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Deathwish 2004

And then...there was ...Deathwish again! Totally underground! This year again the Jugendfreizeithaus guests this little but meaningful event and again at the end of April. An event which is definitely  dear to the young metallers from Basel and neighborhood. The venue is always sympathetic, comfortable, the athmosphere good mooded and not complicated. Told frankly , from a technical point of view sound and light must be really improved as well as the the aeration near the stage . For the rest, quite little place but with a good service (bar, tables, couch,  very clean toilets)..and a big metal temperament


DUBHDROIACHT     www.dubhdroiacht.ch.vu 


...and then there was Dubhdroiacht again! Like last year, Dubhdroiacht open again this event sustained by the warmth of their friend fans. Everyone seems happy to see Dubhdroiacht, and after all, me too get into the convictions that certain bands should be maintained in the bill, almost as mark and symbol of  a recurrent event, no matter if big and important, or little as this one. The spontaneous enthusiasm towards  our musical cause is what really counts and if you meet in the same place the same band one year after,  what you receive is not boredom but a sense of reliance, of agreeable deja vu . So is very fine with me. What is less fine is that the sound this year is quite bad. Sorry i don't want to throw stones at anyone but what must  be said, must be said. Consequently also the whole performance suffers. Dubhdroiacht are full of good will, but too many times their drumming, which is by the way quite good and remarkable, sounds too loud, in particular if compared with the vocal levels. Not always the instruments show the adequate sound cohesion. Moreover the band a change in the line up? This too may have some aftereffect. Must be also said that, along the way, the sound  gets a bit better and the band can offer its best during the last, very appreciated songs.  We already know that Dubhdroiacht propose a  mixture of Death/Folk/Pagan  metal fueled also by some cover-versions  like Roots (absolutely acclaimed at the end of the concert) or House of the rising Sun or Warmachine for example. The flute today, even more than yesterday, puts a clear stress on the Nordic folklore and characterizes both  own songs of the band as well as the covers. The band's name  so difficult to be pronounced (well ok, not that difficult ;)  ) means indeed Dark order and has far Celtic origins.   By the way covers, i wonder how i could stand  House of the rising Sun (horrible song  already per se, in my opinion, yes ) re-proposed in medieval/pagan  style with flute insertions. In credible to be seen: Dubhdroiacht arise a lot of enthusiasm here and are able to make people headbang on this fukking old boring traditional track. I'm a taliban-esque partisan of more purity in metal my dears, but i must state that this young audience likes very much the interpretation. Ah  blasphemy, in general these are dangerous and promiscuous attempts which i  usually abhor and that's why  i make compliments to those who dare those steps  with success and good taste at least! Good done Dubhdroiacht.  Rachenblut , yeah, Rachenblut pumps up definitely the audience, as well as Death rides a Motorbike already began to do . It's Deathwish! and we will see how much banging and moshing will erupt from the hell with the following two bands. So politely  as they have begun,  greeting the crowd and this edition of the event, Dubhdroiacht, after  having played Roots,  say good bye inviting  us all to visit their homepage. ...no problem , will be done  with pleasure ;)!


