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1. Reveal

2. C Through

3. Alive

4. … Zato Krev

5. Fourem

+ Video Clip “… Zato Krev” (Avi-Format)


Frederyk Rotter (Vocals, Guitar)

Marco Grementieri (Bass)
Silvio Spadino (Drums)

      ZATOKREV: "Zatokrev"       zatokrev    the code breaker (worldwide except Switzerland)

division records (Switzerland)   -    debut album

Zatokrev live with GurD at Böröm Pöm Pöm 2004
Zatokrev live at VI metal Forces

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___         

Zatokrev. A band, which is very different under many aspects and which is unique and absolutely origin in its way. First of all the band name: Zatokrev. This is Czech and means “blood for that”. But most important of all is of course the music of the Basler trio: It’s really not easy to describe Zatokrev’s sound to somebody who never heard anything of the band before. Slow, heavy and deep Metal-riffs, almost Doom-like, merge with pounding rhythms, fragile, desperated and also sad melodies and an absolutely insane, sick and hysteric-aggressive screaming voice. There are also elements from Hardcore and Noise, and this mixture seems to be never heard before, the only bands I could compare with Zatokrev are perhaps Neurosis and Disbelief. 

With the symbiosis of these contrary elements like deep, heavy brutality and beautiful, desperate, gentle melodies, Zatokrev create a very own world, which is surreal and a real world at the same time. By the way, the texts are in English and Czech and they aren’t just inventions of Frederyk, no, they are about real feelings and thoughts. 

The guitar riffs of Frederyk seem to be simple after the first look or better listening, but if you really get into the sound of Zatokrev, you will remark that the riffs are very deep, heavy and brutal, but at the same time also melodic and full of emotions. 

Although the debut-album of Zatokrev was recorded in the band’s rehersal-room (and mixed in the Mega Peng studio in Basel), the sound is extremely fat, full and voluminous, so you can easy hear every instrument, also the bass of Marco, who is also responsible for the good fitting, variable and effective samples and for the backing vocals. Silvio on the drums is most precise, full of ability, hypnotic and the drums just sound great (without any triggering). With their music, Zatokrev travel through the abysses of the human psyche. Impressing. 

Some songs on “Zatokrev” also contain a calming clean voice which underlines the obscure touch of the sound. Of course there aren’t any blastbeats, but slow-motion-banging is also good from time to time. Also, there aren’t any “real” highlights, every song is a highlights itself on a very high and very intensive level, every song is an own world for itself, and songs like “… Zato Krev” which is 10 minutes long or the 15-minutes-epos “Fourem” show new details with every listening. Great art indeed. 

As a very special bonus, the album contains a video-clip of the titletrack, which shows the band in action and which is like the band: Intensive, surreal, psychic, moving and impressing. 

If you like uncommon Metal, you HAVE to listen to “Zatrokrev”.


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