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release date: May 25th 2007 (EU) 


Save My Life



Emotional Man


Only For The Stars In Your Eyes


A New Age

The Wind And The Ocean

Sisters of the Light

Sleeping Dogs Lie 

On My Way




Lisa – Vocals
Philip – Guitars
Marco – Guitars
Nils – Bass
Gerit – Drums

Mika Tauriainen,  Entwine's singer, will be featured on two songs with guest vocals.

XANDRIA: "Salomé - The seventh Veil"    xandria          Drakkar Records    

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It’s like the band woke up 

and said, “Hey, lets play more metal.”



        I must say that I was just utterly shocked by this album. I remember listening to “Ravenheart” and saying…”yeah, this band has a few really good songs and a lot more sappy, slow, boring songs.” Then “India” came out and it was kind of the same thing only the songs that were good were really good like the title track and “In Love With the Darkness.” But this album…sounds completely different from the other ones. It’s like the band woke up and said, “Hey, lets play more metal.” And in result, the band sounds like to/die/for and Entwine! Yes! I am serious! 90% of this album is metal or rock and doesn’t sound like any of their past CDs.


        The first track however is a little misleading on what you just read above. Of all the songs on this CD, “Save My Life” sounds like the typical Xandria songs, a mid-paced epic sounding of a song. Where Lisa is singing it like a lullaby. It almost seems like they are giving the listener the benefit of the doubt.



         Despite this deception, “Vampire” kicks in and it completely takes me off kilter! It has a rock beat and the keyboards don’t sound like they usually do! The lyrics also sound different, it sounds like they are describing someone in the second person. I was banging my head not too long after listening to it.


        “Beware” sounds as if Xandria were influenced by the bands in Finland in song in particular. It’s a little more upbeat, it’s distinctively Xandria, but with a rich-rock feel to it. It almost sounds popish. The lyrics are somewhat catchy, but it’s deffinatly a sing-a-long song.


        My second favourite song on this CD is, “Only For The Stars In Your Eyes.” It features the singer of Entwine (go figure right?) and Lisa performing a duet throughout the song. The way it’s sung puts goosebumps on my arms. The guitar riff sounds early 90’s American metal, but the minute Mika from Entwine starts singing, it makes it instantly European sounding. The chorus is sung with some of the best harmonies I’ve ever heard between two singers. The guitar solo in this song isn’t exactly technical by any means but it fits the song too. What I like about this song is that it doesn’t sound like anything out there right now.


        Now, the most unique song on this CD and quite possible the most unique that I have ever heard is “Sisters Of The Light.” It’s unique that it’s combination of a lot of things, at least stuff that I hear. When I listen to this song, I hear elements from India and other Asian cultures like Japanese and Chinese. All this, blended with disco and rock. The lyrics are very feminine where I could only see a female sing this song. I envision, of all things, line dancing during this song. All this seems negative but the song is quite addicting and I was quite shocked when I heard it. I’ll be surprised if this song doesn’t make it onto a movie soundtrack or radio. The only down part is, is that it’s very pop sounding and I have a feeling that this song could catch on real quick. And yes, this is my favourite song on the CD.


        Sound quality:

        What else is there to say? Everything was near perfect. There was a track or two where the mix varied. Some songs the vocals would encompass the whole song where as others it would be nice and balanced. In other songs the guitars would be the main focus. In other words, the mix wasn’t very balanced. I wanted to hear more drums in songs where it was drowning. Some of the high points where in how the vocals sounded. They sounded much better on this CD than they had on other albums.



        This is a great CD. Hands down, it’s harder and bit more rockin’ than the other CD’s this band has put out and it will surprise you. If this is your first time, you’ll love this CD. I really cannot compare them to anyone, it’s kind of a toss up between Entwine, Lacuna Coil, and The Love Crave. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

rating: 9/10


Matthew Haumschild   14.05.2007 


written  by Matthew Haumschild  




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