KRISIUN - DISPARAGED   in Pratteln - 18.03.2003


review by Boris "Azrael" Witta  - all pics © by Stefan "Absolut_Evidence" Vogelaar

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I think there are some bands which you have to see almost once live if you are in Metal. Morbid Angel belong to these bands. Mastermind Trey Azagthoth is one of the founders of the style called US Death Metal. His unmistakable way of playing the guitar is very technical, virtuous, confounded and innovative. There are lots of copies, but none of them will ever reach the level of Morbid Angel, because they are absolutely unique. 

dalia and Boris near the stage when doors opened 

DISPARAGED    disparaged           Disparaged at Abart Zürich supporting Messiah and Hate Plow
The opener of the evening are the Swiss Disparaged who start with a distorted and slow-motion version of Louis Armstrong’s song “What A Wonderful World.” They also played on the last Metal Dayz where they had lots of spectators at the early time of 12 am. Today, the crowd doesn’t seem to be very motivated and so there isn’t a lot of movement during the songs. Disparaged have influences of many different kinds of Death Metal. Sometimes simple and straight blasting, one moment later great twin-lead-guitars, then very technical parts – indeed variable, and often, a fitting Intro starts the songs. Tom on vocals and guitar is a very huge and impressive person and a sovereign front man, and he shares the vocals – mostly growls, but also screams – with bassist Adrian. An interesting thing with drummer Heinz is first that he uses a drum with only one pedal and second that he holds his sticks like someone who plays the drum at the Basler Fasnacht, hehe. Suddenly, they play a fantastic, brutal riff, and from one moment to another, there are headbangers everywhere. That’s logical, because I never heard such a good version of “Hell Awaits”, besides of Slayer themselves of course. Now there’s some noise and loud applause after the songs, and Disparaged win more and more the favour of the crowd. The last song is the titletrack of the new album “Overlust”, and again it’s typical Disparaged. At the end of the 30-minute-gig, I have the certainty that I saw the best Swiss Death Metal-band of the moment.

Bloodstained Hands

The Art Of Deceit

Bored Beyond Belief

Conqueror Of The Apocalypse

Hell Awaits (Slayer-Cover)




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Krisiun have not started yet and already, there’s a lot noise when singer/ bassist Alex Camargo appears on stage. Hell yeah! Krisiun are one of the most brutal, most blasting and fastest Death Metal-bands so far. What a tempo! Max Kolesne beats like a fool the drums, but always punctual and exact.  Moyses Kolesne, the guitarist, plays the fastest and shrillest solos like it would be the easiest thing and lays a thunder soundwall. Thanks also to the soundman of the Z7, I really like it when the bass is easy to hear. One of the highlights of the set is “Murderer” from the new album “Works Of Carnage”. If you’re not banging to this song, you’re already dead! What a grenade!    

There is just one stupid feminine person, who always stretches the middle finger to the stage. Finally, Alex has enough, also shows the middle finger and says some unfriendly words in Brazilian to this pitiable lady. I don’t know, but if you don’t like Krisiun, then leave the hall and don’t get on everybody’s nerves. What a silly person! F**k ignorance!

Krisiun continue like nothing happened, and the cheering fans enjoy the gig. Max shows his ability in an unbelievable drum solo, where everybody is able to see, that’s he’s not only fast, but just a good and drummer. Krisiun play songs from every album, for example “Thorns of Heaven”, “Summons Of Irreligious” or “Vengeance’s Revelation”, and Alex seems to be very content with the crowd, animates the people to bang and shout and makes handshakes with the first row. The whole band appears as really Metal, Alex invites the people to enjoy the Morbid Angel, and because it’s not loud enough, he wants more: “Eh, I said Morbid Angel!” Great, and I’m not the only person who wants some extra songs. Yeah, super concert!!



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MORBID ANGEL                morbid angel   
And now it’s time for the kings, for Morbid Angel. A dark intro, some smoke… let’s go! I have only one word for the stage acting: Perfect! Steve Tucker on the four strings and vocal is already very impressive, but the best evil poser is the second guitar player, Tony Norman from Monstrosity, and it’s easy to see that he enjoys every second on stage. I don’t have to say much about Pete Sandoval: He’s one of the best technical drummers the Death Metal-world ever saw. He plays the most different parts (more technical than those of Krisiun, with a lot of breaks and tempo changing and often very confounded) loose and headbanging. Incredible! Trey Azagthoth himself is totally absorbed in his guitar playing. I don’t have words to describe what he’s able to do with the six strings, as best example in the 5-minute, but every second exciting and amazing solo. Morbid Angel also have a good lightshow with some great flashy parts, and finally, there’s the first moshpit of the evening. Morbid Angel play every classic, and the atmosphere gets better and better, the crowd louder and louder and more enthusiastic after every song. “Beneath The Hollow” is announced as a song about the truth and the lies, and I think everyone knows what’s meant with that.  During the gig, Moyses from Krisiun films Trey and is evidently very impressed, I don’t like the new album “Enshrined By Grace” too much, but live it’s as perfect as the other songs, most of all the titletrack. Again, you can easy listen to every instrument. “Enshrined By Grace” is the last track, but some minutes full of screaming and cheering fans later, Morbid Angel play their ultimate classic: “Chapel Of Ghouls”, with the unbelievable solo of Trey before the last chorus. The concert is over, but the fans celebrate Morbid Angel, and Trey comes to the photo ditch, and I can shake his hand and I also get a guitar plectrum from Trey himself! “Was it a good show?” he asks. No, it was much better than good, Trey. It was perfect! Morbid Angel rules!  

Boris Witta  



Day Of Suffering

Within Thy Enemy

Pain Divine

Beneath The Hollow

Curse The Flesh

Chamber Of Dis

Stricken Arise


Dawn Of The Angry

Bil Ur-Sag



Lord of All Fevers And Plague


God Of Emptiness

Enshrined By Grace

Chapel Of Ghouls

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