1. Ravenheart
2. The Lioness
3. Back To The River
4. Eversleeping
5. Fire Of Universe
6. Some Like It Cold
7. Answer
8. My Scarlet Name
9. Snow-White
10. Black Flame
11. Too Close To Breathe
12. Keep My Secret Well


Marco-guitar, keyboard, vocals





XANDRIA: "Ravenheart"         xandria                                                                    

Salomé - The seventh Veil

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


After the previous mediocre “Kill the sun” Xandria comes back with a good cd, that I’m sure will bring them near to Nightwish, Within Temptation etc…

The production and the arrangements have been realized with a great care, and there are also some good original ideas concerning compositive aspects!

Gothic is mixed with Celtic , but I notice an evident influence from Power concerning many rhythmic parts!

The title track gets an unforgettable refrain into a Power sweet song in which Lisa is able to touch the heart with an intense interpretation!!! This song shows me a new band…very far from “Kill the sun”(the previous album)…but this is only the begin!!!!

The Lioness” is a Power-Goth sad song , in which Lisa sings her sadness into a mid-tempo song in which I notice an amazing Philip’s guitar solo!

Back to the River” gets a romantic refrain, and the song seems a mixture between Within Temptation and Nightwish!!!

Eversleeping” is a sweet lullaby in which Lisa’s voice and piano are able to touch the hidden part of your soul! A Gothic sweet masterpiece!

Not all songs gets originality and even if the album sounds excellent I notice the lack of ideas listening to “Fire of Universe”, a monotonous song in which the band is not able to find the perfect groove!

Some like it cold” gets a Gothic atmosphere , but the refrain is not up to the task…

Answer” is one of the best song of this album! A great melody, a great song in which Lacuna Coil influences meets the originality of this band! Lisa shows her soul and I notice a perfect arrangement!

My scarlet-Name” is a sad Gothic song characterized by a cadenced rhythm and some original Celtic influences … 

Not all ideas are up to the task…”Black Flame “ gets good ideas, but on the whole it reminds me of old release…On the contrary it’s impossible not to underline the melancholic atmosphere of  Too close to breathe” in which Lisa sings with an intense sadness and a deep sweetness; moreover I underline the great arrangement!

Another mediocre song is “Keep my secret well” in which both  the melody and the structure’s song are made without inspiration!

On the whole a good release;  an essential one for gothic souls!

Rating: 7.8/10  

Salvo  Russo    
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