GURD live at Böröm pöm pöm
20th March 2004






review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo

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            GurD will play this evening at the Böröm pöm pöm: interesting venue, well appreciated by the scene of the German Swiss area.  Not so huge,  but  friendly and comfortable, launched into an increasing vortex of attention, this venue often guests well known international bands. Just to tell an example, Disbelief have a gig announced here in a couple of days.
The venue is getting crowded and couldn't be otherwise. GurD celebrate this year their 10th anniversary, and the celebration  will touch its peak on 1st May where they will play the Jubiläum concert at z7. That day they will be supported by Pigskin, while today the evening is opened by Zatokrev that took part in  the VI Metal Forces. Zatokrev (zatokrev)don't completely match my taste, nevertheless they are followed by a large quote of audience and it is a tenacious band,  very aggressive on the stage.  They surely win the attention of the audience, that is young...but not too young: mainly in the age between 20 and 30.

When GurD take the stage, it's no simple attention any longer: cause it's  true involving enthusiasm , like always!!. Always and again. GurD are a very mighty "machine" radiating quintessence of energy and adrenaline. The Swiss cult four guys of Thrash/ Hardcore  never misfire cause the self confidence in  playing and singing, and the interaction  and feeling with the crowd are perfect and experienced. They completely master all what they perform cause they play with passion and are musically so talented concerning both creativity and technique. They play...and the concert is a success: it' s a mathematical constant, this evening too. Moreover i am told that in the first half of April,  bass-player Frankie Winkelmann will follow Destruction's South American tour as sound engineer. Therefore you can imagine how flawless can be the sound setting when it's GurD themselves that perform.

The first song on the setlist is the enthralling Razorblade from their new album "Encore". Suitable opener in order to begin with a powerful kick. Down the Drain sounds simply irresistible. The gig goes on, among headbanging's, applauses and  horns up's; moments like those provided by songs as We will resist (from "Bedlam") and Skin up (from album "Down the Drain") bring the dead back to life. Like a mighty tank, Skin up strikes and runs over, and  makes then people definitively crazy with its  outro in heavy slowing down grasp. Yes this is GurD! And around 0:32 we are still all fresh: crowd and band . No traces of tiredness, no traces of sleep. The stressed and cadenced Bullshit is announced as "Bushit"! and 6 minutes later the pit is enjoying the mythical cover Warmachine. Vocals are always up to task, and the instrumental execution constantly reliable. I wonder: how can they do? The track Warmachine should close the gig, but no way!!: the pit is in full shape and still wants more, so  GurD, in best form as well, jumping and playing with undying energy, gift the Böröm pöm pöm with another last song: Groovy (The Mant- from album "Gurd").

The crowd is totally flipped,  overwhelmed. People always cannot get enough of GurD, cause Gurd are magnetically compact, have an amazing sense of riff and are able to involve everyone. The solid and rather long performance, that was a kind of warm -up for the much awaited gig at Z7, closes here: it was totally agreeably,  time seems to have flown away in minutes. Fantastic once again , SKIN UP \m/! Next meeting: at the Z7 on 1st May, indeed. An event i would reach even by foot, if necessary!

Rule the pit
A new War
I.o.U. nothing
Down the Drain
Face to Face
Older but wiser
We will resist
Skin up
Get up


dalia di giacomo    


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