10th July 2004 -  Centrale del Tennis - Foro Italico  - ROME - I



 review by Sara "Shadow Lady"  De Vita and Gino Chiarizia

- all pics © by Gino Chiarizia

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A report in a different guise to tell you all of a very special day in which emotions and fun dominated. Me and Gino (Spellcraft), will tell you of this marvelous musical adventure.












SARA - … late afternoon… hot climate that you only find in the deserts and big cities!!!

People… a lot of people, ready to restage again, after about one year, the beginning experience of this one that is becoming one of the most important summer metal festivals in Italy: the Summer Day In Hell.

From Bologna, where the 2003 edition took place, the location has been moved to Roma, in the heart of the capital: the Foro Italico; a place that has already seen important names in the music, both metal and non-metal: Anthrax, Dream Theatre, Audioslave, Yes, and many others.




SARA - After the usual procedures in order to get the pass, here we go simultaneously with VISION DIVINE, a band born from two of the most important power metal Italian bands: Rhapsody and Labyrinth.

The exhibition lasted only 20 minutes, yet they were intense and rich in pathos, even thanks to the great exaltation of the audience that followed the show with involvement.

The band proposed some songs that illustrate their productive story: from “New Eden”, taken from their very first album, to “La Vita Fugge” and “Colours Of My World”. The audience got hot almost to the boiling point, thanks to this band that, slowly yet with determination, is dismissing the parents’ dresses, to wear a more personal armour, that will lead them to a new adventure… the armour of Vision Divine.

vision divine 1_m.jpg (106965 Byte)  vision divine 2_m.jpg (97695 Byte)  vision divine 4_m.jpg (107510 Byte)


GINO - Around 18:00 TIAMAT come on stage but have to wait… Petersson’s ampli wasn’t in the right mood to play! And yet we go with “Whatever That Hurts” from Wildhoney with an Edlund already sweating because of his latex black dress with coif, really opinable. The songs are played in a perfect way but unfortunately this is not the best stage for Tiamat, given that the time, the sun, the hot weather and those few idiots throwing bottles from the audience, cannot support those cold and gothic atmospheres of their songs. Pleasantly, however, flow “Brighter Than The Sun”, the b-side “Children Of The Underworld”, “I Am In Love With Myself”, “Cain”, “Wings of Heaven” and “In A Dream” the only episode taken from Clouds. The performance is almost over, clearly demonstrated by the bass player Anders Iwers that closes in to the tracklist of Edlund and points out with a foot the last song to play, possibly excluding yet another one. And here it comes the finishing “Gaia” with a very poetic and melancholic ending.

All in all the audience reacted very favorably (excluding the poor idiots previously mentioned), of course without heavy pogo since Tiamat songs are not certainly noted for their auditory violence.

However the band smiled and entertained the audience making a toast with beer cans and related “Cheers!!!”. I’m sorry not to have yet seen a full show of theirs since playing in a fest limits you to only 30-40 minutes of repertoire, and you can’t help but leave someone wanting. I hope to see them soon, in the night and as headliners.
I could be wrong, but behind the keyboards I saw Martin Brandstrom from Dark Tranquillity as session-man.
tiamat 1_m.jpg (69422 Byte)  tiamat 2_m.jpg (98995 Byte)  tiamat 3_m.jpg (100392 Byte)  tiamat 4_m.jpg (73284 Byte)  tiamat 6_m.jpg (62558 Byte)

tiamat 7_m.jpg (66627 Byte)  tiamat 8_m.jpg (77458 Byte)  tiamat 9_m.jpg (73717 Byte)  tiamat backstage_m.jpg (63912 Byte)  tiamat backstage1_m.jpg (63723 Byte)

DEATH ANGEL             


SARA …and then… it’s DEATH ANGEL time! Maybe the most awaited performance of the day, even more than Helloween.

It has been a true delirium in the audience: an inhuman pogo, for a very acclaimed band that marked important moments in the thrash of the 80s.

The Philippine-American band has great charisma, shown with professionalism and excellent mastery during an involving and exciting show. Forty minutes of aggressiveness, in which Mark Osegueda has shown that experience is basilar for those who proclaim themselves prophets of music.


death angel 1_m.jpg (59257 Byte)  death angel 5_m.jpg (54852 Byte)  death angel 6_m.jpg (81090 Byte)  death angel 7_m.jpg (79664 Byte)  death angel_m.jpg (65100 Byte)

andrea,fede e chitarrista death angel_m.jpg (56593 Byte)

FEAR FACTORY             


GINO - The adrenalinic atmosphere unchained by Death Angel follows on as the mythical symbol of FEAR FACTORY is risen with camouflage patterns – and soon it is ovation.

