Wiz X-mas Metal Fest


Venue:Ydrogeios Club
Date:December 6th 2003

live report by  Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos  
Three years have passed from Saxon's last live persormance in Greece and the memories are still fresh in our minds from that night.Now with 1 more studio album in their rich discography and some more years on their age i wanted to see if they could still play so great.The concert had the name Wiz X-mas Metal Fest and before Saxon we had the chance to see 3 more bands.Many fans were present to this event and the doors opened at 5pm.


DIONYSOS -First band to appear on stage were Dionysus but unfortunately i didn't manage to see them because i was still outside the venue but from what i could hear from there they played typical power metal and they reminded me a lot of Stratovarius.

CIRCLE II CIRCLE - After a short set,Dionysus left the stage for Circle 2 Circle,Zack Steven's band from Savatage.Most of you are probably aware of their songs but i had the chance to hear them for the first time in this concert.Very good stage presence,profesional musicians and songs that didn't get me tired.The vocals were on very good standards and of course we heard some savatage tunes one of them being Edge Of Thorns.Very good versions of these cool songs and they finished their set with a song off their first album which didn't make an impression on me.

DORO - Then there was a short break for the stage to get ready for the next band,Doro.I was never a fan of them and Warlock were never my styl(Doro used to sing in Warlock) but i wanted to see the metal quee!
n live anyway.She was in a great mood and gave us a very good show.We heard songs such as Burning The Witches,Metal Racer and the classic All We Are.Excellent stage presence of Doro,she could make the crown go wild so easy and the musicians that accompanied her were also very good,the bassist was half Greek as she told us.


SAXON - The time we were all been waiting for had arrived.The legendary Saxon in front of us opening their set with the amazing Heavy Metal Thunder and in the crowd hell was created!Without much delay the next song was another all time classic,Princess Of The Night.Hell once again!Next song...Stallions Of The Highway!At this point i was living a dream and i don't remember much except the 5 crazy members of the band going wild on stage and playing a seminar show which teaches everyone how real heavy metal is played.Biff is the ultimate singer,his voice hasn't lost anything from the years passed,on the contrary his voice is more worked and stable.The young bass player was running all over the stage was the most energetic guy from all.Randow behind his drum kit was unbelievable and for those who don't know him very well i must tell you that he played drums in many albums of the ultimate gods of prog rock ELOY.He did a very cool drum solo so the rest of the band could have some breaths!
which they deserved.That magical night we heard the following songs in random order written here : And The Bands Played On,Power And The Glory,Court Of The Crimson King,Broken Heroes,Wheels Of Steel,Dallas 1PM and they finished the first part of their set with Crusader.When they got back they did Motorcycle Man and The Eagle Has Landed.The club had to be delivered back to its owner until 10:30 because after the concert there was a night of traditional music or something like that but Saxon just couldn't stop!They continued to play until they reached 2 and a half hours of playing!Yes you heard it right...2 and a half hours of pure heavy metal by a band who's been on the road for more than 20 years.During the 2-3 more encores they did we heard 747 (Strangers In The Night), Ride Like The Wind, Denim And Leather and although we thought that we reached the end,Saxon played 20,000 Feet and Solid Ball Of Rock as well to give and end to this show.
Truly unbelievable concert,Saxon are still able to deliver killer shows and their set list was so well prepaired.It contained songs that satisfied every fan of them.I am sure i forgot to mention some more songs that were played that night but at least i wrote the most important moments of the gig.Saxon are GODS!!

Dimitris  Theodoropoulos

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