NO MERCY FESTIVAL 2002 - Z7 (Pratteln - CH)   03.04.2002                  

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REVIEW BY:  dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo 

I can say that the edition 2002 of the death-black metal No Mercy Festival, here in Pratteln at Z7, had 2 faces, if measured on the basis of the impact on the crowd. The first "face" lasted till Disbelief. All bands involved played good to say the truth but I had the impression that they were not very enthusiastic , maybe they felt themselves not so well supported by crowd . Their gigs were nothing exceptional, they were good, nothing more. Malevolent Creation presented themselves with their new singer and Disbelief offered a good repertoire of their best songs. I must say I like Disbelief's music but I imagined them to give more on the stage. I saw them for the first time live and frankly spoken I hoped to see from them a more brilliant show. Anyway there is not so much to reproached themselves, the proposed music was suitable for a No Mercy curse.
Ohh and now, like a miracle, the crowd began to be agitated. The festival entered its "second part". I hate enough seeing that previous band with a good potential are received like the "last" supporter. It seems that the crowd unties its enthusiasm only in proportion to the "magnitude" of the band name, and headliners are headliners . What a stupid nonsense. No surprise if then some bands play bored on the stage. On the other hand I have to say that the 3 headliners of the No Mercy really deserved all joy.
Vader have played with new bassist Simon. All of them,Peter, Mauser, Simon and Doc were perfect . The audience was simply enthusiast and I can surely say that Vader has been the more acclaimed band of the concert . After greetings and the announcement that Vader will come to play in Switzerland again (indeed see Vader tour under Events), at Peter's cry "Enjoy" the act began its gig really with no mercy way, with perfect style, not very mobile, but with a wonderful synchronized headbanging , mastering music ,vocals and behaviour on the stage. The audience got excited in a headbangy orgy, totally gone into raptures over Vader's music. People were shouting "God" "God" to Peter and the final hosanna "va-der!-va-der!-va-der!..." was to be expected.
Really wonderful Vader, I'm not so easy to get convinced but I found Vader absolutely ok and above all, perfect in performing their gig, like machines, they mastered the stage, one can see the big experience this act has. Nevertheless, "god" Peter was not haughty at all, showing good entertaining qualities. Other thing I liked very much: the god himself before beginning gig came on the stage to tune his guitar and to give to the technician indications for the sound volume, like the previous bands did. One can hardly count how many crowd-surfers went wild while Vader were playing. 
The evening went on with Hypocrisy. 

Clear, Hypocrisy are Hypocrisy and the crowd was thrilled, but singer  Peter Tägtgren and co. had to show all their aggressivity in order to warm up the atmosphere again. Success for Hypocrisy though in a lower tone in comparison to Vader. I personally like very much some songs of Hypocrisy and other absolutely not, anyway I noticed a big self-confidence and a very good mobility on the stage. Impressive and restless, they proposed many of their new songs, hard like the name of the festival is asking.

Ohh..and now! yes Immortal. 

Immortal were waited all evening long by the crowd in the same way Dimmu Borgir were waited during the Metal Odyssey 2001. They ispire almost "sacredness" more than an invitation to a headbanging agitation. Anyway the crowd reached again super levels of enthusiasm. What can I say? 

a) Music: wonderful , they played simply cool, in particular very good were the picking moments when guitar and bass played totally synchronized (during song Tyrants, for example) Particularly welcome were the  songs "Tyrants" indeed, "Sons of Northern Darkness" and "One by One", they were hard enough though, with a touch of melodic moments, well suited to the late hour.

 b) Show: very good, nothing was kitch, every detail good proposed. Attractive the show with the fire 

c) Behaviour: Abbath has his typical manners that can sound sometimes too pride and distant , but the attention for the crowd was not forgotten and, at the end of the show, Abbath went down from stage in order to shake hands of many,many people. Their way to dress and their face painting doesn't seem artificial at all, at the moment you really receive the impression you are in front of the messengers of a kind of supernatural beings. 

dalia di giacomo

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