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Suborned (CH)


Red Rocks – Basel, Canton Basel-City, Switzerland – 23.03.2011


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Pessimist - "Call To War"


Live report and pictures  by Dominic Latscha 

 I was curious about the impact of this powerful sound.

Here we go again! It’s been a while since a metal or rock band played a show at the Red Rocks in Basel. That’s why I was so happy when I received news from event manager Pascal Schelker about concerts at the Red Rocks. He hired the Swiss Thrash Metal Band Suborned and the German Thrash Metal Band Pessimist for a show.

There are rarely Thrash Metal shows on a Wednesday evening in Basel. Therefore, I wanted to get an impression of this music in that location. Furthermore, I was curious about the impact of this powerful sound on the people.

I arrived on 7.30 PM  and I used the time for Smalltalk with a couple of Metal heads. One had to pay five Swiss Francs and that’s a bargain for such shows in this area. Next to this Suborned singer Lucie Werlen said hello with a big smile in her face and I felt welcome. A couple of minute’s later, Pessimist singer Michael Schweitzer stepped out of the backstage area and welcomed every single metal head with handshakes and a big smile.

Suborned got the opening slot and entered the Red Rocks stage on 9.25 PM. About 30 head bangers were in front of the stage, but Lucie was not awed by them and did her best. She rocked the venue with deep Death Metal growls and harsh Black Metal screams and the guitar players banged their heads. The sound was good, but the crowd behaved cool and unsociable. That changed when the Exodus cover “War Is My Shepherd” got played. The crowd started to sing, head bang and drunk a lot of beer and liquor. Pessimist singer Michael Schweitzer entered the stage for the upcoming ballad “Danger Zone” and supported Lucie with background vocals. After this song, Lucie announced the first Suborned own production will be sold soon. “Kill With Anger” finished their set after 45 minutes. It was their first show in the area of Basel and Suborned showed a good performance. But the sound quality was not great and this problem was responsible why the guitars and the drums did not sound nice. It was a little bit too artifical. Otherwise they would have been much better.

Setliste Suborned

Your Catacomb




You – Down

Hazardous Substance

War Is My Shepherd

Danger Zone

Kill With Anger




The German Thrash Metal Headliner Pessimist from Weil am Rhein entered the stage after a short break and opened their show with the kick ass track “Trommelfeuer”. The sound mix was much better compared to the previous performance of Suborned. Pessimist started to kick ass and got this party started. But many metal heads stood outside and smoked, because it is strictly prohibited to smoke inside. Whatever, a bunch of Metal Maniacs stayed inside and had a lot of fun. Singer Michael Schweitzer used his entertainment skills for the mood and the crowd thanked him with ovation. After that about five metal heads moshed around. Pessimist wanted to leave the stage after the last song “It’s Time To Fuck With Hate”.

Although, some head bangers wanted hear more songs and asked for an encore. Michael Schweitzer heard their needs and a cover of the Dimple Minds track “Durstige Männer” followed.

Setlist Pessimist


Infernal Death

Son of Satan

Call to War


Another Day in Mania

Don’t Care

It’s time to fuck with hate

Durstige Männer

Massacre of Nanking


Well, the head bangers were happy, but they still had not enough and asked for further encores. Now, Michael Schweitzer and the band discussed about it and played “Massacre Of Nanking”. The metal maniacs in front of the stage went totally nuts and banged their heads like never before.

It was the last song and Pessimist showed a very strong performance. A good metal evening ended and even when some problems occurred, it was a gain for the Red Rocks.

I want thank Suborned, Pessimist, Pascal Schelker and the Red Rocks venue for this evening!



written  by Dominic Latscha  

Dominic Latscha is reviewer for since 2010

He is based in Switzerland.

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