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      ROSSOMETILE :  interview with Rosario Reina 

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The truth is not always what we read at school  


some excerptions:

...I think it’s important to listen to new things because this helps us to open our mind.....

..certainly there’s a melodic soul in our influences resulting in part from our cultural roots reasoned to the land where we live...

...the "mystery" of the three pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx on the fact that they are a faithful reproduction of the sky as it was in 10,450 BC...

...the world seen as a continual discovery...




1) Hy!!! It's a great pleasure to make this interview with you...can you present the band for our readers?

Rosario Reina:  Rossometile was born in May 1996. In 1997 the first demo including 8 tracks came out. During the years between 1998 and 2000 we changed several members to have a definitive line up before the recordings of the second demo. It was released at the end of 2000 and includes 4 tracks. In July 2004 came out the self-produced album "Ultimaria", containing 8 tracks song. The album get impressive reviews for its originality and great technical value.

In January 2008 a new singer, Angela Grassi joined the band and in October we recorded the album "Terrenica", including 10 tracks of Progressive Rock. In the same month Nicola Potenza joined us as bass player. In January 2009 we signed a contract with the label "My Kingdom Music" for the release of "Terrenica" came out on May 4th, 2009.


2) Ok..."Terrenica" is your second work...but it’s not easy to find your first one...after having listened to the this great new one i got interest in the first work "Ultimaria" too...can you tell us more about "Ultimaria"...are there differences?

"Ultimaria" was our first effort in creating a professional album. Even if it’s a self-production it’s a very important album for us because it represents the real birth of our style. In fact by "Ultimaria" we have become aware of having a style and we understand our direction. It was an album that had great reviews and that although there has led to record deal, has led to the first contact between us and label My Kingdom Music which has started to keep an eye on. "Ultimaria" is  less heavy than "Terrenica" and perhaps more experimental.


3) Rossometile are able to mix rock, gothic, pop, dark with an unique style...what is the secret?

I think that this feature come from to the several different musical tastes of members of the band: Nicola (bass) mostly listen to rock; the style of Angela (voice) and her preferences fall within the pop-rock, Rino (drums and percussion) prefers progressive and I (Rosario: guitar and programming) I have my roots in metal. Obviously we can influence so that our different musical tastes, that instead to determine divisions among us produce an interesting fusion of ideas in the process of composition, are responsible in a sense of our different style.


4) You come from the Italian region Campania...the same land of a band called "The Presence" that I’ve mentioned as influence in just a couple of songs in which you show an incredible ability to mix gothic and progressive rock you know them? And what do you think about the Italian underground scene?

Honestly I don’t know them but because of your question I have heard them and I like their sound. I agree with the fact that there are similarities regarding the progressive atmosphere of some of our songs. Naturally we are proud and this push us to continue along this path. I think it’s important to listen to new things because this helps us to open our mind. I think that the Italian underground scene is very alive and full of talent;  there are many bands that have embarked on a path to define their own style and it always produces very interesting results.


5) You get a good technique …but I notice your remarkable ability to find great melodic solutions even in very elaborate parts….is there an “Italian” melodic soul in your influences?

Thanks for compliment. Yes, certainly there’s a melodic soul in our influences resulting in part from our cultural roots reasoned to the land where we live, and in part by the melodic influences of some members of the band.  

6) What do you think about bands like Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation and Evanescence....a different modern approach to play melodic metal…

I’m a great fan of 80s metal but I like all the metal and contaminations that came after also! Besides the music of my band is affected by contamination! I like the melodic metal tendency even more than other things and I 'm listening with great pleasure to Evanescence and to Lacuna Coil especially.


7) In your opinion, could  Italian language be a problem to be appreciated worldwide?

Certainly  singing in English allows a greater acceptance of products in the world, but we try to pay particular attention to the text because lyrics are an important part of the song and the choice of singing in Italian is mandatory for us because it is only in Italian that we can develop a sense of our texts. So the choice of Italian for an album such "Terrenica" distributed mainly abroad, can be inconvenient, but we consider the language a fundamental characteristic of our style and we don’t change our mind.


8) Ok...let's talk about the lyrics that let's remind of old civilizations too ...also the big pyramid...what can you tell us about the lyrics?....Moreover I’d like to know about the lyrics of the song “Novembre”….in my opinion one of the best Italian ballads ever….

The inspiration for the text passes directly through music! It’s the instrumental parts to suggest what should treat the text. In the drafting of a text the intention is to travel the words in the same direction of the music. "La Grande Piramide" and "L’Uomo della Preistoria" are historical/scientific songs with a strong progressive presence that we have composed as a result of specific readings. “La Grande Piramide” speaks about the "mystery" of the three pyramids of Giza (Chefren, Cheops and Micerino) and the Sphinx on the fact that they are a faithful reproduction of the sky as it was in 10,450 BC. Official Science says that man has begun to erect the first buildings of stone only 5000 years ago, but the existence of complex at Giza leaves assumed that it was built about 12,000 years ago! Furthermore the internal and external measures of the Great Pyramid (that of Cheops) show that it is the scale reproduction of the planet Earth. What is the truth? What were the techniques, the mathematical and astronomical instruments and equipment used to erect the complex at Giza? And if were not men to build it? The truth is not always what we read at school!

“Novembre” speaks about life as seen through the eyes of a child in an autumn evening, who is attracted by the beauty of a thunderstorm. The world seen as a continual discovery. The ability to be enthusiastic for the little things. The mother takes him to sleep but he would say something that probably does not remember tomorrow because a child has no worries. Falls asleep happy because he knows that tomorrow will be seven years and will be grown up.

Anyway thanks for your compliment on "Novembre"! It is a compliment that I’ll remember!


9) Let’s talk about  live …in your web-site there are some dates…what can you tell us about your recent live performances….are you satisfied about the public response?

For our concert we have our service audio/lighting which makes us independent both in the organization of that date and in the technical management of live! We work as a real team where everyone took care of one part of the program. Today we are able to move with all the material and suggest a completely autonomous. We also have with us an audio technician who accompanies us throughout the tour. The public response so far is not bad. However we know that we’re an emerging band only and actually we cannot expect more.


10) Rossometile and My Kingdom Music…how did you get in touch with Francesco Palumbo?

Francesco Palumbo was already concerned us at the time of the first album titled “Ultimaria”, in fact by “My Kingdom Music” he cared promotion. As soon as we finished to make "Terrenica" we gave him a copy of the recording and he expressed his interest for the album. In a few months he proposed to us the signing of the contract with his label. We are very pleased to be signed under My Kingdom Music because it is a very serious label and we are honored to have dealings with Francesco because he’s a very trustworthy and loyal man.


11) Final and usual question for gryphonmetal….you’re on a big high tower and with you there are 3 bands…you have to push down two of them…saving the third one….with you there are:

The Gathering                       PFM                           Katatonia

These are 3 great bands but I save PFM.

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