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 review  by Gino Chiarizia 

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I reached Rome at about 18:00, and I move towards the Alpheus to attend to what will be a great concert! With me Marco, lead vocalist and guitarist of the very good band Klimt 1918, that shuttled me around Roma and offered me a place to sleep as well after the concert.

We get to the place too soon, and manage to see the Flowing Tears in sound-check. So meanwhile we go for a walk (even before there was no one yet), we had a small pizza for dinner, and a good chat, then back to the Alpheus we see that at last some people was gathering there.



FLOWING TEARS            flowing tears                   

We’re in, few minutes of wait and the lights fade out to gather the audience around the stage.

Off we go with Flowing Tears. A sound strike efficacious indeed! First time that the acoustic in the Alpheus is appropriate to the bands in concert! This is because quite often the sound quality in this place has not been at level for bands such as Katatonia (which I saw in the Viva Emptiness tour). Therefore my compliments must go to the sound engineers and to the organization.

But let’s go back to the show, the opener is the title-track of their last full-length Razorbliss that immediately makes clear the gothic metal intentions of the band, sometimes catchy, sometimes with more driving vocal tracks, remarking the excellent dynamics of the drummer, wisely stomping his drum kit.

We follow through with “Serpentine”, the title track of the previous album, that better underlines the modern gothic veins with interesting and pleasant riffs – even though, alas, a bit foreseen. The beautiful singer  invites the timid audience to show their best in the name of heavy metal, thereby summoning a girl from the audience and dancing in duet with her on the stage.

What follows are tracks from the latest work. Easily flow “Unspoken”, ”Believe”, ”Pitchblack Water”, ”Undying”, the slow ”Starfish Ride”, pulsating ”Merlin” and the final “Virago”, while a desperate and angry fan was showing them a copy of their CD Jade from which no song has found place in the small setlist of the Flowing Tears. All in all a very good concert, very well performed with an excellent scenic presence and but one flaw in the songs sometimes too repetitive or foreseen that will emerge only with much difficulty from the chaotic waters of the bands trapped in the gothic metal clichés.







Pitchblack Water


Starfish Ride





SAMAEL     samael        


And we cannot talk about any cliché with the Swiss Samael that managed to remain an extreme band even adding electric – yet very powerful – sounds! First thing to remark is the unusual and essential drumkit of Xy made of some drums, a couple of cymbals and a lot of electronic systems that will be the engine of the show. Moreover, two projectors have been set up that, according to each song, visualized on the backstage some images mixed with live moments thanks to a web-cam placed on Xy’s station.

A brief intro, and the the band’s on stage, starting powerfully with “Rain” that, to be honest, I did not immediately recognized due to the massive samplings that almost made it disappear. The audience seems already involved – and now it’s larger as well. The charge of our musicians follows on, fishing from Passage the splendid “Shining Kingdom” that heralds the introduction of the new songs from Reign Of Light. Therefore flow strong and powerful “Inc’Allah”, “On Earth”, the title-track, the single “Telepath”, and “High Above”, with the intermission of “Jupiterian Vibe”, “Nautilus & Zeppelin”, “Year Zero”, “Black Trip” e “Baphomet’s Throne”, summoning back the passages of Ceremony Of Opposites, Passage ed Eternal, ending the show with the dramatic “Infragalaxia” and “The Ones Who Came Before” greeting and thanking the audience for the excellent welcome! The audience, in full delirium, scream for Samael asking to go on with the show! And here’s the encore!

Here they go again as the driving “Moongate” marches on calling up a headbanging from the whole audience! The sound assault has no comparison! The violence of the samples mixed up with the cutting guitar sounds make the whole show simply irresistible. So the show ends with “The Cross” and the concluding “My Saviour” screamed by the charismatic Vorph still energetic and wanting to play music... that Samael music!

The show astonished me and overcharged my ears. But it has been worthwhile to see such a sonic bomb. Great Samael! A special thank to Marco from Marshall for the technical support, to Kick Promotion for this exceptional organization and for having allowed GM to be here, to the sound engineers that worked exceptionally, to Dalia for the trust and finally to Marco from Klimt 1918 with whom I have had the pleasure to see some news about his band and his new album ... but that’s another story...





Shining Kingdom

Inc’ Allah

On Earth

Jupiterian Vibe

Reign Of Light


Nautilus & Zeppelin

Black Trip

Baphometh’s Throne

Year Zero

High Above


The Ones Who Came Before



The Cross 

My Saviour

Gino Chiarizia

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