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review by Salvo Russo and Isabella Russo

all photos © by Isabella Russo

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In the anniversary of their 20th year of music, the band plays about 3 hours of  great show in the second Italian stage at Bologna, to celebrate their last cd “Octavarium” but also to go through the most important moments of their carrier  into a suggestive scene : 3 big screens in which are shown pics of them in foreground,  but also pictures from their old releases and also some tributes to the greatest artists of rock.
This will be an epic show, like all their concerts: perfect execution  and audience full of  admiration, amazement but also exaltation and excitement.

Doors open at 19:00. There’s a long queue: the first row is the objective of hours and hours of wait. Fortunately the weather is good and the sky is not covered by numbs… The opening is not late and at 7.00 p.m we enter, except for the usual latecomer that finds anyway a ticket . This time there’s no sold-out, considering that the band makes 3 concerts in 3 days and has already come in Italy in July with Angra and Labyrinth.
But in few minutes Palamalaguti is full with  fans anyway, and with no delay the show begins: Lights are turned off and on, the big screens are the background for their entrance : the  soundtrack from the movie "A Clockwork Orange" is the intro- music,  while Octavarium’s pictures are shown in the screens…and here DT arrive!!! They’re full of energy and it’s easy to image that this will be a great show.
The first song is got from their latest cd , it is “The Root of an Evil”. Lights follow with the rhyming of the song and, as usual, Dream Theater are in a great form.
The next song is “Never Enough” also from “Octavarium”. Another perfect execution, the song gives the right energy to the audience. After this introduction in which the band has immediately presented the new album , the screens "bring us back" to the begin of their career : now the band begins to play the songs that made its story.

Another Won” is the first song...it was 1985; the execution is perfect and bring us 20 years back. This song reminds us of that typical Iron Maiden style and it can’t but involve all metal fans.
Subsequently “Fortune in lies” and “Pull me Under” are presented. Fortune in Lies puts in evidence the vocal skill of James LaBrie  this evening is in  great shape. ”Pull me under” satisfies all fans that expected for it. The band is able to surprise us with an unusual version. In the middle of it , the pace becomes faster and faster changing the form of the song, that turns to the usual version in the final part. The background of the screens is the famous inflamed heart of “Images and Words”. A great success that has been appreciated from all fans, but not much by us because we’re fond of the traditional version.
The next song is “The Mirror”, we’re still in the 90’s. Brilliant  execution from  John Petrucci's side  too, who plays with its 7 strings guitar. The atmosphere is great! Mike Portnoy  is absolutely involving; The song fades into  “Lie”, so we’re through that famous 1994. Awake era! James is not only a good singer but he’s able to get all the attention of the whole audience.

The next song is a big surprise !!! It’s “Speak to me”, a demo song, never recorded in official albums, but , though it’s a good ballade,  people seem  a bit disappointed...

After “Awake” it’s time for “Scenes from a Memory”, then the band chooses “Trough my words” and “Fatal Tragedy” . The execution is always flawless, in according with  the studio performance. Petrucci keep his eyes on the audience ,  often he approaches the external part of the stage, smiling to the photographers too. He really seems the favourite member for  most people here,  considering the success and notoriety among all guitarists.
In the meanwhile, the tribute to their old cd's goes on: It’s now time for “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence”; ”About to crush”, “ Losing Time/Grand Finale” are the tracks chosen. A perfect conclusion for the first part of the concert , in particular I must underline the great atmosphere created with “Grand Finale”. Between ballade and soundtrack,  “Grand Finale” is a song that creates an unforgettable  atmosphere, where James confirms to do  what he wants with his high tones.

It’s just him that announces 15 minutes of break. The  concert begins again with “As I Am” from the album “Train of Thoughts”, released in  2004. 

And finally, after “As I Am”,  the band begins to play tracks from the album Octavarium: precisely  four very representative songs: “These walls”, “I Walk Beside You”, “Sacrificed Sons” and the majesty “Octavarium”.

These Walls” is very appreciated. The audience’s reaction lets us understand that  this song seems one of the most appreciated from the new cd thanks to its powerful rhyming and the very involving refrain , which make it a very typical Dream Theater song, even if its structure  is not very  articulated.
All people know the lyrics  and all sing along  the next song: it’s “I Walk Beside You”. It’s a very appreciated song and even if it doesn’t need a great technique in order to be played , Dream Theater  show how to deliver good and involving refrains.


The band reaches the highest point of performance with “Sacrificed Sons”. Outstanding execution! The first part  is very melodic, moreover we underline the great Myung bass ‘s solo that introduces the most involving and epic part of the song.
Petrucci and Myung create a great impact while Portnoy  throws his sticks to the crowd, arising a great excitement!
The Next song is “Octavarium”. Jordan Rudess amazes us with a great introduction playing a solo that remind us to Pink Floyd by a touchpad keyboard that sounds similar to an electric guitar; 8 minutes of enchanting performance.
The song lasts 25 minutes and it comes out brilliant in all its articulated parts while historic  pictures pass on the screens.
After this song the bands says goodbye but Petrucci lets us understand that this is not the end….

In fact they come back  with the encore that is “Learning to Live”. It’s prolonged 3 minutes and this is the historic song with whom the band decides to close this stage. Many people expected for “Metropolis” and most fans would have wanted it, but at the end the band has completely satisfied all the fans that after about 3 hours show their love in the moment of goodbye.
A great and satisfactory concert ; Dream Theater's  20th anniversary finely celebrated!

Salvo Russo and Isabella Russo

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