1.   Aardvarks - Conglomerate
2.   Eternal Pain - Wrath Of Raging Times
3.   Final Cry - Raise Of Cain
4.   Garmenhord - Al Onder Den Beenvenden Haeslaere
5.   Hatred - Fractured By Fear
6.   Memorial Park - Selfcaged
7.   Ophis - Pazuzu
8.   Sanity - Das Beil
9.   Sengaya - Behind The Myths
10. Slaine - Doodwegen
11. Steelpreacher - Route 666
12. Tremors - Killing Aggression
13. Unlight - The Nordic Stormbringer
14. Warmachine - Eye For An Eye
the previous volumes of the collection


THE REAPER COMES II - Saltatio Mortem

the tour 2003 - THE REAPER COMES TO YOUR TOWN - gig in Balingen


VARIOUS ARTISTS: "The Reaper comes III"        the reaper comes    organized by  Markus Wedig


review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____     



attention!!  the underground bands who would like  to take part in the compilation The Reaper Comes IV find all the indications in the official page and they  must not have a deal
Do you remember that winged Reaper  that ,under a giant full moon, and among bare trees was busy with a beautiful female creature and even busier to present us  14 different bands among the most valuable of the German -Swiss -Austrian  underground? Now our "nice" Reaper , drawn by the American  Jason Engle (www.jaestudio.com) strikes back again  from a  metropolis set on fire , ambassador of a wider underground scene. The compilation The Reaper Comes is arrived indeed at its third volume and is on the way to become a cult . After having payed attention to a lot of  details,  the third volume "comes" to us with an excellent and professional booklet and with  14 tracks again, tracks that ooze with  Metal and Hard Rock out from every pore. The  Reaper has reached such a high niveau of quality and maturity, extending its range of action, from now on,  not only to underground bands of the German -speaking area but also to bands coming from Europe and other continents too. Already  in this third volume we have a band from Belgium and one from Canada, and i bet that the great international explosion will burst out with the fourth volume that is already planned for the next year. German passion and good production with a burst  and a hug without frontiers. And after  having impacted so well with the "wrapping", (i would underline again that the booklet is really nice and explanatory, every page is dedicated to a band with  comments , infos, , band picture/logo ,  CD cover,  website and address in an atmospheric and glossy black and white) let's speak about the most important point: the musical content.
We find 14 new tracks whose musical genre span from Death- Thrash and Black  to Hard Rock  without forgetting a touch of Progressive and Power. Me? More than happy for the considerable presence of Doomy Death, i only hope that in the next volume a bit of  praiseworthy Gothic Metal will be included too.  But anyway practically all the tracks are very good (many even brilliant) and i had to skip nothing , but really nothing and not only because of the review.  I have enjoyed  almost all  songs proposed. The tracks are chosen with good taste and with the ability of a deep Metal conneisseur like Markus Wedig is, and agreeably alternated  in genre and tempo. Another important point, there is an effort in my opinion to choose the bands and the tracks that could propose something new, or on the contrary, tracks that are very good in being good with  classic schemes. Nowadays, where everything seems already invented and re-invented, it is not easy to emerge with something revolutionary, nevertheless our underground bands don't give up and try hard to mix  and melt at the search of a new alchemy.  Slaine, for example, is a band very open to experimentation , even if their track is the one i didn't like at all. Well , personal taste, cause there is nothing to moan about the great work that these bands are putting on their wheels. And here they are:
01) AARDVARKS - "Conglomerate" from album "Conglomerate" - (D) - Cool opener. They  bite developping, on a  Heavy Metal skeleton, a Death/Doom proceeding with a drop of Thrash. A good growling and a certain  Paradise Lost reminiscence of the Icon era  increase the impact of this song.
02) ETERNAL PAIN - "Wrath of Raging Times" from album "In Pain we trust. Relicts for Revenge"  - (D) - Fast Death/Thrash with some Black technique and a lot of anger.
03) FINAL CRY - "Raise of Cain" from album "Wolves among Sheep" - (D) -  Woow! a Power i like! Rare event! Impressive and catchy rhythmed,  they offer a dark Power with raw vocals.