CREEPING VENGEANCE      www.creeping-vengeance.ch


Oh gosh it's becoming hot in this little room! Creeping Vengeance show no mercy. We can say that the Deathwish explodes and we, like an elected battalion of chosen ones, begin to taste the blood running in the veins and the sweat! The pit room is really crowded and the rites get started : moshpit ,group-banging under the pressure of  mighty walls of riffs.  First time i see them live. Already heard about them a lot, and always with positive comments. so now that  you can imagine the status of the ambience, let's consider some technical details: first off this five-piece band has a lot of self-confidence and a good , mobile, lively stage acting! The bass is pizzicato with plenty of energy and agility, they even don't need to look  a their instruments that much to find the chords or whatever . consequence they master their music well so they are able to look at their audience, to invest more variety in their movements, to be more interactive within themselves also. Frontman Loic Roth is very energetic , he seems a true Cannibal Corpse 's disciple. Creeping Vengeance are  a) brutal b) aggressive c) muscular d) quite dark  . Their mixture of Death/Melodic Death/Thrash is without compromises but is no blind rage, on the contrary is  based   on quite good and attractive hooklines. The only problem is unfortunately that we don't go  much further than this. Cool movements of riffs , great drumming and bass drumming earthquakes, but ehi i hardly can hear  a memorable passage or a memorable melody able to stay fixed in the mind. Only one ne song is suddenly causing a certain capacity of attraction on me. Was it  the third or the fourth one? Under the fists of the forceful riffs and the brutal growls, the crowd is in rapture. When Creeping Vengeance end their show among rivers of sweat, the very satisfied audience  leaves the pit room streaming towards the fresh air . The general comment "ach so geil!!". Translated, it could be like "so pleasureful cool". Darkmoon, so loved and awaited like they are, will have to roar their presence on the stage, in order to call back the satiated crowd. Was it the third or the fourth track? bloody hell....

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creepingvengeance_deathwish05_6.jpg (59237 Byte)  creepingvengeance_deathwish05_7.jpg (47704 Byte)




DARKMOON   www.darkmoon.ch 




And then ..there was Darkmoon, again! Again Darkmoon crown the Deathwish 2005 in the best way. A great, brilliant concert played with professionalism but with much sympathy too. Melancholia, nice catchy phrases and burst of elegant but evil , refined maleficence : all this is Darkmoon. And Darkmoon live have always been a source of great excitement and  a certainty.  I only see around them esteem and appreciation but, above all, that  love and affection that we metallers give only to the bands whose music becomes to be  deeply meaningful, a kind of addiction. Darkmoon are important for many of us, it's admiration, and ...who knows ? the first step to idolisation. But well, their music gives that famous kick. Speaking a bit with some colleague, i  realize we have the same  opinion: Darkmoon have never disappointed and their music is convincing and appealing. Darkmoon have all what a Death/Black metal heart needs: they are aggressive, sinister, heavy, brutal enough, strong, they are pushing, but, in first place, they play awesome music done with unforgettable structures of quality . Melodies, hooklines, loops, a bit of sadness, much darkness. Every factor is involving: from Matthias  beautiful deep voice which you recognize among hundreds, till the guitar technique. Their songs are complete songs, cause they deliver  beautiful harmonies and not just easy exercises in violence. It's music. They have compositive ideas, they also reflect emotional  desolation in their lyrics, nonetheless they never give up to total depression. What can i say about their live performance of tonight? Amazing! Darkmoon has done one of their best gigs ever since i see them. I want to forget that i'm a fan in seventh heaven, but i can only  say the truth:  Darkmoon 's gear runs at maximum   . In spite of the chronic lack of good sound that afflicts the whole Deathwish 2005, Darkmoon  are able to delineate perfectly their melodies and hooks. The tracks proposed are a blast: from Human Plague to Terror.  From Drowning to the cover Rosewell 47. What an emotion when i hear Dust in my Eyes and Bitter End which all fans will find in the upcoming "...of bitterness and hate". The response of the crowd is super,  at  times the moshpit turns to too very aggressive, but everything gets under control soon. Bassist Pascal supports Matthias with some backing vocals, in this way Matthias' voice seem a bit extended by a kind of echo. Hubi's drumming is implacable like always. After Roswell 47, in zone encore, after 12 breathless tracks, all people need a bit pause, and right drummer Hubi in the back of this "anaerobic" stage is the first to need it. Actually, the oxygen seems drained but like vampires everyone in the crowd  wants more. More , more and more of Darkmoon, . We want Black Domain, title track of their demo 2003 and inserted in their upcoming full length too.  So, let there be Black Domain! "..Dixitque Darkmoon fiat Black Domain et factus est Black Domain".



Human Plague

Bitter End


Far from Heaven


The Beast

Lost Soul

Lord of the Flies


Fallen One

Dust in my Eyes


Roswell 47

Black Domain


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