CONVERGENCE :  interview with Michelangelo Naldini and Giacomo Mambriani


e-mail interview by  Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita  ___ 

organized by Kick Agency and gryphonmetal.ch 

official website: www.convergence.it

Points of View





Sara: Hi guys!!! Most of my interviews start by asking to the band to talk about themselves... and so... let’s talk about you and your project!

Michelangelo:  Well, I’m Michelangelo, and I’m the drummer, then there is Alex the singer, Massimiliano at the bass and Giacomo at the guitars. If you want to know something about Convergence,  I have for you only two words: instinct and diversity.


I have read on your bio that the project comes forth from the innovation wish, moving from Colour Behind (I’m talking about Mr. Mambriani) to Convergence themselves. Could you trace a borderline to mark this passage?

Michelangelo: Well, I think that there wasn’t a particular borderline , Giacomo simply started writing new material, and there was a natural change; he started listening to other kinds of music and this took his creativity to a new level of composition.


How are your songs born?

Michelangelo: As I said in the previous question , all the music is written by Giacomo, then he comes at the rehearsals and together we play the new song changing  something if it doesn’t work. Finally Alex puts is voice and writes the lyrics, following what we feel playing each different songs.


Convergence want to.....

Michelangelo: Good question…..Well, we want that people drive insane for our music. It’s the most intensive experience in the world seeing people sing your songs or bang their heads during our gigs!


What response did you have from the audience? Did they fulfill your expectations?

Michelangelo: The response from the audience it’s good. We have sold about 500 copies of our record and we have an intense live activity. We are currently promoting our record and I can’t say if we are fulfilled in our expectation, we are still searching for a distribution and for a label.


Metal in Italia has exploded now almost to become a mass phenomenon (or so we could say). What do you think about it? For a band such as you are, would it be better that metal becomes more “commercial” or stay as a “niche art”?

Michelangelo: Well, I think that Metal in Italy, but also in  other parts of the world, is a commercial phenomenon. The difference between our nation and for example U.S.A. is in the promotion of the metal productions. In Italy few band can be promoted in all the part of the nation, instead, in the States, Metal bands can reach higher position in the chart, and they are considered at the some level of pop bands or hip-hop artists. So for us would be better that Metal will reach a larger audience, and Metal band will have more visibility on the media as radio or Tv (Mtv). In our nation we have many good bands as Guilty Method, Magazine du Kakao, Downtonone,  but the audience haven’t the possibility to listen to our music, because there are few promotional spaces for our kind of music!


What are your “Points Of View”?

Michelangelo: We think that in every situation we can see things from different points of view. With this record we want to show different aspects of the life of a man, and we want that people, listening to our record, can see the same life from opposite angles of observation. The message behind our “Points of View” is : what is truth for us, can be completely false from another point of view.


When do you think that music becomes art?

Michelangelo: Music is Art! Every song ever played in the world, good or bad, represents the creativity and the passion of mankind. The expression of ourselves in music can always be considered Art. I wish that all the people in the world could play an instrument and express themselves! Do you you ever think about how many songs we are loosing for that problem?


A question for Giacomo: why did you change from Melodic Death Metal to Post Metal? Experiment or will to change?

Giacomo: There was no program in the changing from Melodic Death Metal to Post Metal. As Michelangelo told to you before, I started listening to different kinds of music and so naturally I started writing music in a different way. I felt that Death Metal was not enough for my new inspiration. I already listen to Death Metal bands, like The Haunted, but playing this music can’t completely express myself in this moment.


Where do Convergence want to go? What do you expect from your future?

Giacomo: We want to live of our music! I know that is a common dream for a musician, but living of what you like doing it’s great! But unfortunately for us it’ s only a dream, however in this moment we are searching for a label deal in order to reach a larger audience!


A ritual question! You’re on a tower and you have in your hands the survival of one of these three bands: Korn, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson. Which one will you shove off and which will you save? And why?

Michelangelo: Well, surely I will save Korn that are one of my prefer band in this moment! Instead I can’t define myself as a Rammstein or Marilyn Manson fan, but I won’t shove them off!


Well, I leave to you the final greetings, but not before giving you my compliments for Points Of View and your work. All the best!!

Michelangelo and Giacomo: Thanks to Gryphonmetal for the chance to appear on your webzine, and thank to all the people that support our music. A message for all the metal guys: “Support underground music, and give the chance to all the bands to express their art!”

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