Piteå dansar och ler festival



30-31  July 2004 -  Piteå  - SWEDEN



 review by Lisa "Blondie"  Hieta - Larsson

- all pics © by Lisa Hieta-Larsson

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CHILDREN OF BODOM    30.07.2004   

It’s Friday night and Children of Bodom are just about to enter the main stage at this festival in the north of Sweden. There’s a lot of expectaion in the air as the intro” They’re coming to take me away” is beeing played. At 01:00am sharp it all begins.

From the start it gets very clear that these guys won’t hold back any energy at all! The band is in perfect shape technically and it seems they really enjoy their time on the stage.

The only thing that irritates me a bit is the constant spitting of the singer Alexi Laiho. Besides that, one can’t complain about anything! 

Classic heavy metal posing and headbanging is beeing seen throughout the whole gig and the

sound from the stage hits you like a massive wall.


                   AAfter a while it gets a bit boring when Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman becomes involved in a guitar/keyboard solo that lasts for about 5 minutes. Because of this the whole show slows down and it gets difficult for them to keep up with the pace they had before. 

But with “Needled 24/7” from their new album “Hate crew death roll” they manage to raise the speed again and the big crowd goes wild jumping around and singing along.

Most of the tracks performed are from the recent album. 

Towards the end of the set Jaska Raatikainen shows his skills in a several minutes long drumsolo. It almost changes ones heartrythm with the heavy beating double bassdrums.

This solo flows over to the night’s best song- “Bodom Beach Terror”. And now it really shows that they are getting warm in their camo-pants!

As encore they play two more songs and then it’s over after 80 minutes of powerful heavy metal performed in a great way and what can I say more than: I’m impressed!      


IN FLAMES   31.07.2004

The poor soundquality makes it hard to even decide which one the first song is. But after only a few seconds the sound gets clearer and I can hear that they are opening up with “Pinball map”. Wow what a beginning!

Along with the 2nd track the pyro and flames start showing up and with “Episode 666” the crowd is going absolutely crazy!


Throughout the whole show singer Anders Fridén has a nice contact with the big enthusiastic  audience. This is the 3rd time I’m seeing them live and as always they are doing a great gig  with great professionality.

They never let you down with their big amount of killer songs, secure stage acting and cool pyrotechnics!


The number 1 performance of this evening comes with “Only for the Weak”. The guys are confident in waht they are doing and it sounds super! The song is accompanied with huge flames and a lot of bombs. The gunpowdersmoke lies thick in the air. 

They are doing very few songs from the new album which is a bit surprising. But of course they have a lot of great previous albums to choose from.

In flames are without doubt one of the best bands to see live, they do know how to rock!!


Along with the last tunes from “My sweet Shadow” it’s all over.. No encore, and with only 1 hour of show it leaves you a bit disappointed since it all ended so fast.

All I can say is that it was a short but very intense gig with a lot of positive energy from the guys in, as they say: “probably the best band in the world!”


Photo/review: Lisa “Blondie” Hieta-Larsson   


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