Ydrogeios Club,Thessaloniki,Greece

February 28 2004


live review by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos



            Bands such as Sodom and Entombed no matter how many times they visit your city for a concert you never get bored of seeing them live. This time I wasn’t going to miss Sodom again, not this time that they were filming the show for their upcoming dvd. Unfortunately the local support band was cancelled once again, a very good band from Thessaloniki called Koronzon. The reason that Koronzon didn’t play was because Sodom wanted much time to prepare the place for the filming of their dvd and they couldn’t give just 30 minutes at least for the guys to present us songs from their latest very good release.

            I was very glad to have the chance to see Entombed for the third time. Their previous two concerts in Thessaloniki and Athens in October 2002 were brilliant. With a new bass player (Jorgen Sandstorm left for personal reasons from the band not long ago) and a new studio album in their discography, Entombed offered us dirty death metal filled with rock ‘n’ roll parts for about 50 minutes. We heard songs off their latest release, Inferno, which were very good live, an album that is a bit underestimated by the fans of the band. Of course songs such as Chief Rebel Angel, Flexing Muscle, Eye For An Eye, Hollowman, Revel In Flesh and Left Hand Path couldn’t be absent from the show. Entombed rocked the place once again and I really look forward to seeing them again live soon, these guys are outstanding!

            And the time has come for the headliners Sodom from which everyone has high expectations that night because since they want to film the show for their dvd they are surely well prepared and with a decent setlist as well. The guys hit the stage very powerful and the setlist proved to be very good with only one complaint from my side, the lack of songs from the band's previous album, Code Red. Early on the list were the hits Agent Orange and Sodomized causing a tremendous moshing. They continued with The Saw Is The Law and Blasphemer and the crowd goes even more wild. A song from their latest album M16, Napalm In The Morning is next and then the band continues with older tunes such as Witching Metal and Remember The Fallen which are among the best moments of the concert. Ausgebombt is surely one of the best Sodom songs and of course they performed it and as if all these great songs weren’t enough to get us excited they threw in the setlist a cover versions of Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades, a pretty good cover I must admit. Motörhead have surely influenced Sodom in a huge way. Everything was great but something just didn’t let me enjoy the gig to the maximum. There were many cameramen on stage and the band gave the impression that the  all their moves were rehearsed and predefined. I also think that they could have played more time,three or four more songs wouldn’t be so hard for them.

            To conclude, I think that Entombed were the ones that impressed me more without saying that Sodom were bad. On the contrary, Sodom were very good but they could have been better. I am sure they could. Entombed proved once again what a huge band they are.


Dimitris Theodoropoulos


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