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review  by dalia di giacomo 

photos © by Stefan W. Vogelaar

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20:00 To tell the truth, this is not a review but maybe more a kind of personal consideration. it always comes the time when you think what being a fan could ever mean, for example. Here am I, waiting like many others, for Max Cavalera, Roy Mayorga and Co., while it  is raining cats and dogs. Me, under a yellow (sigh!) umbrella, am looking the other brave fans of the "tribe", or of the "Soulfly Legion" or whatever they call themselves. Obviously only the true fans,or at least the real interested ones in Soulfly, are here , under this shower, some with an umbrella, only very few with transparent raincoats or waterproof clothes: Soulfly are not very lucky today cause obviously many people are gone away, but on the other hand they are so lucky to have such devoted fans, who defy the bad weather and maybe all dangers of this world, just in order to see their favourites, core - neotrashers- tribal nu-metallers "Primitives". "Soulfly! Soulfly! Soulfly! Soulfly! Soulfly!", they are shouting under the water. And while I was wondering  for which band me too  would be willing to remain and wait under "colossal rains" (well the band who composed "Colossal Rains" could be a serious candidate, if not the only one), on the wings of a tribal intro, they appear: Max Cavalera and Co. ! The die hard ones are  going into raptures. Near me, a boy , sitting on a wheel chair and fortunately accompanied by his girlfriend, is going into raptures too, under the rain...

Max Cavalera is beginning to throat , and the fans with him, while the drummer is doing a cool work. But, if compared to what I 've seen offered by Therapy? and Clawfinger, it seems to me that Cavalera, apart some jumps, is not so mobile and aggressive like I expected. I am a little bit disappointed, and while "Seek and Strike" is played, I realize that

a) I don't belong to the "Tribe"
b) Temperature is sinking dramatically
c) Rain is becoming pelting
d) I personally declare the  state of natural energency
I'm sorry but I'm beating a strategic retreat.  Bollox...the weather...
Anyway here some pics taking from photopit by Absolut_Evidence (Stefan). How lucky are the photographers, well sheltered under the  majestic dome structure of this Festival!

23:45 Unfortunately it's cold, but it has stopped raining. The standing area in front of the stage is crowded more than words can say. the mob  is  shouting and screaming. It is surely the top event of the Ministry. Everything is prepared: and all impressive devices which have to burst out the famous pyrotechnical very special effects are towering  the stage from above or well positioned at the edge and sideways. The performance is expected to be a) gorgeous b) majestic c) very impressive d) futuristic. I'd simply prefer it would be e) full of megaheavy implacable music. I'm curious: It's the first time I see rammstein live, finally. There are the conditions to make this evening an unforgettable one. Moreover here on this fabulous stage Rammstein have all the possibilities in order to develop a cool performance, cause dimensions and structures  can guarantee the full success of every  special effect a band could prepare and stage. Departure in direction Mars excepted, methinks.
Lights change colours , a dark atmosphere is falling on the stage. Rammstein appear the one after the other: Flake with its dentist coat, near his dentist chair-like keyboard. Till, extremely dark with this kind of cyborg-futuristic Frankenstein look, shaved in order to have a perfect bold look (thing that I personally don't like but look is look), wit the face darkened looking grey  like covered by ash. The whole band begins to play opening with "Mein Herz brennt" and the show begins. I notice immediately a certain severity, while the mighty, hard industrial metal with its  bass notes and his powerful rhythm is making earth quake under the feet. Really impressive, also because Till is showing so a powerful voice and incredible mimic, not to mention his muscles... I really like most of Rammstein's production, so I am overjoyded at the idea to hear songs like Engel (I hope they will add it to the setlist) or Sonne, Adios or Klavier, Du riechst so, like soon I will realize those last 2 songs will not be presented.OK . Amen! The show, that is standing out to be a kind of industrial-cyborg - sado-maso- full of fire one is proceeding with "Links 2-3-4" and martial mimic. Then Sehnsucht, that seems to me a little bit remixed...
In the meanwhile the first fire effect begin to appear
Let's go on with Feuer Frei and its  flame-thrower masks, and "Rein Raus". It's incredible beautiful how Till's voice is deep while announcing RRRRein! and the crowd is shouting Raus!! Then it's the time of "Adios" and "Mutter". Flakes' nervous dance for "Weisses Flesich" and "Halleluja", so rare to be heard live. "Zwitter" and the crowd is acclaiming,  applauding ,  shouting, jumping and headbanging. But the pyrotechnical moments are coming with "Ashe zu Asche": microphones are burning, and tons of  penetrating tons of red-grey smoke are directed towards the audience. Anyway Rammstein are playing really good, though all songs, old and new ones, seem to be arranged in the same way.
The wonderful "Du Hast" is provoking general enthusiasm, though , like already mentioned above, mixed this way it loses some of its ols fascination and immediacy. And now the "Bück dich" performance: Till after having hold Flake on a lane picturing a pure sado-maso, master -servant scene, is miming a perfect sodomy act showing a fake dick which is was spraying a kind of yellow liquid everywhere, crowd included. Envy!! for those ones who are blessed this way!
And finally it comes "Engel". people is acclaiming, but again , once more these songs sound no longer like they were. it begins to rain again, maybe is Angels' revenge, anyway it is still possible to remain and taste the performance till end. "Rammstein", "Sonne", "Ich will and finally "Stripped" are creating at my opinion the best moment of the whole gig, cause though the special effects are absolutely powerful they didn't cover the music, but on the contrary , maybe for the real first time this night, they are exalting it. And this should always be. "Sonne" together with "Rammstein" are offering some fire effects of real class finally
Ein Mensch brennt
and Till appears with laser glasses and a fireproof coat
Wer will is asking Till. "Ich will" is the simple answer, and "Ich will" is played in such a cool way! Final song "Stripped", which sounds better than "Engel" or "Du hast". Let's enjoy it! and aus!
Under the musical point of view, there were moments of a certain virtuosity like Richard's solo when moreover fire was  coming out from his guitar. And Rammstein more or less have presented also many beloved classics. Nevertheless I have a strange feeling: I don't know whether to consider this a simply superb performance or a kind of exaggeration with decadent scenes which could be also been presented with more sense of good taste. No it's not moralism! Such scenes must be included, but , in my opinion, it would be better if  with a touch of  subtle erotism instead of using  gaudy representations. A cool dilemma , isn't it? Anyway it was a terribly great gig which has left an enormous crowd really hyper happy.
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