Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)

Invisible Empire

The Amp Hymn

The Passion Of Lucifer

Got Milf?

Human Garbage


No Guts, No Glory

Same Shift - Different Asshole

Fear The Grand Inquisitor




El Cochino (Martin Shirenc) - vocals guitar

Mr. Stench (Alex Wank) - drums

Fabio Testi - bass

PUNGENT STENCH: "Ampeauty"         pungent stench               Nuclear Blast

review by Artur Felicijan____   

Old - school Death Metal and a treasure of abominable poetry

Perverse sexual content never sounded so good and so goddamn fun as it did by listening to Pungent Stench. If you thought that Viennese psychos were drained of death metal and juicy lyrics with 2001 output "Masters of Moral - Servants of Sin", you were damn wrong! With their latest album, entitled "Ampeauty", Pungent Stench return with 10 pieces of old-school death metal anthems and a treasure of abominable poetry.

The whole album sounds early 90's death metal, with a sick touch of rock n' roll grooves. All songs are driven by constant metal grinding, with occasional electronic parts that do not force any kind of modern musical decoration. Composition and hard rock spirit is very obvious, which makes whole album listenable and great to get drunk by. Don't get me wrong, but this is actually the most sociable interpretation I can imagine, while listening these rather bizarre Austrian perverts.

Talking about bizarre - that is by far most politically correct statement I can give you about the Stench company. To be honest with you, I don't know if I am already too old, but I find these guys inhumanly perverse, disgusting, intolerant and most certainly - IMMORAL! I take many things (considering art) for granted. I really don't mind lyrical hatred, don't care about blasphemy, shit eating or any kind of similar pleasurable actions that certain people love practicing. But this whole "Amp" stuff... this is clearly too much! I don't and can not accept this as humourous and so shouldn't any other sane person, for it is highly offensive, careless, and in their case - CHILDISH! Either they need to reconsider some parts of their image or get some help, because this simply isn't healty.

At any rate, Pungent Stench stood with this image since 1988, and in 2004 they made it clear they're not going to change it - Thumbs up for that. 

"Ampeauty" is (lyrics aside) a "cool" death metal album of the Old-school, worth noticing, as it sounds fresh today. With all these high-end production "Nu" bands and cheesy black metal phenomena, Pungent Stench made their impression with musical simplicity, aggressive performance, and die-hard attitude. To express myself in a Stench way - BUY or DIE!

Favourite track: Invisible Empire

rating: 7/10

Artur Felicijan    
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