04) GARMENHORD - "Al onder den beenvenden Haeslaere" from album "Langsch Boschgheckweel Ende Fronckghecraeck" - (Belgium region Flanders) - Typical mid-tempo Pagan metal with some Black tones and medieval proceeding without (ohh thanks!)  medieval instruments. The track is strong and catchy enough. The lyrics seem a bit strange , they sound   German,   and from booklet i know that their lyrics "evolved into heathen hymns in a self-constructed medieval Flemish tongue". Well i think to understand the word Blut , however it should be interesting to go deeper into the question.
05) HATRED - "Fractured by Fear" from album "Fractured" - (D) - Old school Thrash mixed with a touch of Power and Heavy: influences from old Metallica and Maiden. The sound is heavy. Crunchy guitars.
06) MEMORIAL PARK - "Selfcaged" from album The Skies beyond" - (D) - With a drop of Maiden influence they are  balanced between Metal and strong Rock  alternating growlings (which is not so widespread with this rhythm )with clean voice.
07) OPHIS - "Pazuzu" from album "Empty, silent and cold" - (D) - Oh yes!! Beautiful claustrophobic  and hyperbass looping  for a sinister Doom Death  with low and aggressive growlings.
08) SANITY - "Das Beil" from album  "Schattensymphonie" - (D) - And now we run faster and solemn with Sanity who alternates  the Valkyr gallopings anyway also slow digressions . A bit Symphonic,  a bit Death, a bit Avantgarde. Full of atmosphere. 
09) SENGAYA - "Behind the Myths" from album "Metamorphosis" - (D) - Classic metal with melodic balladesque flavours and Progressive support.
10) SLAINE - "Doodwegen" from album "Non" - (CH) - It is the track i like the least, but i really think is a matter of taste cause Slaine present a high musical capacity united with  a certain degree of experimentation. To combine Death with Prog makes imo the Death unhappy. The resulting sound is too erratic for me. Moreover I don't consider Prog that good thing.  Slaine's  personal interpretation of Death includes Black tones and cymbals in foreground. No, not my cup of blood but,  forothers  it might be  interesting. I personally think it depends also from how much you like or dislike jazz.
11) STEELPREACHER - "Route 666" from album "Route 666" - (D) - A title  that is a program: Rock la biker. Canyons and Californian sun come into mind. Maiden, AC/DC and old Priest influences.
12) TREMORS - "Killing Aggression" from album "Recurrent Creation" - (D) - Change of style,  and we are back to my beloved groovy mood!  Potent, a bit Doom, a lot energetic, they mix Death with Dark melodies.
13) UNLIGHT - "The Nordic Stormbringer" from the album "The Nordic Stormbringer" - (D/CH) - We dive into a Black  with round atmospheres powered  by raw attacks of heavy rhythmics. I saw them live when they supported Ancient in Sursee.  Unlight is a Swiss-German band well known in the Swiss scene.
14) WARMACHINE - "Eye for an Eye" from album "Demo 2001". (Canada) -  Amazing! A metal like it WAS, sounding anyway fresh. Strongly rhythmic, energetic and catchy , the Canadian play an old school metal  with steamhammer loops with a professional attitude. Good lead solos  and arrangements . With old but proper  elements  they have been able to create a top song...ah when Heavy Metal was something overwhelming!
Aren't these one  well sorted shots? Congratz to the bands. And, again, good opener and good closer.  A question:  Markus, do you think it is possible to include somehow also the lyrics of the tracks in the IV edition? 
The only little but really little shadow is that 2 or 3 tracks don't present an optimal sound (which ones? ahi ahi coup de amn i don't remember anymore...) but ehi, all in all the sound condition and the production is really excellent for an underground compilation. This CD will put a tiger in your stereo,  like a famous petrol . So what? should i penalize this  compilation  which offers a brilliant performance only because was not recorded at some astonishing Finnish or Swedish Studio? ah f*ck off, not with me. Music content is important and not (always) the dress (that however is very remarkable here) . Markus Wedig writes in the The Reaper's official page: "I don't give a damn what kind of metal are you playing. Every band has a chance. .... Of course your sound quality should as good as any possible but it's not necessarily a fact for a yes or a no. The music just must be good and make fun" I totally agree  . So, Metalheads!  have fun with this jewel done by Metalheads for you!
Rating: 9/10  
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