1. Terrenica 

2. In Viaggio 

3. L’Inizio di una Catastrofe 

4. Novembre 

5. Le Strade di Zoran 

6. La Grande Piramide (parte 1) 

7. La Grande Piramide (parte 2) 

8. L’Uomo della Preistoria 

9. Come stai 

10. Domani




Angela Grassi - Voice
Rosario Reina - Guitar and Programming

Nicola Potenza - Bass

Gennaro Balletta - Drums and Percussion

ROSSO METILE: "Terrenica"     www.rossometile.it    

  My Kingdom Music 


Recorded, mixed & mastered at Zapping Sound Studios by Salvatore Salierno

Interview with Rosario Reina_2009


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

No anonymous moments.


This album will be part of my favorite ones of this year…A mix of sensations played and sung with an unique sense of sensibility…Magniloquent rock in Italian language? Yes of course…the great ability of the band is to create very good melodies, great lyrics…and all of them into a great sense of musicality…
To tell about the influences is reductive…here there’s the sense of music…to get all the emotions from the soul and put them into the notes…
In the notes I read….Rush, The Gathering…it’s ok there’s shadows of these bands, but the sense of melancholic and the depth of this band is something unique…
In regard of it…let’s begin to tell about the good but not still perfect production supported by the great arrangements that gives an add value to this album….
Since the opener that is the title track there’s the sense of great magniloquence into a classic gothic metal song that begin to show me the great Angela’s ability…a great voice that is able to give emphasis to the great instrumental parts in which the keyboards are supported by the magniloquent guitar arpeggio….this is pure gothic….The Italian language is simply perfect….it seems pure poetry…
The next track is another example of good music thanks to the great mood…simply abut evocative that seems perfectly in symbiosis with the lyrics…mature music for those who needs great emotions…
By the next song there’s still an evident progressive approach mixed into gothic magniloquence…the music is the mirror of the lyrics…”L’inizio di una catastrofe”….that seems to describe a dramatic moment….
The track n°4 is a moment of pure poetry…it calls “Novembre”…what a great song!!!
It’s a very beautiful ballad that if only could be sung by a famous singer like Elisa…it could be an authentic single…In this song there’s the pop soul of the band  …but the pop soul is perfectly compatible with the sense of melancholy of the band…
There’s still space for another great slow song like “Le Strade di Zoar” that shows a great melody…and sometimes Angela seems the new version of Mina!!!...... she’s able to give an incredible emphasis…
Anyway the band is able to show to be good to play with a metal approach and try to listen “La grande Piramide”…an example of gothic-progressive evocative music in which every note seems to be part of a soundtrack….The progressive parts are realized into the scenery of the song…that is simply fantastic in its dramatic essence…
And the second part of the song keeps on to amaze me by the sense of dramatic that sometimes can be comparable to the Italian band “The presence”…

This album doesn’t get anonymous moments and the next “L’uomo della Preistoria” is still an example of gothic-progressive and oniric rock-metal…The song gets metal parts mixed to soft moments in which Angela is like an angel…The band shows the ability to play with amazing technique
….After the storm “Come stai” gives space to a soft and agreeable song….before the conclusive ballad “Domani” that is another pearl of this great album…in which the heavenly Angelas’s voice is supported by the magniloquent of the instrumental part….I underline the great guitar solo….

What can I add? If this album should have had the production of  “The Gathering”…it would have been just perfect…but I’m sure that this second release of this Italian band will be a starting point and…for the moment…I say that Italy must be proud to have a band like this….


rating: 9,5/10


Salvo  Russo   
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