands mentioned above will find it a very beautiful present for this summer.

There are very emotional songs like: "If you walk away", a ballad in which Luppi's voice reminds me of the best Joseph Williams (Toto singer), the song is a kind of west-coast ballad in which I can't but notice the good melodic structure, in which the rhythmic arrangements gives the magic touch; "Trust" is a classic a.o.r song; one of those refrain ready to enter in your head!!!! A very good song in which I  still notice an amazing keyboard solo!! This album is made with the participation of : Alex De Rosso, Olaf Thorsen, Oleg Smirnoff (keyboard of Vision Divine & Death ss)...Maurizio Solieri  (Vasco Rossi!!!). Of course, unquestionable the technical qualities of the songs  perfectly played, arranged and mixed!!! Not all songs are up to the task, and sometimes I notice some not involving  ides like shown in "Tell me about it", a mediocre pop/rock song  with a not involving melody, or "Style",  that remind me of "Repeat Offender " style  (Richard Marx 's album), but it don't get an involving mood!

The ballads of this album gives value to Luppi's voice; very good melody in "The Castle inside my Head" and the track n10  "I found a Way to prey" that remind me of the best Christian-rock songs thanks to the great vocals and arrangements.

The melody is the essence of this album , but as I said before Luppi prefers to sing into articulated structures and he's able to show the best of his voice in every song . I still underline " Always remember you" a classic rock mixed with blues and a touch of west-coast , in which all instruments are perfectly harmonized and arranged, but without an easy-refrain.

Without a shadow of doubt Michele Luppi is a great singer, and this album is a must for all those who like bands like Toto, Journey , Stryper.


rating: 8/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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