Chäslager  in Stans (Switzerland) - 29.05.2002  





Doors open at 21:00 at Chäslager in Stans for an event that is very important for Vain : they will "baptize" their first CD "Tired Of Being A Slave"  and, though it could seem an extremely minor thing in the metal scene, believe me dear readers and metalheads,  it's very touching and exciting to live such an experience, cause me thinks that the enthusiasm of a band during these moments is absolutely priceless and every big band too has begun with such a similar little but great step. Really soon Stefan , with his omnipresent camera, and me can have an idea of the joy of the moment, and have the possibility to find again dear friends among a lot of good mooded persons that are crowding the venue. The audience is mainly young and received warmly, very  interested in seeing Profound and Vain play live , firmly intentioned to have a really good time and they will  be not disappointed !

Finally Profound are on the stage, tuning guitar and bass, making  sound -and keyboard check. Very good sign, above all for me, cause the joy for seeing Profound play is , for me personally,  to compare only to the joy  that I'm feeling when I see Paradise Lost live or some other great band I extremely like . Yes, so much I like Profound and appreciate them, but, if I have to notice how they are so well  welcome by all audiences I've experienced during their last gigs I can  surely say I'm not the only one that is appreciating them so much   ;)... (and this goes straight to Profound themselves: try not to become too well-known in future cause I'm really jealous!! hehehehehe!!!) 


And the gig begins in an energetic and convinced way: I'm already used to great Profound gigs but one understands at once that this evening they are intentioned to offer their best. Giusi is singing practically perfectly with high concentration and  a voice that, I have to admit, is improving and becoming more mature every time . Also his way to present himself on the stage is becoming more and more self-assured  and agreeable, showing  good  entertainment capacities . Mesna always mastering his keyboards. Guitarist QD has improved himself so much  in his way of playing and to propose himself to audience that I remain without words. The audience follows Profound's music and many begin to bang their heads , some other begin moshing. Bassist Lennon show as usual very good self-confidence with bass, playing it rather high tuned. Spiga always great and energetic at drums. With full power Profound  present an optimal setlist, opening with Secrets (and not with Synthanism), followed by the fast and heavy Triple Six. And finally as third track the more than beautiful Red Raisins For My Wounds, which simply mesmerizes the audience. Damn, such a wonderful song is not yet recorded and I really don't know HOW TO GET IT!!!!! From the moment you have , besides the cool Tragedy songs, also new stuff that is kicking ass, I mean, your next CD should be released soon, shouldn't it?  Red Raisins For my Wounds! Red Raisins For My Wounds! Red Raisins For My Wounds! Red Raisins For My Wounds! Red Raisins For My Wounds! Red Raisins For My Wounds!   Like every beautiful thing also Red Raisins For My Wounds fades away followed by the interesting Be The One I Love, then comes Sugar Morality, finally the beautiful Tragedy (title track of their last CD) , then Day Of Wrath and Sleeping Hollow.  

Profound had the honor to open at Abart Club in Zürich the party of the New Swiss Waves CD release and they gave a top performance. I remember well. It's beautiful to see their engagement also for  friend- acts like Vain : what a cool gig and how many times frontman Giusi has invited the audience to applaud for Vain! This is still enthusiasm for playing together , enthusiasm for music and friendship. Simply great!


"Tired Of Being A Slave"  review                 vain


After a short break, here they are: the happy and proud Vain! acclaimed by the crowd, Roger , André and Roland don't hide a  "veil" of emotion. But their determination to give first of all a good and technically valuable gig is already a sign for  professionalism. Roger Imboden, vocalist , composer (though many songs are composed by all members), guitarist and writer of the lyrics seems to be a very sensitive but at the same time strong person, who is internalizing very  much his inspirations, a certain kind of rather intellectual and  more positive Kurt Cobain . I wish to him and his band really all success possible. They open with Tuesday , that's to say with a rather energetic and versatile song, followed by Fake, a song not included in the celebrated mini CD, which is showing interesting tempo changes and  grunge influences. Then comes Freedom which the audience appreciates very much. 


For 24 Hours comes on the stage the beautiful Sylvie, warmly welcomed by the crowd, and her cello. A  little technical problem makes the performance stop for some minutes, but fortunately the solution  comes quickly and once the cello has get "its voice", Sylvie can play and 24 Hours begins, with all its sadness and intensity. For "Protest"  the bassist uses a pick and opens the song giving power and support to Roger's voice till drums burst, letting start a fast tempo. The setlist goes on with Close  : a beautiful intense song, rather fast , but with tempo changings and hard passages.
Now the so much waited moment : the "baptism" of "Tired Of Being A Slave" with sparkling wine and beer. Damn cool! I can imagine the satisfaction of Vain, it must be a moment that they will never forget all life long and the ground stone of their musical career!

After the celebration , again music live with the cool "Alkaline", so that heavier sound  reigns on the stage, total power and resolute vocals.  It follows Relish, with great drums and bass loops, a song that maybe Nirvana themselves would have liked  very much. Cello comes back for "Bastard" and the atmosphere turns into a more severe one. But with the last song "Green Day" that shows british pop notes à la Oasis and the usual grunge influence, the gig ends with a rhytmic, lively and catchy song which arouses consents and consents.

A particular mention for Vain drummer : he has powered all time the band with inhexhaustible energy and precision, congratulations!


Gig is ended and the party begins , it will last till rather late at night. The memory of this little but enthusiastic step , on the contrary, will last longer ....


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