A short intro (maybe taken by the Depeche Mode) and you have the violent “Slave Labor” to overtake unchaining the audience singing on the top of their voices the refrain together with Burton in splendid shape and yet sometimes under his standards in clean vocals. In succession the various “Shock”, “Demanufacture”, “Edgecrusher” with a particularly involved audience, “Self Bias Resistor” unexpected and bloody heavy, “Archetype”solemn and dark, “Martyr” which is the only from the first full lenght Soul Of A New Machine, played more slowly than usual – yet heavy as a boulder!

The band shows to be fully in the groove and compact, Herrera dominates masterly his drums showing his impressive technique, visibly motivated Christian Olde Wolbers perfectly covering the guitar man role and not allowing regrets for the otherwise missing Dino Cazares.

As usual the ending is made with “Replica” drawing and evocative closing a show played with determination and energy with dark and futuristic tones.

Well done!

fear factory 1_m.jpg (91832 Byte)  fear factory 3_m.jpg (95769 Byte)  fear factory 4_m.jpg (89625 Byte)  fear factory 5_m.jpg (42480 Byte)  fear factory 6_m.jpg (56956 Byte)  fear factory 7_m.jpg (48225 Byte)


SARA - Yet another quick change of stage (my compliments to the sound engineers) and here you have the CHILDREN OF BODOM … another ovation by the audience!!!

Back in Rome after a long absence (their last live in the Eternal City was during the Hatebreeder tour with In Flames and Dark Tranquillity), they drew the audience with their Nordic sound and a scenic presence without equals!!!

Most of the show was about their latest release: Hate Crew Deathrade, keeping out songs as “Something Wild” and historical tracks such as “Bed Of Razors” and “Warheart”.

So, off you go with “Needled 24\7”, “Hate Crew”, “Deathroll”, “Six Pounder” and the nostalgic “Angels Don’t Kill”.

The show raises to aulic levels with “Bodom After Midnight”, “Silent Night Bodom Night”, “Towards Dead End” and the very fast “Down Fall”. The exalted reply of the audience let understand how much Metallers are more tied to old hits of the band more than to the recent works.

Too short a performance for a band that deserved more attention!!!

cob 10_m.jpg (47463 Byte)  cob 12_m.jpg (40409 Byte)  

SARA - But enough of punctualizations and… here they come, the mythical HELLOWEEN.

The moment so long waited has arrived!

Lights down, it’s 10:00 P.M., on the stage, together with the normal technical dispositions, you see some poles with light beacons on the top and panels covered with black drapes… CURIOSITY: what are they hiding?

… the mystery soon unravels: here on the stage you have the legendary Helloween. Drapes fall and you have a funny scene in full Helloween-style: wicked pumpkins with evil grin!

Even though their last album is from a bit less than a year ago, the band prefers to offer a tracklist based on old hits, such as “Keeper Of Seven Keys” (almost 15 minutes… basically a quarter of their whole show) and “How Many Tears”.

We miss the mythical “I Want Out”, but worthy substitute is “Eagle Fly Free”, from Keeper Of The Seven Key Part II, “Future World” e “Power”.

Made clear the intentions to leave out most of the more recent works, only “Open Your Life” and “Sun Of The World” from their latest Rabbit Don’t Come Easy are played, then “Forever And One (Neverland)” and “Power” from The Time Of The Oath and “If I Could Fly” from The Dark Ride, while Better Than Raw has been completely missed.

GINO - To be marked the very funny intermission for the audience in the middle of “Power”. Deris starts a disquisition about his favourite side. He says that in every Helloween concert the right audience is always the best to sing, clearly marking out <<no politics!!>>.

And then he calls for a challenge between the two sides of the audience with the choirs of “Power” that meanwhile the band still plays in the background. Now happy and satisfied that the right side is again the best he unveils the real reason of this preference, that is relative to some… physiological reasons (!!!)

In the end it is clear the experience of a band such as Helloween – how they keep the stage, interact with the audience and grant an excellent shape even after those many years. Bloody well right!

helloween 12_m.jpg (38123 Byte)  helloween 13_m.jpg (56523 Byte)  helloween 16_m.jpg (39541 Byte)  helloween 3_m.jpg (45356 Byte)  helloween 4_m.jpg (38216 Byte)

helloween 5_m.jpg (73125 Byte)  helloween 6_m.jpg (59880 Byte) 



andrea e federica_m.jpg (68708 Byte)  gino,sara,andrea_m.jpg (74806 Byte)  gino 'n andrea_m.jpg (48244 Byte)  michele,adriano e federica_m.jpg (88652 Byte)



It has been an unforgettable day, even thanks to the never missing Silvia (Nagyrev) and Cristiano (3rd), the exploding fun of Michele (Spellcraft) and Adriano.

We feel thanks also to Andrea and Federica for technical support and sincere and loving friendship…and for the car passage as well.

From Sara a particular THANK YOU to Gino (Spellcraft) that shown great professionality, excellently substituting a very good and precious friend of ours, and very active collaborator of Gryphonmetal as well, Marco “Norman Knight” Signore, unfortunately not at the concert. “Marco We Love You”

Sara De Vita - Gino Chiarizia



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