I bleed

Strike the End


Six Feet under

Always the same


Vanished Memories


Nothing else

Train to leave


Alessandro Palladini - vocals

Giacomo Mambriani - guitars - synth

Massimiliano Andrini - bass
Michelangelo Naldini - drums

CONVERGENCE: "Points of View"       convergence      distributed by

produced by Convergence and Giordano Occhi - recorded and mastered by G. Occhi at Sonora Recording Studio - Medesano  (Parma - Italy) - all songs written by Giacomo Mambriani, arranged by Convergence and G. Occhi. All lyrics by Alessandro Palladini


interview with Michelangelo and Giacomo

review by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

Very good test for Convergence with their Points Of View.

The band was born in 2001 from the will of the guitarist Giacomo Mambriani, ex-Color Behind The Emotions, short-lived melodic-death metal bands. So Mambriani decided to create a new musical project (that in time would have become “Convergence”), different from the previous one: more innovative and personal. And so step by step the line up was filled with a rhythmic section: Michelangelo Naldini on drums and Massimiliano Andrini on bass. It’s only in July 2003 that the line up is completed with Alessandro Palladini on vocals.

Thanks to the contribution of Giordano Occhi (producer and owner of Sonora Studio) the band produces in March 2004 Points Of View; a quality album indeed that gives emotion and a shocking musical energy charge.

The post metal of this band is developed and grown during the whole album, starting from the splendid and fluid “Bleed”, to pass through “Strike The End” (a bit too on the Korn side) to reach the intriguing “Listen”: a captivating song, mainly in its firm yet smooth and rounded riffs.

Very good the rhythmic performance in “Six Feet Under” and “Always The Same”: emotional music that manages to move in the temporal tightness of few minutes, equally managing to dedicate to our souls touching and yet sharp moments.

Noteworthy is the voice of Palladini that, stout, manages to pour strong emotions in the chalice of the human soul.

Points Of View is a bet that Convergence wage upon both them and the audience, too often – maybe for laziness or snob attitude – never stops to listen what the emerging bands have to say (musically speaking), remaining mesmerized by musical propositions of bands nowadays consecrated to the history of music.

The CD goes on with “Breath”, a song that lightens up our senses apparently dozing on the melancholy of the previous “Always The Same”.

Driving and propositive, this song is a firm step on the aggressive will of this band of heterogeneous and yet fully merged ideas.

“Vanished Memories” and “Silent” dress up with nostalgic melancholy, gifted with sweet sensations due to brief yet driving acoustic intervals.

Amazing is the electronic intro of “Silent” that resembles the first Rammstein: a song that leaves us with a gaping mouth and allows us to taste a very modern and cured sound.

The album closes with “Nothing Else” and “Train To Leave”, ending with elegant fierceness a very good work.

rating:   8.5/10

Sara De Vita  
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