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Devin Townsend - vocals / guitars
Jed Simon - guitars
Byron Stroud - bass
Gene Hoglan – drums

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD: "Alien"     strapping young lad       


release date 21.03.05 - check out  http://www.centurymedia.de/syl/  to view the Making Of “Alien” online

cover by Par Johansson

The new Black
Interview with Gene Hoglan

preview - review by Artur Felicijan____   

Insane, wild and glorious

album. A sublime musical annihilation

Mightier than ever before, the Strapping return with their brand new full-length album "ALIEN", their 4th and most malevolent output to date!

I thought there was no way of creating more insanely wild, atmospheric and glorious album than it was their second release "City", which by the opinion of many broke the boundaries of extreme metal. Whether you're into Death or Black metal, I can tell you, nothing comes close to Strapping Young Lad when measuring musical brutality and beauty at the same time. What also needs to be mentioned is that this band was always about being pissed off in the most extreme way possible. The lyrics and the main concept were mostly about hatred and furious call for personal retribution, while the music behind the raging metal aggression always remained profound and sensitive. Simply glorious in most sophisticated way.


Again, there's an opening song on the album and it's called "Imperial", which in my opinion is the best characterization for this whole album. Total anger and mightiness combined, making each track a sublime musical annihilation inflicted upon the listener. "Alien" is an album with so much to offer, it is modern, heavy, brutal, mighty or any other great and glorious impression that comes to your mind. The only thing that can compare to this in it's fullness is... The previous releases of Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsend, but nothing comes close. Okay, "City" was huge and groundbreaking, and other Devin's creations were also phenomenal, but this is all that mixed together and more.

Their 3rd album "SYL" was a really good album, but I think, when compared to "City" it was just too concentrated and a bit held back. Now, "Alien" is totally unleashed of any boundaries and you can easily hear and feel that while listening as it all sounds like a musical cataclysm and this is the Metal Armageddon!!! This music was made for gods!

The vocals are Devin's best so far, really mature sounding, everything was screamed and sung on purpose, with perfect tonality. The clear vocal melodies make a strong impact on this album, and have really become Devin's trademark. The production and sound is top-notch, clear but still full of atmosphere and very open. Gene's drumming is mighty as always, and the guitars sound better than ever.

There's an acoustic song, called "Two Weeks", and it is not only a good song, but is also quite necessary. With 10 so intense and heavy tracks, this one comes at the right time and it doesn't sound cheesy or something like that at all. It is just a part of the whole atmosphere on the album, it's a world standing still for those three and half minutes.


This is without a doubt my personal No.1 album for 2005 already. It's such a good feeling, when one of your favorite bands put out a new album and it's better than anything they've made before, this happens rarely.

All of you extreme metal fans who enjoy superb fast metal music with great sound and production, you must get this album for your collection or you're all just a bunch of pussies!

This one is a must, and this time I really mean it!!!

Favourite song: ALL!

rating:   11/10

Artur Felicijan    
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